Best Business Book (My Top Recommendation)

Best Business Book (My Top Recommendation)

– So we’re almost at
the end of the year here and Amazon’s telling me that 160,717 books have been published just this year alone in the business and investing category, which is just crazy. Of course, I’ve read them
all here in my garage. But I have read about
45 books here in 2017. Some of those books were
sent to me in the mail, others were recommended to me by friends, and some of them were just re-reads. – [Woman] What you are doing? – But only one of those
books is my favorite business book of 2017 and
it’s this book right here. But really quick before I go on, I need to tell you what
I mean by the best. Three things, number
one, the most actionable, the stuff that I could actually use in my business and in my life right now. Number two, it’s the most relevant. It actually matters to the things that I’m actually working on right now, the things that I’m teaching, too. And number three, am I
actually getting results from this book? So let’s continue. It’s called The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change
the Way You Lead Forever by Michael Bungay Stanier, and
here’s why I love it so much. Now, you don’t have to be
considered a coach by profession in order to benefit from this book. Actually, we’re all considered
coaches in my opinion in one way, shape, or form,
whether you are an influencer online building a business
online or offline, perhaps you are a manager
of a team of some kind or maybe you’re a parent or
a teacher, doesn’t matter. You are, in one way or another,
trying to help other people. But the big problem is too many people who are trying to help others are doing too much telling and not enough asking. Here’s a truth bomb right here. You’re probably not getting
very effective coaching, and you’re probably not delivering
very effective coaching. When I go back in time
and think about the past and consider the best
coaching that I’ve received, it’s always been those who
have asked the right questions, who have gotten me to
determine what to do, not have told me what to do. Now the heart of this book are the seven essential questions. So I’m gonna do a quick overview of what these seven
essential questions are, but make sure you stick around til the end because I’m gonna give you a chance to actually get a copy
of this book from me. So the first thing that I learned, this isn’t even the first
question that was mentioned in the book, is to ask
one question at a time. You ask and then you listen. Ask, listen, ask, listen, ask, listen. You ask one question, you
let that person answer. So the first question is
called the kickstart question. The big problem coaches have is that they actually take too much time to just cut to the chase
and get right to it. You ramble, you’re slow to set it up, just get right to the conversation so that you can get right to
the help that you can offer. So the number one
question that you can ask to start out with when
you’re coaching somebody is, what’s on your mind? This allows the person to share
what they are going through. You’re not setting anything up and actually helping to
direct the conversation. It’s all about what’s
on that person’s mind because that’s exactly
what you need to work with, what’s on that person’s mind. Number two, the awe question. Not “aww yeah” or “aww”
but awe, as in a-w-e. And what else? What I love about this
question is it’s so simple. And what else? It allows you to put it into
their hands to tell you, well, what is really the problem here? Your goal here is to get deeper into the root of the
problem, and oftentimes when people answer that initial question, it’s just very
surface-level, but by asking well what else, you’re forcing that person to actually dig deep and they’re
going to dig deep for you. Number three is called the
focus question and that is, what’s the real challenge here? This allows you to focus
on the real problem, not the first problem, which
are often very different. Question number four, the
foundational question, and this is a big one. What do you want? How great is it when somebody asks you what you want, when you feel appreciated? So when you’re getting coached, to know that the person
coaching you is asking you, well what is it exactly that you need? What is it that you want? It helps that person understand that they’re in the right place. It helps them feel safe, it
helps them open up a little bit and it helps them be honest. You need to know where you’re going before you tell them where to
go and what direction to take, which leads us into question number five, which is called the lazy question, which is really interesting
because like I just said, we want to find out how do
we actually help this person? But now we’re being lazy and
asking this question here. Well how can I help? But of course, it depends on
how you ask this question. For example, what if
you asked it like this? Uh, well how can I help? Genuinely, honestly be curious about how you can help the
person you’re coaching. But here’s what Michael says is the power behind the super lazy question. First, you’re getting the
person you’re coaching to actually give you a request, to tell you exactly what
they came there for. A lot of times when they
come to this conversation with you or when you’re coaching them, they might not even know what they want. And secondly and most important,
it stops you from thinking you know the best way
to help and it stops you from taking action that may be
not the right action to take. Now the lazy question’s gonna
offer up specific things that this person can do
that, again, they discovered for themselves, actions
that they can take. And your role with question number six, which is called the strategic question, is to help this person create boundaries about what they should
and shouldn’t be doing and that strategic question is this. If you’re saying yes to this, well what are you saying no to? And I love this because
this creates boundaries about what the actions
are and what they are not. So I love this question,
there’s a lot of meat here and a lot of ins and outs in the book. I recommend you get the book to go deeper into all of this, of course,
but I love that question because really, when you
say yes to something, you’re also saying no to something, too. Which leads us to question number seven, the final question here in the
list of essential questions and that is the learning question. And that question is this. What was the most useful for you? By asking a person, well, what
was the most useful for you? It assumes the conversation went well and they did learn something and it also really makes people think, well, what really did I get
out of this conversation that I can move forward with? It also makes it very personable, allows you to collect
feedback at the same time, and it also allows people to understand that you are actually helpful, which means that if you are, for example, doing coaching where you are charging a recurring monthly payment
in order to get access to you, well, they’re gonna
continue to pay with you. If you have people in an
online course, perhaps, maybe they’re gonna be
more likely to continue to work with you in another online course that you come out with. Or perhaps you’re gonna be hired again as a consultant for the next big project. By reminding people what
it is that you did for them and allowing them to be the one to share it with you, it
makes it a win for everybody. – Yay! – So as a quick summary
of the best business book I’ve read of 2017, I encourage everybody to go check it out, you can
see a link on Amazon below, that is an affiliate link
so I do get a commission if you do go through that link. And like I said earlier, you have a chance to actually win this book, too. So here’s how it’s gonna go down. First, make sure you like this
video and secondly, comment. I’m gonna select five random commenters on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2017, and I’ll reach out to you
and I’ll get your address and I’ll send it to you
free of charge on me so that you get to have it
at the first of the year and if you’re overseas, it
might take a little bit longer but I’m gonna send it to
you so that this can be one of the first books
you read of the year so it can help you and your
business with your life. Like this video, leave a comment below, and again, make sure that
if you’re on YouTube, make sure you subscribe to the channel, click on the bell icon, you
can join the notification squad because if you comment within an hour after my videos go live, you
can also receive an SPI pin. So like the video, leave a comment, I’ll reach out to those
five people on Christmas Day and again, happy holidays to all of you and thank you for your support in joining me to help change the world by helping us not just make more money, but make more time and
serve more people, too. Thanks again and I’ll see
you in the next video. (upbeat music)

