Bharat Ek Khoj 35: Aurangzeb, Part I

Bharat Ek Khoj 35: Aurangzeb, Part I

Akbar’s success is amazing for
it created a sense of oneness among
North and Central India His son Jehangir and grandson
Shah Jahan accepted the structure and
functioned within it They were men of no
outstanding ability but their reigns were successful
because they continued on the lines laid
down by Akbar The next was Aurangzeb a
much abler man but cast in a different mould He swerved and left the beaten
track undoing Akbar’s legacy undoing Akbar’s legacy The mother of Qutb-ul-Mulk,
ruler of Golconda, is here Is your son willing to apologies? I regret Qutb-ul-mulk’s
foolishness Please remove the Mughal
forces from Golconda so that our people can live in
peace again Do you know why Golconda
was besieged? I do. Our unfaithful Prime
Minister Mir Jumla had complained to Shah Jahan which led to this
decision however, it is injustice done to
us Golconda’s rulers have always
sided with the Mughals What is Qutb-uI-Mulk doing? Did he not, with Adil Shah of
Bijapur, attack the Mughals? Has he remitted the revenue in
the last three years? Has he released Amin, the son
of Mir Jumla? We are willing to pay the
revenue and release Amin Will you also hand over
Qutb-ul-Mulk to us? O Prince! Don’t punish an old
mother so severely Please forgive him Only God or the Emperor can
forgive him We are willing to pay
compensation We promise you will have no
cause to complain in future You are an elderly person, and
don’t like bloodshed I’ll accept what you say but But Golconda will have to pay a fine
of rupees one crore Ours is a small kingdom But we have suffered great
damage The fine can be paid in the form
of cash elephants and jewels Do you agree? There is no alternative Is it bad news, my son? No uncle, there are orders to
withdraw the siege and take the army back the Emperor doesn’t know our
conditions are accepted The Emperor has not issued
this decree It is from my brother Dara
Shikoh I know that Qutb-ul-Mulk’s
envoy Abd-us-Samad has gone to meet Dara I knew that he would try to
humiliate me If we follow these instructions what shall we tell the people? Why are we withdrawing
unconditionally? We will have to obey the decree Otherwise Aurangzeb’s
intentions will be suspected and the misunderstanding will
increase It already has! Do you know what my brother,
the self-styled heir has told the Emperor? That I received jewels and gold
utensils from Qutb -ul-Mulk How do you know? The last part of the decree! The
jewels and gold utensils received from Qutb-ul-Mulk of which the court was not
informed are to be deposited in the
treasury It is your duty to obey and
implement the decree Don’t look despare, Aaqil Khan Every night is destined to reach
a dawn My time will come Then Dara Shikoh will pay for
all his conspiracies Then Dara Shikoh will pay for
all his conspiracies Do you want to ask anything
else? Yes! what produces the
moonlight? Why is the moon white and what are those dark spots on it? The moon does not emit any
light of its own It is merely lit up by the rays of
the sun Its whiteness is due to the
reflection of the sea The dark spot is the earth’s
shadow Why can’t we see reflections in
the sun? The sun is like a ball of fire
while the moon is like a ball of water reflection can be seen in water,
not in fire why do Hindus worship idols?
When did it start? Idol worship was started to
reinforce faith A person who realizes the truth
does not need idols Those who do not realize the
truth hold onto idols It is just like little girls playing
with dolls It is just like little girls playing
with dolls but giving them up after
marriage Till a man realizes the inner
truth he is tied to the external world The day he recognizes his inner
soul he will leave the sacrifice
external symbols What is the difference between
the Creator and the created? What’s their
relationship? I had put the same question to
an elderly person and he said the relationship is that of a seed
and a tree Is it true? The Creator is like the depth of
an ocean and the created is like water in a
cup The water is the same but the
difference is between the ocean and the cup what is Soul and what is God? Can they merge? Liquor is made from water If poured on the ground the
impurities remain above the grou while the water seeps in and becomes pure water once
again If the soul is separated from the
five elements it will merge with God There is one sky but two eyes!
Why? Both the eyes watch the same
thing That means truth is not the
monopoly of any one religion Truth is truth whoever is the
perceiver News has come that the
Emperor has taken i|| May God protect the Emperor! Why isn’t the Emperor
regaining consciousness? He won’t be able to bear the
pain if he is conscious Is the Emperor’s illness
serious? His kidneys are not functioning If he does not pass urine Please stay with the Emperor All right! If this news reaches your
enemies it will not be good Who are my enemies? Ask Champat Rai Whatever we got from Bijapur
and Golconda is being used for recruitment and arms You oppose Aurangzeb
because he seized your kingdom There are many Bundelas in
Aurangzeb’s army If you permit, I may present
before you my nephew who has just
returned from the Deccan I think the news of this illness
must not reach the Deccan nor should it reach Bengal or
Gujarat You mean my brothers Shuja
and Murad also Please recall! When you were
made the heir apparent and sanctioned annual
allowance of rupees one crore none of the three princes
congratulated you nor did they pay their respects
which was their duty But how can we hide the
Emperor’s illness? Aurangzeb, Shuja and Murad All three have envoys at the
court They must have already sent
the news The news was sent but the
couriers were intercepted We can free them if you say so No! you did the right thing Till the Emperor regains
consciousness no news should leak out of this
fort Even the ministers and nobles
should not leave any one of them can say the
wrong thing Friends and relatives cannot be
stopped But, you can prevail upon them Whose soldiers are you? Get down from the horse! Do you know who is in the
palanquin? Princess Roshanara Begum We were waiting for you, Aunt!
