Better Business for a Better World (Full 3 mins)

Better Business for a Better World (Full 3 mins)

– You don’t need to be in a business where you feel like your
ethics and your personal motivations are in conflict with the work and the clients that you deliver for. – I get to bring my whole self to work, and I get to contribute
to a greater purpose that the business is
working towards as well. – I’m really proud to work for a B Corp because it’s an aware, it’s an engaged, and it’s a passionate work environment where purpose underpins
everything we do every day. – It was a very proud day
for me when we got our B Corp certification. From the very beginning, it was very much a purpose-driven kind of business. – The certification is
actually the most holistic certification in the world. It requires companies to have a look at the way they treat their workers, the impact they have on the community, the environment, their transparency, their governance, and their accountability as well as what they are
using their business for when it comes to being a force for good. – Being a B Corp means
not just being the best in the world but also being
the best for the world. – One of our biggest
philosophies at Arowana is lifelong learning. – At Nation Partners, we do a lot of work on well-being, mental health at work. – Koskela has had an
impact programme running to address inequalities and disadvantage within indigenous communities. – Our aim at memobottle is to
reduce single-use water bottle consumption by education
and changing perceptions. – At Beyond Bank Australia, our owners are our customers and we always put people before profit. – We want to be the best travel company not just in the world but for the world. – BioPak has always incorporated
the triple bottom line of people, planet, profits into our DNA. – Northraine is a machine
learning production house. 20% of the work that we do
is for human rights groups and other social startups. – For Australian Ethical,
getting the certification it was also a fantastic
community to be a part of. – Being seen to be good
is actually quite easy, but actually doing good
and having the processes of being good are quite difficult. – We need to hold ourselves accountable and the businesses around us, making sure that we create a legacy that positively impacts tomorrow. – It’s not a mindset of
ethics versus profit anymore. – When you work for a B Corp, you can be absolutely
certain that it’s a symbol of trust that’s unrivalled
across the globe. – Our dream would be not to have business that is responsible seen as something as a nice-to-have. It’s just an everyday, and
so we mainstream the concept. – We’re always looking to raise the bar, and we hope that our B
Corp certification inspires and motivates others in our
industry to follow suit. Be the change.

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