Best Upcoming Tycoon and Business Management Games – Indie Game News September 2018

Best Upcoming Tycoon and Business Management Games – Indie Game News September 2018

Hello Indie Game Lovers, Nerds and Nerdettes
my name is Feniks and this is the Indie Game News. Before we start remember to check video description
for additional information. Today we look at Tycoon genre. As always we start with updates of last month Another Brick in the Mall is still dishing
regular monthly updates version 0.15 is out now. We will see addition of 10 new floor types,
you can now build floors outside of the building. Players will have access to new research projects
logistics doubling the crates delivery players can get as well as cleaning technology which
will unlock automatic floor scrubbers for your janitors. You will also receive prompts when projects
or objectives are completed. There also has been changes to additional
attendance for special and seasonal events. We will see big optimizations to larger malls
and some bug fixes and tweaks. Medieval Shopkeeper have received 5 new updates
since my last video so it’s time to look at it again. Other shops will now display selling items
which will affect your own sales and prices. We will see addition of new customers and
couple of player shop types to choose from. Players can now play with the new farm system
allowing you to grow your own plants. As a result previous forest area will be replaced
with fields and move somewhere else. We will see addition of new fish and seeds
as well as some farming tools. Players will also see changes and improvements
to tooltips and UI making game more intuitive and easier to grasp For a game that gave every vibe of youtube
bait Medieval Shopkeeper is actually coming along nicely and sits on very respectable
89% positive review score on steam. Time to talk about new releases Two point Hospital a successor to legendary
Theme Hospital released on steam on 30th of August. As you can expect your job here is to manage
and build hospital in order to generate profit and cure some people as a side effect. Game embraces the silliness and humour of
the original title and you will have to deal with some bizarre illnesses from light-headedness
to cubism, yes light-headedness is what a name suggest your patient’s head changed
into a light bulb. You are task with a mission of building hospital
from scratch, employing right staff, expanding your business. You need to make sure that your staff is able
to diagnose the conditions, deal with patients quickly and effectively and send them cured
on their way home hopefully generating enough profit to expand further and handle even more
patients with more difficult cases to diagnose. You will be able to train your staff leveling
them up with new skills and abilities, improve and upgrade the equipment as well as analyze
market needs and demands and adjust your prices accordingly. You may need to marginalize some condition
in order to capitalize on some mad disease outbreak. Game received 84% positive review score on
steam out of 600 submitted and unlike 99% of new upcoming tycoon game this is actually
full release and not the early access product. Another release this month is UniverCity it
is isometric university management game that came out in early access on 14th of August Your job is to manage your staff, professors
and students and try and build the best university around! You will try to build up your university solo
or against friends and build many different types of classes whilst trying to ensure students
get good grades. What I like about this game is the scale of
it. Your building plots are truly massive and
you have 100s of students coming through your doors. It is currently in very early access but you
may want to keep an eye on it. My mate False Phoenix has a short series on
it so feel free to check it out. You should see a card in right top corner
right now. Time to move to upcoming games Megaquarium is set to release on 13th of September
this year. Megaquarium is a game by developer of Big
Pharma. Starting with just a few tanks and the most
basic of livestock, you’ll grow your aquarium to a thronging metropolis filled with hundreds
of guests, tens of staff and a multitude of different aquatic lifeforms, each with their
own unique care requirements. Game features almost 100 different marine
species including fish, sharks, corals, jellyfish, other invertebrates and even a turtle! Players will need to decide between training
their own staff or recruiting talent from outside. As well as on their management policy will
you run very focused teams or will everyone be able to do a little bit of everything? You will be able to upgrade our facilities,
research new stock and expand your complex. In a meantime you will need to keep your eye
on finances and ensure that you can afford to look after all those animals safely. Your income will depend on your customers
happiness so keeping them happy is a key. You will be able to play in campaign mode
or jump straight into sandbox. As with Big Pharma developer promises easy
to learn difficult to master type of game. To really thrive and take on the greatest
challenges you’ll need a lateral thinking brain and attention to detail. Will you group your animals by food type,
water quality or something else entirely? Will you locate your equipment in a centralised
hub using pumps or spread them out embracing the zoning system? Another announcement comes from Honey, I joined
the Cult. Game doesn’t have official release yet but
we have a workable alpha and is being shown at the events in the UK. In Honey, I joined the Cult you are in control
of your own 1970s cult. Build and expand your base, manage your resources
and make as much money out of your followers as possible. Your job is to create a cult brainwash and
attract more followers to your cause and expend your power. From a first glance the game looks like prison
architect on acid but as you look deeper there is more to game to keep it original and interesting. You are not only running small colony/ prison
for your follower you also look at the ways to legitimize your cult influence outside
of your colony. Your most trusted followers will be able to
leave your camp and be send on various missions. It will depend on your style but can include
grabbing few homeless and desperate from the street or it may be slow infiltration of political
structures and expanding your standing. As more information is released on the game
I will let you guys now. For now closed alpha 2 will be showed to publics
during events in Birmingham and London over next month. Our final announcement comes from Parkosours. I have showcased this game several times on
the channel so I am glad to say it’s going to be released next month on 25th of September. From developers website we can learn that
Parkasaurus is a zany Dinosaur Park management game, that challenges the player not only
to provide guests with a unique dinosaur zoo experience, but to care for their dino friends
by crafting the perfect exhibits, gifting them the cutest hats, and travelling back
in time to rescue them from their demise! Your job as a successful dino park manager
will be ensuring your exhibits safety and well being. Each dinosaur requires a unique biosphere,
which means the shape of exhibit, materials used, ecology, plants, elevation and humidity
all play a key role in whether the Dinos, and the park, thrive…or become extinct. You will have to wisely spend resources to
build the ultimate Dino Park and turn a profit to ensure future stability. By reading reviews and observing your guests,
fine tune the flow and arrangement of your park to maximize the happiness of guests and
Dinos alike. You will also need to manage and train your
emplyees as well as deal with various weather and disaster events. Finally you will be able to travel in time
and snatch dinos eggs to then later hatch them in your own facility. Okay guys that is it in this month Indie Game
News. If you know of any other games that should
be featured in next month updates or you released a game yourself please contact me at [email protected]
or tweet @Feniks_Gaming. If you enjoyed this video please don’t forget
to subscribe for more. Nerds and Nerdettes my name Feniks and it
was pleasure to have you here.

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