Biden says he’s never spoken to his son about Ukraine business deals

Biden says he’s never spoken to his son about Ukraine business deals

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  1. Trump made a phone call, the nerve of him, Impeach him he has cross the line…. Dam you Trump!!!! All democrats are scumbags!!! Trump 2020 !!! ?? Its not worth saying anymore. ??

  2. Trump made a phone call, the nerve of him, Impeach him he has cross the line…. Dam you Trump!!!! All democrats are scumbags!!! Trump 2020 !!! ?? Its not worth saying anymore. ??

  3. Hardcore cognitive dissonance.

    "I didn't talk to my son, yet knew all about the accusations. Oh yeah, and that video when I boasted about doing illegal stuff and the NYT article about it are fake news"

  4. Biden's drug addict son coincidentally got millions from Ukraine and China while his dad was VP? Ignore the man behind the curtain.

  5. Why is nobody asking Joe Biden when he was vice president with Obama what I do with a hundred twenty thousand women and children they let going Dallas nobody's ever seen them what kind of money then to make off for illegal smuggling??

  6. Everything the dems & media accuse our President ( TRUMP 2020 ) of they themselves have already done,thats why they get these leaks. If these agencies cant keep secrets then what do we need them for ? shut em down !!

  7. Reason the assclown 0bama picked Sleepy Joe as his running mate is that Joe is a career idiot and made 0bama look somewhat better by comparison

  8. Of course you clown you didn't talk to your son Hunter about the dealings with China in the Ukraine you stupid idiot it just flew with him and Air Force 2 and we forget that Uncle Joey and I'm Mona Lisa

  9. “Hey Pops, I just made a butt load off the Ukraine..,”

    “Hey son, Is it me or is Little Debbie lookin’ good on that swiss roll box?”

  10. You and several like you have been selling our country for years and getting away with it , thank God we finally have a President that cares Trump 2020

  11. It doesn't make a difference,about this Ukraine gaf, He. Joe Biden does not offer the American people anything I can't say ,"I like that idea" He offers nothing to help my family and my Country. I want someone who GETS IT DONE.

  12. Ya gotta ask yourself why would joe Biden care about a prosecutor in Ukraine? Why would Biden insist that he be fired ? Biden himself said that’s what he did …but why ?

  13. Hillary said "she never sent or received classified information" lies, if those (under oath) didn't count, why should Biden's?

  14. If all democRats, believing in killing, unborn and newborn babies.
    The world, would be a better place, of all the democRats, would have been aborted.

  15. So if he doesn't know what his son was doing in the Ukraine, why would he want the prosecutor looking into his son's shady business affairs fired?!

  16. Funny his son quoted in a news article a year ago that his father said I hope you know what you’re doing when discussing this he’s a big liar and a crook and this is no the president trying to turn on him on the election no, this is all coming out because these people are criminals

  17. look at that low turnout of people there’s like maybe 50 to 75 people there that guy is a total loser I understand he comes to the front door in Delaware in the nude when coming out of the swimming pool is a real Pedophile per his real name is creepy Joe but the president doesn’t want to be so obvious so he calls him sleepy Joe

  18. Headline is totally misleading. Biden said he spoke to his son once about being a board member on that Ukraine company and said "I hope you know what you are doing" to his son. So get your narrative correct in the first place. Fox "News" is all over the place on the facts here. Also, to this date the Ukraine government has already stated they find no wrong doing on either Bidens part.

  19. 'IF', he didn't talk to his son abt Ukraine business, why not? If nothing was going on what's the problem? LOL! The firm Roseland, Seneca Partner is a front for a Biden and John Kerry enterprise.

  20. Biden bragged that as vice-president he denied Ukraine $1 BILLION unless they fired the prosecutor going after Hunter. That's criminal. You want a poll? I got one for you,a-hole.

  21. And he implicated President Obama in the same sentence. He said he would get Obama on the phone if they doubted his threat to withhold the billion.

  22. Bi den probably didn’t TALK to his son Hunter , but Hunter did TALK to daddy bi den.
    A theory…..
    Maybe bi den talked to someone else while Hunter was in same room when Hunter discussed that Ukraine investigations into (Hunter’s business dealings ). And bi den spoke about getting that investigator fired or no
    Billion dollar loan ( $1,000,000,000.00 ) It seems that President 44, and his Vice-President are frivolous with taxpayers money ? ? ? ?……!!!!!

  23. Sure wasn't much of a crowd for sleepy joe… I like how they huddled the people together to make the crowd bigger than what it actually was.??????????


