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  1. I'm so sick of Jeff Bezos. What's with these Bilionaire's and their rocketships? We have real problems here on earth. My dream would be no millionaire's or billionaire's (I'm not talking about a millionaire dollars being saved for retirement). No one needs that much money. They're just being a nuisance by throwing their weight around.

  2. I don't trust Amazon to buy from, why would I trust them with this contract. Amazon sells things that others make, all they would do is contact it out to some china company. Microsoft does this for a product and has the people in place.

  3. He’s the wealthiest and still doesn’t have enough ! Bouhou ?… – Oh well ! I guess that’s what you get for letting the Washington POSt publish fake news and anti-Trump BS for years. If that’s his claim !

  4. Talk to me when Amazon isn't government subsidized, if you want to talk about bias! Microsoft may be evil as can be, but Gates is not picking our pockets! That sonofabitch earns his money. Bezos owes US and isn't offering to pay US back!

  5. I just bought a new Vacuum. Paid $299.00 for it at a local retail store. Amazon had the same vac for $249.00. I chose to give my money to the local retailer who is not playing politics.

  6. Pay Attention as the very corrupt multi billionares jockey for your tax dollars while using the funds to SHUT DOWN FREE SPEECH, VIOLATE CIVIL LIBERTIES , DECIMATE THE CONSTITUTION AND PUT INTERNATIONAL COURTS IN PLACE OF AMERICAN COURTS ! TYRRANY THAT WE ARE PAYING FOR ! Do you not laugh at Ted Cruz and the rest when they pretend to publicly spank these Criminals that are stealing and selling every bit of your personal info and life ? Washington D.C. is in bed with Social Media Giants. They are not going to stop them from taking over OUR TAXPAYER provided Internet ! Internet Bill Of Rights Now ! And NO GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS WITH BIG TECH THAT ARE AN OBVIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST ! STOP THE SALE OF AMERICA !!! ❌

  7. Biased towards a software company that has far more experience with IT and software than an online book store gone out of control with almost all Chinese products and zero copyright control with tons of knockoffs popping up every day, then once they like your category AMZ moves in and competes directly against you.

  8. Suck it up Bezos… that’s what you get for get for using your propaganda rag WaPo for your lame DNC political interests. Stop whining.

  9. He's a delusional hypocrite. The Washington Post isn't objective nor free from political influence in the content it publishes.

  10. Bezo should recognize his own rules…stop whining. Am I the only one thinking the ones with something to hide seem to scream the loudest?!

  11. Bezos talking biased and favors? ?????

    Cmon man. I think Bezos is just jealous because he wants to own everything

  12. What happens when another mans size is smaller than yours. Sorry I meant size of actual billionaire accounts are smaller than yours. So in this case size matters Jeff and yours is just waaaayyyy to big for Trump to handle?

  13. MSNBC is doing nothing but pump out anti Trump propaganda, the White House shouldnt even do any business with Microsoft. They should just make thier own distro

  14. It was. Trump hates Bezos because he owns the WAPO which frequently criticizes Trump. He’s that thin skinned. As if Bezos is there telling them what to write about. So they went with Microsoft because trump thinks bill gates is his friend because he said nice things about him once and they had dinner. Man you think the trump supporters would like him since their frequent defense of trump is “he’s successful and you’re a loser.” Oh that’s right Jeff is self made and 100x richer than trump……

  15. AWS will never be MS or Oracle, no matter what. I would never trust AWS as my cloud service, especially if dealing with high National Security.

  16. Back in 1997 I actually said, "What kind of idiot thinks he can make a buck selling books on line. There are public libraries and book stores all over the place"…of course i also said cb radio would be the communication device of the future…breaker 1-9, ya got yur ears on?

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