Beware Of Christian Fellowship

Do not be like those who fall for the Christian
fellowship trap. They are under the impression and teaching that you must have fellowship
otherwise you are not a true Christian. The problem is when people think they must have
fellowship and seek fellowship they end up getting with the wrong people. They start
listening to man and not to God and satan uses those around them to distract them to
cause them to stumble. To take their eyes off Jesus Christ. You see we do not need fellowship
to enter the kingdom. We need fellowship WITH JESUS CHRIST. That is who we need fellowship
with. If you do not have fellowship with Jesus Christ and you die, your name will not be
found written in the lambs book of life. He only writes names in that book, of those who
abide in him, they have fellowship with him and he has fellowship with them. When we have
fellowship with Jesus, his blood cleanses us from all sin because we are walking in
oneness and unity with Jesus Christ. But the problem with many Christians today, is that
they seek fellowship, but those of whom they seek fellowship with, are living in sin and
they condone sin and so they fellowship with those who are workers of darkness and this
fellowship destroys the faith of many. It is written not to associate with those who
profess Christ but live in sin. So when you go along to your church and there is all these
people interested in the latest sport news, then you know that there is no fellowship
there for you unless you want to break the rules and start having fellowship with darkness.
The road of a disciples is a lonely road. You are not going to meet many people who
put Jesus first and who are only interested in what Jesus wants them to do. You are going
to meet them here and there and then you will have fellowship, but you will not find much
fellowship because for instance the early disciples like Paul and Peter spent a lot
of time alone or with one or two other brothers. They got the gospel from Christ from fellowship
WITH Christ. Paul spent a lot of time alone in the desert getting to know Jesus. A lot
of the time he suffered alone, and the died alone. Paul wrote not to forsake gathering
with those of the true faith, that is true, but the problem is with this day and age is
that people don’t want to have fellowship with Jesus. They seek fellowship with man
and that is why they start getting disappointed because they start listening to man and then
man lets them down and they start to blame God because of man’s failure and they end
up in the darkness, because they allowed themselves to be ruined by all this fellowship. What
fellowship do you have today? There is only one fellowship that counts and that is getting
your relationship sorted out and straightened out with Lord Jesus Christ. If you don’t get
that fellowship straightened out, you will not be able to benefit anyone who is in need
of Jesus. And when you do walk with the Lord, he will help you to provide the right kind
of fellowship that leads people to be disciples of Jesus. Not just fellowships of friends
where you just waste time and start sinning with your words and start being foolish in
the world. That is the unfortunate situation in many churches. Seek the right fellowship
before it is too late. Jesus bless you…

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