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  1. Thanks Pat! Great suggestion. I'm looking forward to reading this one. Loved the video. You're a goof — in the very best possible way.

  2. Hey Pat, great video. (And Happy Birthday!) I always love seeing your stuff and this one is great. Love how you're developing your YouTube presence. The funny stuff is priceless. Sending it to my wife overseas whom I'm trying to convince to be a career coach/advisor. She will love it too I think. Keep up the great work and if you're ever in DC, would love to meet you. Cheers!

  3. Happy Birthday! Everyone is a coach, you're right. And I believe everyone need a coach too! My coaching business is for non-believers going through grief of their loved ones to get their life and dreams back.

  4. Hi Pat – and "Happy Birthday!" (I'm here to comment because of the second mail you've sent about this video – I know it's automated, but I find it nice you thought – or were taught – to do this.)

    I'm trying to find a way to create a kind of club for kids (because at that age it's easier to teach them habits that will help them for life, and see those results quickly) where they could learn a lot of things (that they – most of them – are currently missing) through play and experiments (with a bit of "it just happened" guidance).

    Don't want another "we'll show you what experiments you could repeat, the way we show you" space; rather think about how your kids learn when they see you cooking, or using a tool, or taking something apart and fixing it – and then they try to do something "similar"; and discover a lot of things – including what not to do – in the process. The school (at least in my country) is very on the path of "you should know this and that, and do this and that, in this and that way – and not otherwise" – and it misses a lot in developing the interest and imagination and curiosity in kids, and it's such a waste of human potential, so I think such a club/space will add a much needed counter-balance; so yeah, I'm always ready to learn how to be a better "coach" 🙂

  5. Really like all of the information you share with us. Thanks so much. I share heathy eating and lifestyle tips emphasizing whole food plant based living.