Let’s go! Don’t call me Aunt! Lift the
palanquin! Please sit down Your message worried me The matter was too sensitive to
be written down What is it? The Emperor is no more! My God! Dara is keeping it a secret but
everyone in Delhi knows We were not informed Delhi’s gates are heavily
guarded 30,000 Soldiers of King
Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur are patrolling the
streets I pretended to be going on a
pilgrimage May our father ascend to
heaven! Amen! God knows what my brother
Dara did for the funeral? Dara has gone mad A slave who looks like the
Emperor is made to sit at the window to
give audience when I was leaving I got the
news that the Emperor was going to Agra
for a change of climate the Emperor or his corpse? Looks like Dara plans to declare
his claim to the throne from Agra We must inform Shuja and
Murad Think well! You don’t know who
will support whom There’s a letter, sir Whose letter is it? Prince Aurangzeb’s Qutubuddin Khan! Shahbaz Khan! It’s bad news! The Emperor is dead! And Dara has claimed the
throne You were not even informed The death has been kept a
secret Aurangzeb says it will remain a
secret till Gujarat, Bengal and the Deccan
are not under the control of Dara
Shikoh Has the Mughal army left
Delhi? Has the Mughal army left
Delhi? I don’t know! Both Aurangzeb and Shuja are
far away Therefore, we will be attacked
first Can we defend ourselves? Only if Prime Minister AN Naqi
Khan permits it What nonsense Don’t you know he is Dara’s
admirer and he is here to keep an eye on you? Very true, my lord! He is a
dangerous man If I don’t fight and accept Dara
as the Emperor? Had this been decided when the
Emperor was alive justice would have been done Speak plainly the whole world knows Dara is
not interested in ruling He spends all his time with
seers and Hindu saints Prince Shuja is very simple He is not interested in state
affairs that’s why he is in Bengal, far
from Delhi Aurangzeb is very clever and
able but also very strict Let alone enemies, he does not
spare even friends Hence I said if all this had been
decided when the Emperor was alive you
would have got the throne Yes! Injustice has been done to
me May I say something Declare yourself Emperor Princes Aurangzeb and Shuja
will side with you I have found out the auspicious
time If you announce yourself
Emperor at that time you will rule the whole of India What about AN Naqi? Where are you taking me? Ali Naqi, What is the
punishment for treachery? Prince, I…. Answer me! After the treachery is proved Here is the proof of your
treachery! You are my servant and yet you
are loyal to Dara This is a conspiracy, Prince hatched by Qutubuddin and
Shahbaz Khan why are they against you? A corrupt man is always an
honest man’s enemy A liar is an enemy of a truthful
person A traitor is a loyal person’s
enemy You are insulting my ministers You should be more concerned
about your honour A ruler who can’t recognise a
friend from a foe is bound to lose his honour Swine! Traitor! This is the blood of a loyal
soldier You will pay for it with your own
blood Hail Ali! The auspicious moment is
here! Congratulations! May God save you from the evil
eye! Long live Emperor Murad! Write down My dear brother Murad This is not the time to celebrate The dream of a Mughal empire
in India seen by our ancestors Babur
and Akbar is about to break After Emperor Shah Jahan’s
death a man who is politically and
mentally weak is about to seize power He is an enemy of our faith Just think! If Dara becomes the
Emperor what will happen to the Mughal
honour Think not of your own gains but
of unity I do not object to your claiming the authority in
Gujarat and Shuja in Bengal I can do the same in the
Deccan but this will benefit Dara, not us because he’ll be crowned
Emperor of India and sit on the throne at the Red Fort
in Delhi If we can eliminate Dara Shikoh it will not be difficult to decide
the heir Even if we cannot decide who
the heir is can divide the Em
without a sight I am willing to give you
Afghanistan, Kashmir Punjab, Sind and its coastal
areas You will be allowed to mint your
own coins and the prayer will carry your
name My friend! The aim of whatever
I am doing is to protect the empire and
crush the enemy and to allow the troubled
subjects to live in peace If you support me as a friend
and brother We will be united forever Your friends will be my friends
and your enemies will be
enemies This is my promise and Allah is
witness Send a copy of this letter to
Shuja also No daughter has ever served
her father as you have I‘ll reward you handsomer May God keep you well! That is
my reward May you live long! Where is
Prince Dara He is with Prime Minister Mir
Jumla since morning I will send for him immediately Prince Dara is here You have a long life I was just talking about you You look worried Your majesty Please wait! You should also
hear this My lord Speak without fear Shuja and Murad have laid
claim to the throne My lord While I am alive? They believe you are no more I have kept the news a secret Don’t they know the
consequences of rebellion? Aurangzeb has won over Shuja
and Murad to his side It is said the Deccan army is
ready to march to Agra Will that rogue attack us? Politics does not care for
relationships my God! The nobles are waiting for your