  25. I'm a dem and have supported centrist Biden since 2007. I think there's maybe not nothing to it (he WAS in the administration), but I also don't care, because, Trump will always be more corrupt.
    I get fed up with Fox and politicized "news" in general (even on the left!)- all news imo should be balanced and non-partisan. The rest is just op-ed.
    But this headline caught my attention.
    If Fox News is talking about Trump dealing with foreign leaders… I mean, there's not nothing to that, either. He's a scumbag even to Republicans, except to his loyalist base. I don't doubt for second he talked to Ukraine about it.
    We're in a lose-lose situation UNLESS we start electing some centrists (and no, I don't care if they're Republican centrists)- America has to start to learn to work together- dissent is part of that discourse- but at the end of the day we need to pull *together*.

  26. Don't they know Joe Biden was completely traumatized at the time of the supposed dealings with Ukraine. He had so long ago lost his wife and daughter. His stable, forward looking son had died at a young age, long before his time from a brain tumor leaving wife and young kids. In the meantime his son Hunter was slowly becoming a full blown crack head and alcoholic, with lots of money, and in full denial and deceit. Old man Joe was Hunters enabler as he continued support him in the total wrong way and as a father the expected way. The incident involving Ukraine occured in these circumstances, I think since we do not know the full story. After Joe had already lost so many dear ones, and he not want to lose Hunter as well.

  27. So maybe someone can enlighten me. Even if Trump did ask Ukraine about a person… how is that a crime? If that person is/was innocent it shouldn't even matter? Is that truly worth impeachment?

  28. So the liberals have bought enough corrupt people they are primed for a hostile takeover of America with their army of bought cronies, bought with corruption. Real Americans aren't going to take this crap.

  29. Democrat politicians impeach the president of the country and face the CCP dictatorship of totalitarian parties. They are destroying the foundations of American democracy, including national security and the foundation of the US democratic constitution. Americans should wake up and the Democratic Party is the dog of the Communist Party.

  30. Who is the idiot journalist. Not listening to what Michael is saying, to eager to make negative commons. Should go work for CNN. Trump 2020.

  31. They want to impeach everyone from Trump's administration. Impeach Cavanaugh, impeacth Trump, impeach Bill Barr blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah is that all this people know?

  32. Joe Biden is going to pay the penalty for a lifetime of white privilege and racism. He is going to take the fall for a black president.

  33. His son may be the whistle-blower who got paid to frame Trump which is illegal. He could inform for free legally but there is a money trail.

  34. I caught a clip of it and the news Papa Joe Biden apparently it is in California may be meeting up with his son Hunter was in the Jimmy Kimmel show another losing idiot bashing President Trump some people say that Papa Joe is likeable in my opinion there's nothing likable about him no wonder this idiot spend all those years on in Publix service because he he's not smart enough to be in the public sector that guy is just a tool

  35. He didn’t speak to his son, Bull crap but he did get the investigator fired from investigating the company his son was laundering money out of. China is another question for Biden and his son who has gotten billions of dollars from.

  36. The fact the whistleblower said the administration had classified multiple recorded phone calls for the purposes of protecting the president and not because it was a national security risk is wierd. If the administration is protecting Trump like that and there is merit to the claim it should be investigated. JS.
    Investigate both and everyone shut up until they can provide witness statements, papertrails, paperwork, and connect the dots with actual supporting evidence that doesnt include here say, vague statements, speculation, and conspiracies.
    And none of these guys should be investigated by their friends, colleagues, and people they have ties with. It's like R Kelly investigated by friends, other rappers, and gang members from different gangs.

  37. Who said what we do to one side we must do to the other
    Who said do unto others
    Who said what goes around
    Who said all men are created equal
    Who said balanced playing field ?????
    And we haven't even started to talk about China ???
    There is too much smoke around Joe to ignore ???
    Even Lizzy approves ??

  38. Let's look at all the Trump kids' business dealings around the world and then look at everything Trump has done in relation to all those countries.

  39. Biden is corrupt. But so is Trump. Bidens have been in Ukraine since 5 years ago. Trumps timing is poor, but it's right thing to do but for the wrong reasons. Trump is spoiling Bidens chances in 2020, not because the Bidens are corrupt. The real victims here are democracy and the foolish American people.

  40. Funny I don't see fox doing a story on the fact that after Trump met with leader of China 10 days later Ivanka got 17 trademark rights from China.

  41. ? VOTE NO ON CORRUPT JOE?. ?????? TRUMP 2020 ?????? KEEP AMERICA GREAT??????. When Trump wins in 2020 the dems will lose their minds. Pelosi is on the way out?


  43. Dear Mr. Vice President, Your fellow Democrats are throwing you under the bus in the hopes that the same bus will run over President Trump. Whether the bus will go that far no one knows for sure, but what's certain is that you're the first fodder.

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