Best Tycoon and Business Management Indie Games Indie Game News July 2018

Best Tycoon and Business Management Indie Games   Indie Game News July 2018

Hello Indie Game Lovers, Nerds and Nerdettes
my name is Feniks and this is the Indie Game News. Before we start remember to check video description
for additional information. Today we look at Tycoon genre. As always we start with updates of last month After 4 months since the last update Rise
of Industry Alpha 6 is finally here. Here are the changes players will see. Once in a while you will be asked by towns
to complete special order for them in exchange for some great profit. We will see customisable career and freeplay
modes. Developers have added the end game if you
complete extremely complicated and expensive car prototype that requires many intermediate
steps and building to complete you will win the game. I am not sure how I feel about such a win
condition in tycoon game and hope it is only optional. Additionally we will see changes to research
slider formula, many UI changes making information more readable and intuitive. Quite a few new quality of life changes like
auto-warehouses that will now automatically coordinate the collection and distribution
of goods saving players the job with option to override automatic settings. We will also see few new buildings tone of
bug fixes and tweaks. Since Kasedo Games became publisher of Rise
of Industry and injected some badly needed money and experience into a team, game reviews
has been consistently on a rise. You see what I did there? Rise of Industry is currently sat on Overall
79% positive review score and great 93% recent review score on steam. Gunsmith is here. Devs are bringing in great improvements in
frames per second. Developers claim users should on average see
a new overall FPS improvements that should yield 40-80% better performance. We will see New changes and internal system
additions to Orders making them more focused towards player manufacturing. Developers have tweaked scaling of orders
to ensure there is more market for players goods making it possible to sell even the
largest of orders. There is big but obvious change to machine
crafting..It is now tied to Power On / Off like Output is. If a machine is Off it won’t craft until it
is turned On, makes sense. There was many more small changes to the way
orders, scaling and production in general works as well as many bug fixes and optimizations
check links in the description for more info. Gunsmith is currently sitting at 82% positive
review score on steam. As you can see this month is full updates. Next one comes from Medieval Shopkeeper. Another game another quality of life updates. We will see tooltips for merchant inventory
and new work done on all the UI Panel. We will see items popularity and some basic
laws of supply and demand if you sell to many items of the same type in one city at some
point demand for it will drop and you will need to lower prices to attract more customers. Merchants from Farlands will trade gear and
staffs recipes. Also finally you will get a warning when buying
recipes you already know so you don’t buy duplicates. Game received so far very respectable 86%
positive review score on steam. SimAiport is a game that really proved that
it’s possible to change someone’s mind online namly mine.When game was initially released
I remember writing long negative post on reddit. I am glad to see that developers have proved
me wrong and continue to ship great updates to the game. We will see improved aircraft pathfinding
hopefully once and for all fixing any issues with stucked planes. You can now sell your airport and use gather
funds to build new one. Good solution for people who would like to
try new design but want some continuity from the previous game. Bank Loan mechanic updated, loan availability
& interest rate now use credit rating. We will see addition of couple new objects
such as digital ad display. There has been great changes to passenger
AI. Passengers should be much better at spotting
objects nearer to them and not choosing to walk to the other side of airport to access
items that are much closer. Research also have seen some changes one of
the biggest one is that all branches can be research simultaneously. Apart of that lots and lots of improvements,
tweaks and optimizations. SimAirport is currently at 76% positive review
score on steam. We have some great news for fans of trains
and transportation. On 8th of June Mashinky opened up new experimental
branch for the game to help players test new 4th Era of trains the Diesel trains. Follow the links in a description to find
out how to join. In a meantime main branch has also seen some
great updates. On 15th of June Decorative update was released
bringing in few additions that has been tested in experimental branch. Walls will now be modified according to road
presence. We will see some decorative upgrades for your
stations with more to come in a future. Developer added fixes for pathfinding and
optimizations for rendering. Then on 29th of June we have seen distance
update added to main branch. You will now receive distance bonus for passengers
and mail as well as distance bonus for other cargo included in
industry buildings rules. Players will have access to second “High speed”
track type (including upgrade tool, new signals, smart shortcuts respecting last track type
used) Finally we will see new track & road smoothing. Apart of that as always Many fixes, tweaks
and little improvements. Mashiky has been consistently sat at 85% positive
score on steam. Joly Updates July is in full swing and here
comes Startup Company with it’s beta 16. You now have access to 3 new building for
hosting. This is designed to force players into building
their own servers rather than use VR servers. While those are still in a game there will
be a cap on them and eventually you will be forced to build your own. You will be able to configure your server
racks to suit your needs and achieve performance you desire. As we now have buildings scattered in the
city developers have introduced a new city map to the game. Additionally Beta 16 expands on investor milestones
taking them further into mid and late game. Talking about investors you are not the only
one willing to spend money here. Occasionally you will be approached by investors
willing to invest into your products of course in exchange of a share of profits. You will need to balance quick cash injections
with long term profits. You can now merge with competition if you
acquire their stock you will be able to take over their products and customers. Your own Electronic Arts simulator 2018 if
you will. New companies now come with nice logs there
is over 100 to choose from. Final update of this month is from Jurassic
World Evolution With release of Fallen Kingdom we have 6 new dinosaurs added to the game
I would love to tell you what they are but with some I have no idea how to even start
pronouncing it so as always check links in the description. With addition of new dinos we have 3 new dig
sites in the UK where I live, Argentina and China as well as some additions to existing
sites. Game also has been improved with some stability
fixes, localisation updates and performance and hitbox tweaks. Game is sat at 71% positive review score on
steam which is the lowest out of the bunch here so make sure you watch few good reviews
before you buy. I particularly recommend Worth the Buy take
on it as it’s probably the most comprehensive and the least guided by hype. You should see the video in top right corner
right now. I couldn’t find any new worthy releases
this month if you think I missed anything shout in the comments down below. Okay guys that is it in this month Indie Game
News. If you know of any other games that should
be featured in next month updates or you released a game yourself please contact me at [email protected]
or tweet @Feniks_Gaming. If you enjoyed this video please don’t forget
to subscribe for more. Nerds and Nerdettes my name Feniks and it
was pleasure to have you here.

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  1. Not sure if it falls under tycoon/business management, but Prison Architect had an update last month!

    Hopefully Jurassic World gets a few free updates in the coming months that enhance the gameplay. I think it is pretty boring and mundain. The dino's look beautifull, but you don't/can't really have do anything that is actually fun for more then 10 minutes.

  2. Medieval Shopkeeper looks like the perfect game to play after a stressful week at work. Going to try it out! Cheers again Feniks

  3. Another Great update Feniks!:)

    Have you tried GunSmith?
    Ive been on the fence for it for quite a while, and i am considering it for my Steam Library, sort of hope its a kind of mix between Big Pharma and Factorio:P

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