Best Roofing Safety Jacket for roofers. Zepps Gear.

all right while I show you this cool
jacket cool jacket cool jacket that
comes in a fluorescent color for people who work at heights that are required to
wear an OSHA approved pass one strips that’s for that but roof especially you
know they they want something not this because they’re not mandatory to to wear
that we brought a black one or any other color they want the the beauty is not
this tough the deck jacket is suffer what it does the utility it’s a patented
product that has this flap in the back that allows a harness to do his job when
you are wearing it as if you are wearing the harness under this coat we do
tearing out your lanyard attached and if you fall this explodes and let your
jacket our harness work right now in the market there is something with a slit
one little slit in it you bring your D out when you zip completely up and if
all occurs what that will do is introduce you right there bikini this is
to make your fall comfortable you are fallen you want hang in there but you
are not dying because you are wearing the jacket and by the time you rescue
you are not frozen or you know so there is something this is a patented
technology we also have accommodation for your big phone with the zip lock
exactly iPhone 11 Pro I have a radio pocket for you what are you ready on
loop it in here bring it out here the zipper put your mic here and your
hardhead loop is here too these two big loops are here for your
lanyard keeper so if you are not using the lanyard you don’t want this to hang
around on the floor you bring it out here and if your snag with something now
another thing is extra long tail when you’re sitting down it doesn’t let your
back exposed to the elements long sleeves so long Steve you are reaching
up it doesn’t expose your vest so this has
been well taught by by a guy what size is that this is an extra-large can you
put it on we have a model here I travel with the model b bearded model how does
it feel give me an honest review it’s lighter than can you say seems good yeah
how much is it is it retails for $200 this one’s really $200 yeah retail for
$200 you worry do we buy it you can buy online you can buy from you saw and it would be available on Amazon but for whatever it is the utility of
the product is just amazing because the guy who invented this thing he is a
scaffold ER and he had a show in Las Vegas where I was there about 500
scaffolders there were managers and business managers they gave him a
standing ovation for a minute clapping Wow this is how much he was receiving
and we’re bringing all kinds of things in it it’s just not this jacket we have
any FR high rated for hydro guys or windmill guys we will also have this
available in different colors different sizes and also for ladies that’s the
biggest thing ladies roofers are people who are in the scaffold because it’s
becoming that a lot of girls our ladies are in that in the business you can see
the fridge and your arms not exposed now even this one here it is extremely light
but if you wear it is no warm jacket that you feel like sweating right away
so it’s in the winter outside very cool should be called the basis for
all industries comment below guys bunch of guys thing if you would wear it prime

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