Best Upcoming Tycoon and Business Management Games – Indie Game News October 2018

Best Upcoming Tycoon and Business Management Games – Indie Game News October 2018

Hello Indie Game Lovers, Nerds and Nerdettes
my name is Feniks and this is the Indie Game News. Before we start remember to check video description
for additional information. Today we look at Tycoon genre. As always we start with updates of last month Prison Architect added Multiplayer to the
game. Currently works are in alpha and will improve
as time progresses. You can now build a prison cooperatively with
up to 8 people! While in a regular sandbox game of Prison
Architect you can select to Go Online and host a multiplayer game that people can join. This game can be publicly listed or set to
private and protected with a password. When players have joined you can see them
as a marker in the world and can see what material or object they have currently selected
and are about to build. This is first alpha release of multiplayer
mode, with a focus on getting the core functionality working. This means that some features are
not currently available to connected clients and developers plan on adding them over time
as we continue working on multiplayer. Currently disabled on clients but will be
coming in the near future – Wire connections, Deployment, Logistics,
Intelligence, Emergency callouts, Reports, Prison Grading, Graphs Interstellar Transport Company celebrates
a year since it’s initial release with new updated road map. So far developers have improved multiplayer
imansly fixing stutter it was initially causing. Added Mac and Linux support, new sheeps and
many quality of life changes as well as updated UI to be cleaner and easier to grasp. Game have moved a long way from its initial
state and there is good reason why after a year 10 000 copies have been sold and game
is sat at positive 85% review score on steam. Developers are planning to leave Early Access
by february next year and with that following features are planned on being added to the
game. New tech tree system with many new ships added
to the game. Implementing some autonomous transportation
using transport hubs/ More incentives for players to subsidise the industries, interstellar
obstacles and buildable jump gates and more. Software Inc Alpha 10 is officially out of
the testing branch. Software Inc is a game about running your
own software development company. Your job will be to construct and design building
for optimal working conditions. You will hire people to design, release and
support various software. You will struggle against simulated competition
and will be able to take over their business. Alpha 10 adds ability to lease rooms, relocate
your company, introduced new plot system, multi-floor car parks and ability to mod textures. We will see overhaul of hiring mechanic and
employee skill system, new work on employee satisfaction and customizable employee benefits. We will see ability to change the price of
your release products, improved temperature mechanics. Finally software is now calculated per OS
market so releasing software for different operating systems will no longer compete with
each other. Game is sat at 91% positive review score on
steam out of nearly 2500 reviews submitted I myself put over 40 hours into a game and
can really recommend it. Parkitect Beta 10 is now available. Developers have added new bankruptcy system. We will see smoke, fog and spark effects. Mac users will be pleased that game uses now
Metal support which will improve both visuals and performance. Also you can now choose to cap your FPS at
30 which may help some laptop users in increasing a battery life. Players will have option of hiring 2nd research
team, we will see some tweaks to rides’ speed and animations. Parkitect first released on steam early access
on 5th of March 2016 and has gathered 88% positive score out of nearly 1000 reviews
submitted. Time to talk about new releases Megaquarium released on 13th of September. Starting with just a few tanks and the most
basic of livestock, you’ll grow your aquarium to a thronging metropolis filled with hundreds
of guests, tens of staff and a multitude of different aquatic lifeforms, each with their
own unique care requirements. Game features almost 100 different marine
species including fish, sharks, corals, jellyfish, other invertebrates and even a turtle! Players will need to decide between training
their own staff or recruiting talent from outside. As well as on their management policy will
you run very focused teams or will everyone be able to do a little bit of everything? Game received 86% positive reviews on steam
out of nearly 200 reviews submitted. Game is prised for its relaxing setting, good
variety of stock and mechanics. However many reviewers complained of inconsistent
FPS in some cases dropping to low 10s for some players as well as poor UI choices. Developer is working in addressing those issue
with post release patches Parkosours finally released on 25th of September
we have been talking about this game for several months now on and off on this channel so I
will be brief. Parkasaurus is a zany Dinosaur Park management
game, that challenges the player not only to provide guests with a unique dinosaur zoo
experience, but to care for their dino friends by crafting the perfect exhibits, gifting
them the cutest hats, and travelling back in time to rescue them from their demise! Your job as a successful dino park manager
will be ensuring your exhibits safety and well being. Each dinosaur requires a unique biosphere,
which means the shape of exhibit, materials used, ecology, plants, elevation and humidity
all play a key role in whether the Dinos, and the park, thrive…or become extinct. Game has received 100% positive review score
on steam out of over 100 reviews submitted. Many reviewers particularly prised the game
for it’s beautiful unique graphical style, fairly in depth management aspect that puts
Jurassic Evolution to shame and clean and functional UI. Game is in early access at the moment but
there is no reports of major bugs so far. Time to move to upcoming games Development has started on Democracy 4, the
latest iteration of the political strategy game by Positech Games. Democracy 3 was released in 2013 and…quite
a lot has happened in global politics since then. Democracy 4 will incorporate the extra features
introduced in Democracy 3 Africa, which simulated corruption, limits to press freedom and other
political phenomena from the extremes which are starting to become more common in western
politics since the release of Democracy 3. The game will be completely updated to reflect
modern issues, so no more worrying about the ‘V’ chip and other long forgotten issues,
and more worrying about fake-news, social media, and other social phenomena driving
politics in 2018 onwards. The plan is to roll content from the existing
4 expansion packs (Extremism, Social Engineering, Clones & Drones and Electioneering) into Democracy
4 where appropriate and relevant to provide a single version of the game Game is set to release some time in 2019 with
short early access before final release. As always I will keep you up to date as we
find out more. Okay guys that is it in this month Indie Game
News. If you know of any other games that should
be featured in next month updates or you released a game yourself please contact me at [email protected]
or tweet @Feniks_Gaming. If you enjoyed this video please don’t forget
to subscribe for more. Nerds and Nerdettes my name Feniks and it
was pleasure to have you here.

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  1. Played Megaquarium and am really enjoying it! Highly recommend to check it out if you like tycoon games!

  2. Awesome video. Tycoon and management games are very often a hit or miss for me, so it's great to know which to check out 🙂

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