  6. Love it! I'm in coaching business and this was really helpful. Like you alwaysss are. Actually. 😆. Thanks for sharing! .

  7. I love to coach/teach new web developers. Being self-taught, I find myself wanting to help less experienced developers navigate their growth path.

    I'm excited to check out this book.

  8. Great questions! Those are really helpful and can be applied in so many situations. And a great review. Thanks, Pat!

  9. Pat this video is amazing! Not only is it super helpful content, but your narrative flow techniques are so engaging.

    By day, I coach marketers and analysts in the art and science of presenting data and ideas for maximum impact. This video made me realize that I don't ask enough questions when I'm personally coaching, and these are great for that purpose!

    By night, my partner and I coach couples and singles with our healthy communication blueprint for defusing conflict during difficult conversations. In our blueprint, asking probing questions like these is crucial for getting to the heart of a struggle. I especially love the AWE question for this because I often find that it's the second concern voiced that's really the root cause!

    Amazing stuff, keep it coming!

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  11. Hi Pat! I'm a new email subscriber, and I just listened to your podcast for the first time today! #295 (Happy Birthday!). Loved the Podcast! I'm so inspired by your great content on your site, and here on YouTube! I just started my YouTube channel this week (so excited). I don't know much, and it's pretty lame, but DO I know I learn by doing, so I'm just going to get started.

    2018 the Year of Giving Value… love that! Here's how I'm going to give value… 2018 is going to be the year that I a) Start a Podcast, b) publish a book, c) build 3 (minimum) affiliate websites, d) create an online course. And I'm going to use your free content as my bible. I'm excited to be able to give value to my community with the quick start that I'm finding at SPI. It's going to be a GREAT year! I'll stay in touch, and keep you updated with my progress. Nancy.

    PS: Will you be my first guest on my new Podcast? I can't wait! 😉

  12. This is really helpful, Pat. I can see how I could use this in my business and with my students too. Also, your videos are really well done, like how you synchronize the music with your sentences and hand gestures 🙂 Thanks!

  13. Hey, just wanted to say even if I sometimes forget to comment on your videos commented, just want to say YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST HONEST PERSONS IN YOUTUBE. You are amazing! Keep it up! 🙂 You have very light heart and soul. I wish I could fight my depression like you fight in everything. You have big courage! Stay strong! This is one of the reason why I love your videos and you, you are just you, and that is most important. I am always looking at you and in my eyes, YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL. Have passion in your heart and brilliance in your soul. <3 Cheers!

  14. Thank you, Pat! I am studying life coaching right now, and I have added this book to my list. What do I do for "coaching" in real life? I lead a drama team, direct films and soon will direct audio dramas, and I am learning to be a better listener. Thanks for all you do, Pat! I love reading, watching, and listening to your resources.

  15. The seven question process reminds me of the four question process I have used in counseling/coaching for many years. 1. what do you want? 2. what do you want? (different answer than 1) 3. 'What do you want? (different answer thant 1&2) What do you need to do? I have found that this process goes deep to the real matter at hand quickly and then helps the student discover and own their course of action.

  16. PAT!!! I recently found your podcasts and I’m obsessed with the amount of great valuable content you have been putting out there thought the past years!! I’m really keen to start my business ASAP!! You have been a great help!! Also, would love to read this book! 😁 cheers

  17. Wow, never thought about presenting my stuff in a circle like you did with the books.
    Fantastic video – made me actually follow you officially on youtube. Am a ready from the very early beginnings in 2008/2009,
    Looking forward to your upcoming videos (especially as you announced some changes for 2018).
    All the best and a merry christmas season to you and oyur family

  18. Ahhha I love that shot at 0:20 !
    Thanks for the book recommendation. I have never heard of it but it's now in my shopping cart 🙂

  19. Ahhha I love that shot at 0:20 !
    Thanks for the book recommendation. I have never heard of it but it's now in my shopping cart 🙂

  20. It's so hilarious! Love the shot at 0:20 🙂 Keep up the good work, Pat. Your podcast has always been a great company to me while I'm driving. Used to hate the jam, now I don't :p

  21. Amazing! I watched this (even without reading the book) and after using the 7 questions, landed a long-term freelancing client. Thanks a lot Pat: always inspirational. I can't wait to read that book when you send it to me 🙂

