Best Shotgun Microphone for YouTube? RØDE VideoMic NTG VS. Deity D3 Pro

Best Shotgun Microphone for YouTube? RØDE VideoMic NTG VS. Deity D3 Pro

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  1. Question of the Day ⚡ Which microphone do you think is the best? Let us know! *** 🎯 Looking for the best budget camera and audio gear for YouTube? WATCH THIS VIDEO NEXT for our tops picks ➡️

  2. To my ear it seems like the Deity has a lot more clarity around some of the talking frequencies (1k-10k?) and a warmer sound, but they both could sound very similar with some EQ when editing. Both are incredible buys!

  3. They both sound really good!! Rode also has a really cool feature where you can record separate audio levels on the left and right channels. Which is perfect for when a loud noise happens or something clips, the right channel will be -20 of the left channel. Meaning you can bring back the clipped audio! Awesome video!!

  4. 👍 I tried the shotgun mic but didn’t like it as I would never be able to move around. So I got a wireless mic and will never look back 🤙 Great video though!

  5. I actually have the non pro ($99) version of the Deity and so far I'm loving it, works for my current budget until i'm ready to upgrade

  6. for value alone, I would strongly endorse the HTDZ HT-81. I've been using it for about a year now, I 3d printed a coldshoe mount and it works great when either paired with my zoom h4n or plugged directly into my lumix g85 with an xlr to 1/8" cable. it's powered off a single AA battery that easily lasts all day and can be field-swapped super easy. (I use a rechargable nimh battery, works great). it sounds REALLY good for the price and is only $45.

  7. I think a key point for the Rhode mic is that it can be used as a USB-C microphone into the computer and dedicated as one. I think it's a far better option than Deity's with having to plug it into the a mic jack of a laptop. The auto turn-on and off feature for Rhode is pretty quick. I've been using the Rhode NTG and although I don't need it, it does allow a headphone jack for monitoring audio for cameras that may not have that jack. I also keep on the dual channel recording incase audio does peak randomly. It gives me a nice safety net to choose in post.

  8. Just got the deity v3 pro, wireless go, rode smart lav and the cannon m50 with a secondary 22mm lens love it! Thanks for all the reviews!!

  9. I have he Deity D3 (not the Pro) and for $99 it's great, just doesn't have the adjustable gain. I may upgrade to the Pro in the future but for now the D3 meets my needs

  10. Yeah I’m just not a fan of Rode Mics for some reason. Their definitely good don’t get me wrong but I love the Diety V-mic Pro. The sound is very clear and better overall to me. Let’s be honest the added features on the Rode is because D3 had been out killing the market so Rode had to counter that imo. Anyway great video always loving what you guys are doing.

  11. Can i use a BOYA BY-M1 lavalier mic together with a micro usb male to 3.5 mm jack female cable cord on my canon m100? Please someone help.Thank you

  12. Congratulations for 1M subs. You guys are amazing and i learned a lot with this channel. please keep it up. wish you all the best again ❤️👏🏻😃

  13. Guys i think we would love to see a tad bit more smartphone videography
    Where we see about backdrops, lighting, audio etc because dslr needs a lot less light compared to smartphone AND audio is different in different gadgets

  14. Hi! I wanted to win because when I was little I’ve always wanted to become a photographer, I’ve already captured photos on my phone but now I want to go bigger. Help me pursue my dream that would be awesome. Love you-Michelle ❤️(already did everything) keep it up to! 💕 congrats on 1 mil your everything, this camera would help out a lot!! Thanks ❤️❤️

  15. I have both. They sound almost identical, really hard to tell, and very close to my MKH 416 (!!). Really good job from both Rode and Deity, thanks for bringing such a good sound quality for this price!
    One important thing that wasn't mentioned in this review, the Deity can be connected to a balanced XLR which is very important to get a better sound when using an external recorder or a pro camera. And also the D3 Pro location kit comes with the XLR adapter and a second handheld-type Rycote shock mount, I got mine in sale on Amazon for $249 which is a lot more value than the Rode for the same price.
    If I had to pick just one, I would go with the D3 location kit : same high quality sound, more value/accessories, and pro features/XLR, (and Rode copied them).

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