Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018

Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2018

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  1. I use pro tools and resolve, I ditched final cut, premier is a money pit! Resolve and black magic designs are gonna take over the world with how great their products are! The fusion addition is gonna crush premier in the not so long run.

  2. I love your reviews of video editing software, but I also need photo editing software that clears up hazy pictures. Any recommendations?

  3. great presentation, exactly what I have been looking for. GoPro Studio does not work anymore and I am searching for an editing video that includes speed meter to show how fast I am riding and terrain condition. Thank you for your help and please continue what you are doing!!!

  4. Im using iMovie. iMovie is ok it is good to edit but it is kind of annoying for audio and texts. I don't like how you have to do a specific place for text when other editors makes you out the text any where you want. iMovie is also a little confusing. I really want to upgrade but I don't know what to use. Im not allowed to buy any thing on my MacBook Air so I need something that is free but also affective.

  5. Very good reviews and tips, I think that Resolve is so cool but at the same time so bureaucratic to just simple export a simple video render that I founded several tutorials over 10 minutes on how to do just that task! Mannnn the most basic simple thing in a video editor is a visible and friendly RENDER/EXPORT button to do your job done! Resolve has an unbelievable suffering workflow to just do a video render.

    Well one more tip for free video editors! Blender 3D, yes, Blender has an internal an complete video editor suite for free and simples to use, more simples than Resolve.

    I understand the quality and professionalism of resolve, what I not understand where the hell are the idea of the designers and coders os resolve to create such painful system for exporting your video.

  6. About Screenflow now… I have this one, I love it but I suggest people not to buy it because the newer versions are full of bugs and causing damage to videos, there are an entire community complaining about it and it´s bugs.

  7. Once again a fantastic video, well informed. However in MY opinion Adobe is not the answer for beginners. The monthly cost sucks, Premiere Elements on Mac no longer supports DVD writing and the earlier version was full of bugs. I believe for the Mac Final Cut Pro or Davinci is the answer. Keep up the great work, you are a breath of fresh air.

  8. Thank you, Justin! Very informative video! Has anyone here used Adobe Premiere Elements? Thinking of purchasing this software. Any thoughts?

  9. I'm using Vegas Pro 16 Suite. But it's definitely time for a new machine. I'll either build a PC or invest in a Mac desktop. I just need to be sure I make the best move and not halt workflow any longer. If I get a Mac though, will I be able to use the plug ins that I got with Vegas Pro 16 Suite (like Ignite Pro, NewBlue FX, etc.) with Final Cut Pro X?

  10. Literally iMovie is free and already installed on your mac. So I’m confused why is it under “above $200” section in the description.

  11. Thank you so much for this!!! This was so helpful. I have a MacBook Pro and I am interested in downloading DaVinci Resolve on my laptop. Do you think it is a good idea to have his software on my mac along with other basic adobe software I already have?

    I am really just concern if it will slow things down or put too much load on my computer.

  12. I have a Fishing youtube channel, what do you guys think would be best for that type of videos and uploading for my go pro ?? Trying to more shots and better quality in the videos.

  13. I have tried using imovie but it crashed whenever I try importing my video, I have tried to reduce the size of my video in quick time but it still happens. Any suggestions??

  14. I found Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve is OK for HD, but terribly slow with 4K, pretty unusable for a free software; it was waste of time to download and install it. iMovie and Final Cut Pro both copy and converts MP4 files before using them on the application. Pretty annoying. Premiere Elements and PRO both uses MP4 files directly, no need for conversion. On Mac (but not on Windows) both Premiere Elements/PRO can used MP4 files directly from SD cards, no need to copy them on the hard drive of the computer. This is pretty awesome. I have a 128G fast SD card and I'll do my editing directly from the card. I upload the edited result onto youtube, vimeo, facebook or onto my NAS. Definitely this is not of paramount importance. iMovie is simply brilliant, even with this MP4 conversion hassle.

  15. I tried DaVInci resolve on my Lenovo Thinkpad but editing is rough because they playback is so laggy! I gave up on it due because I don't know how to fix the lag

  16. I use iMovie and want to upgrade!
    Why can't I download Final Cut Pro X on my Mac?
    It says "Final Cut Pro X can’t be installed on “Macintosh HD” because OS X version 10.13.6 or later is required."

  17. I'm using FCPX but have the goal of becoming more professional in videoshooting&editing. Meaning that at some point I want to be able to work for bigger production company's in case I would like to go from self-employed to working for those company's. That being said, I wonder what software would be best to start learning. I know my FCPX, but I often have this idea that it's only interesting when working alone on a macbook pro. But when I want to make myself more interesting for bigger production company's, I should learn DaVinci, correct? I have my reasons for not wanting to use adobe (anymore). So my question is, is it a good step to go from FCPX to DaVR15 when having the above described goal? Or can it being said that FCPX will somehow again be 'professional' in the future? Cause since the X version came out, lots of bigger production company's stopped working with FCPX. Don't want to limit myself if FCPX is loosing the battle in bigger productions. My current work is making short (1min) video's with included drone footage. Usually for commercials and website banners.

  18. I use iMovie, I've been using it for about 2 years now. All I do is edits of like movies or programmes, however I want to upgrade to something more advanced as it is pretty simple. I also am taking Media Studies for GCSE's (exams in the UK) and want to do it as a career so, what do you recommend?

  19. I have OS X 10.9.5 and I try`d to download Shotcut Free to do video for YT . I downloaded 4 times and I could not open it . So can`t use it !! What is wrong ? What did I not right ?? Thanks

  20. I tried to download iMovie and I typed in my Apple ID and pw and after that it seemed like it was going to download but it’s nowhere to be found

  21. Ewww camtasia i used camrasia when i was younger its alright for a beginners lol till i found sony vegas lol im thinkinh of trying premiere

  22. Thanks Justin. Once I get comfortable and really good at using IMOVIE, I think I`ll upgrade to Final Cut Pro 10. Great advice.Thanks

  23. Rn I’m using shotcut as my video editor but I want to see what I can do with other applications because there are a couple things I wanna do to my video that I can’t figure out how to in shotcut

  24. i just brought a 2012 macbook pro. ive never used mac before so just seeing what i can get is good.

  25. Wow2 out of 3 for Davinci resolve and its avalsbe for windows (windows 10 only) and linux (at ,east redhat enrerprise and its derivatives)

  26. Thanks so much for this! I can't wait to try Resolve and Elements to recommend to DIY people (I'm a Premiere person) … so Filmora wasn't even worth a mention huh?

  27. Been using iMovie but I've been debating on Premier Pro or Final Cut X but now I've come across Davinci Resolve 16

  28. iMovie only wants to record using the FaceTime camera. I can't find an option to use an overhead camera. Help!

  29. Please help…..
    Look at 7:35

    That feature i need. But i can't find it on sony Vegas. Does Vegas have this?

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