  22. Hey Pat, I "found" you a couple of months ago through Christie Wright's podcast and I am loving your podcasts, and now your videos. I am a parent, ICT contractor in schools, an entrepreneur and help run a pay it forward group on FaceBook. I do a lot of coaching wearing different hats, so your recommendation of this book including the review definitely makes me want to go out and buy a copy. Thank you for all that you do and hoping you have a wonderful holiday season with your family xx

  23. This was such a helpful video Pat! How did I not hear about this book sooner?! Once my podcast launches in January (thanks to your PUP program) I’m hoping to build a business coaching women who are redefining what it means to be middle-aged. So many of us are struggling with finding our passion now that the kids are grown, or dealing with issues such as rediscovering our relationship with our husbands, divorce, dating for the first time in decades, or helping our aging parents. We also have more opportunities than ever before to do things our mothers never dreamed of doing. I’m excited to be able to help women navigate the new terrain of mid-life and feel sure ‘The Coaching Habit’ will be invaluable in this work! Thanks so much Pat, for bringing it to my attention!!

  24. Pat – Great Video and thanks for sharing this book. A definite for 2018. Hoping the be able to bring my online business to the next level.

  25. I do financial wellness coaching. Would love to check out The Coaching Habit during the holidays. Thanks for the video, and the info!

  26. Thank you for sharing this book. I am a dietitian in Austin and have a group practice that I coach other RD's (registered dietitians) on how to be rock stars at helping their clients. I shared this video with them since it was some great questions that can be used when chatting with clients and helping them on a new path to a better relationship with food and health. Also, thank you for your podcast. I have been listening for awhile, and used to try to take notes while driving 80mph through the hill country of Texas. Lesson learned not to write and drive :)- there's a story there

  27. Thank you very much for sharing your best 2017 book. I am just starting my coaching business and would love to read this book !my goal is to be a facilitator of people chasing their business idea coaching them on the entrepreneur mindset and guide them thru their business plan. I believe Coaching is the art of questioning and those 7 questions are simple and impactful ! looking forward to get thru the whole book ! 🙂

  28. This book is now on my list, thanks so much for the recommendation.

    I can truly say that you're one of the few people I will follow blindly into a book recommendation. You've earned that by the sheer volume of information and help you give away.

    Business books have been a passion of mine for a while, and I'd love feedback from Pat or anyone else reading this on my list:

    Thanks and can't wait to read your recommendation (not putting the title here to not give away the video!)

  29. Hi Pat and SPI team! Love watching these videos 😀 What kind of coach am i? I am a doctor, wellness coach, online influencer, daughter, aunt, neighbor, ministry worker and friend. Wow, I show up in a lot of ways with people. Thanks for the review!

  30. Appreciate the video & book recommendation! My wife is a teacher and think she would benefit from and love the book (I'd like it too I bet. Hee Hee!) Appreciate you, Pat! Merry Christmas.

  31. Pat, I don't know how to tell you how much you've inspired me over the years. I probably spent more than 500 hours reading, watching and listening to you. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. PS: I was secretly hoping to bump into you when you came to London but unfortunately it never happened. =) Ah, and don't drop the microphone.

  32. I want to be a "coach" by leading and influencing other young adults my age. I eventually want to be a "coach" by being a mom too, but that's not going to be for a while xD I hope I win, this sounds like an awesome book! Love you're videos Pat 🙂

  33. I am excited to get this book! A friend just recommended your video on reading more books which led to this one. This will be one of my smart goals at work: To read one book a month starting with this one! And I love your videos!

  34. I am starting to manage a test for the first time in my life and this book seems to be really helpful. Thanks for the recommendation

  35. Thanks for the book recc, Pat! I just ordered this for my husband because yesterday he passed his Property Management state licensing test and I think a book on coaching and leading will help him in this new career. P.S. been a follower and fan of yours for the last 3 years and you've inspired me to take my local in-person young writers' workshop to the internet! I recommend you and your podcast to everyone who is even thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. Merry Christmas!!