orders What orders can I give? Did the Mughals make India
their home to see it torn apart by wars? Should I order the Mughal army to fight amongst ourselves
instead of the enemy Aurangzeb’s soldiers are also
our soldiers Can I see the destruction of my
own men? Aurangzeb has always been
disobedient It could be due to some
misunderstanding It could also be the greed for
the throne If the Princes are convinced
that I am alive and Dara did nothing against
my wishes then we can prevent war it is possible if they are willing
listen They will listen I’ll write letters to Shuja,
Aurangzeb and Murad and send them through my
ministers Shuja and Murad may listen but
Aurangzeb Prim Minister Mir Jumla will
take the message to Aurangzeb Has the Emperor written this? Yes! In your presence? No but he did say he was going
to write it Did you meet the Emperor? Yes What were you before you
became the Prime Minister of India? It does not befit you to insult an
elder You were Qutb-ul-Mulk’s
minister! I was! The rulers of Golconda never
accepted the Mughal rule How did you join to Mughals? Are you loyal to the Mughal! I stand before you as the
Emperor’s envoy My duty is to take your
message back Liar! The Emperor is dead and
this letter is fake That infidel Dara has sent you.. especially because you are
familiar with the Deccan You have many friends here,
even today More than half my army is from
the Deccan With a little effort you can make
them rebel I won’t let you succeed My lord! I assure you I have
only brought a message I have to take back a reply My job is not to spread rebellion Do you know what my answer
is? Anyone there? Prime Minister Mir Jumla will be
my guest Look after him well! You are making a mistake, my
lord No! This is my answer to Dara Take him away! That was not right, my lord If what Mir Jumla says is right he’ll be released and also
rewarded till then I cannot allow him to
return to Agra Ask Aquil Khan to find out if
Murad has left Ahmedabad Ask Aquil Khan to find out if
Murad has left Ahmedabad Mir Jumla has been arrested I know! The arrest proves there is no
misunderstanding Aurangzeb is hell-bent on
rebellion So what if he becomes the
Emperor? You are the heir! Don’t you
want to be the Emperor? Does every heir become the
Emperor? In that case Uncle Khusro
should have been Emperor He was Jehangir’s heir and
eldest son If you do not have the strength to face a rebel, you do not
deserve the throne Do you think I’ll be an Emperor
like Akbar? Do you know the price I II have
to pay? To become the Emperor I’ll
have to kill my brothers Only you know the answer! May be I’ll be a better Emperor
than Aurangzeb Turks, Afghans, Rajputs! They
are all the same to me A ruler is above the constraints
of religion and community Aurangzeb tends towards
religious orthodoxy He thinks religious tolerance is
a weakness I, too, have my weaknesses Politics is not my forte I never fought a war The search for knowledge and
to understand myself can make me a sufi saint but not a successful Emperor A rule cannot be based on
hatred Aurangzeb only knows how to
hate you the Emperor Your enmity makes you say all
this You are disappointing me Don’t allow the magnificent
Mughal edifice to become a heap of bricks You want me to fight back? The Emperor also wishes it I’ll fight! Not to save the Mughal rule but to save India from
Aurangzeb I want to meet Jaswant Singh at
once Are the forces ready? Everything is ready We must march to Agra
tomorrow King Jaswant Singh, ruler of
Jodhpur, is here You are surprised to see me
with Murad but does it mean you should forget
your manners! My respects Why have you left your
Kingdom? The Emperor wants you back in
Ahmedabad What about me? He did not expect you to be
here What if I don’t return to
Ahmedabad? I am requesting Answer the question! Will you
use force? That’s the Emperor’s order That would be unjust Two brothers on the way to
meet their ailing father The emperor does not want you
to reach Agra Is the emperor scared of us? I request you to return to your
kingdoms If we do not, you’ll be forced to
fight us? Yes! If only you were on our side! Please do not test a Rajput’s
loyalty The test will be on the
battlefield! Tomorrow! I told you! Brothers should not
fight You should have let them come
to me I would have taken away their
rights That would have ended all this
intrigue Murad had proclaimed his
sovereignty Aurangzeb was marching with
his army Had we not stopped them we would have been called
cowards What about the 6,000 soldiers
who died? What will we be called? What will history say about us History can change and by God,
it will change! I’ll fight the war and return
victorious When you have already decided
what can I say? Come to me only to say good
bye! Go! Allow me to go! You are my soul, Prince How can the soul be separated
from the body Bless me with success! It is either the throne or defeat God willing, victory will be yours May God be with you! Shah Jahan’s reign saw the
climax of Mughal splendour In his reign are also seen the
seeds of decay There was unrestrained
despotism Conspiracies and opportunism
had taken hold of the court Akbar’s generosity, tolerance
and good governance were things of the past Things were going from bad to
worse and heading for trouble and heading for trouble

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