  36. Love it! Your videos are absolutely awesome, informative and hilarious at the same time! Coll way to shoot the books in a circle 🙂

  37. There are not many people who knows how to make money online in India. Moreover, most of the key players are just into making money instead of helping others make money online. I am working towards providing effective and actionable ways to earn money

  38. Hey Pat, I really love your latest videos!!! Thanks also for the recommendation. Coaching is one of my big goals for 2018.

  39. This is the second video of Pat’s that I watched and I am loving it! Always straight to the point with some humor and most importantly it’s helpful and encouraging. Thanks Pat!

  40. Reading is an investment. I am grateful that your YouTube video on the "Best Business Book of 2017" was concise & to the point. I'm a high school teacher who is constantly trying new ways to positively connect with my students. Your style of delivery created a desire in me to know more. Exactly what I want from my students. Your video has convinced me that this method may very well be a "test" case for me come next semester.

    Also, I love this new platform that you are using for SPI. Your visual presence and delivery is refreshing and honest.

    Happy New Year!

  41. Pat, Great video and I am building my reading list for 2018. This is a great addition. You have motivated me to develop a reading list of 24 titles to be my goal for 2018 (2 a month!). Thanks for the motivation (again)

  42. Pat, I do not get to read or listen to as much of your content as I would like to do. But when I do dip in and see you recommend this excellent book, it reminds me why I want to make time to listen to you more. This is also my favourite business book of 2017. Having read it four or five times it is already well dogeared. How to coach well in just 10 minutes a day. This book should be compulsory basic training for any would-be coach. Happy Christmas to all the Flynns

  43. So glad I found your channel thanks to Amy's collaboration with you! I love reading about the things that interest me and can be helpful to me so that I can learn how to help others. I am studying to become a health and nutrition coach and like to encourage people to own their health through nutrition and a generally more holistic approach. Thanks for sharing. This will be on my must-read-books in 2018, list.

  44. It's funny how you mentioned in your next video that we should read books that are the most relevant to us now – and THIS book IS 🙂 I'm coaching entrepreneurs on increasing their energy and being more efficient 😉

  45. I believe this book will give me a ton of value in the future. Great video! Big Fan of SPI and I know you love audio Pat, the echo in this video is pretty noticeable. I like the buttery smooth tone form the podcast. Have someone dial in the audio with the mic set up.

    Overall great synopsis of the Key points. I look forward to serving you in 2018 too. Big things in 2018 for this Channel (thanks for SPI Podcast 296)

  46. Makes a good read for all leaders in the corporate world.. effectively every corporate leader is coaching. The catchy part of the video was the way the books were rounded up and video made and the ask..question.. ask..question..ask.. question. You have a way to keep people engaged all the way to the end Pat 🙂

  47. Pat. Merry Chrismas and many blessings to you and your family. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win a copy of this book.🎁🎄🎁

  48. So actionable couching is also humbling the coach as in learning by teaching. By asking 'How can I help' the couch is prevented from taking an action [advise] that may be a wrong one [>4:37]…thus coaches find out more where are or go…but 'you need to know where you are going before you may tell them where to go'… hmm… What degree of knowing is this about? The life changes thus knowing exactly where one goes is for hermits and paranoiacs, innit? well well ..So It is probably just a 3rd video I see of you Pat [after hours of listening in 2013] and so as a freshman I notice your might have a slight neck or posture problem since your head is left inclining.

  49. Thanks, Pat. I went to order the book, and DOH, I ordered in May of 2016 and never read it. Thanks to your video, I moved it to the top of the list. Thanks for your help and insights.

  50. Pat you're doing excellent work. You're a true inspiration. I'm doing a lot of the same stuff myself. Trying to do YouTube, entrepreneurship, and self development all at once. I'm glad to have found this channel!

  51. Stopped in the middle of the podcast and came here. Love the Garage dig lol. OK great info. Love the vid. Headed back to the podcast. 😎

  52. Not only do I love listening to your podcast for valuable encouragement and information… I love these videos! It's been fun watching your creative style morph over this past year 🙂 Oh, and yes… that book is going on my MUST READ list. 🙂 So thanks!

  53. I do marketing support (helping our sales team learn CRM, social media, SEO, etc.) for a mortgage lender. So coaching how we can leverage online platforms to schedule more appointments and ultimately more loans.

  54. I coach by running a Development Circle for my Spiritualist Church i.e. Training the next Psychic Mediums, Cheers for all you do buddy

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