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  1. If Bloomberg is willing to put up $500million, knowing that it's going to the guy who will tax the holy hell out of him, fine then. So long as that money comes with zero strings attached. And regarding private insurance: if your insurance offers Anything that Medicare for All doesn't offer, then Medicare for All has to be expanded to include that. If private insurance cannot offer anything that private insurance (even expensive health insurance) offers, then you don't have to take it away from anybody. They can just decide not to pay a private company for what they already get, simply for being a human being in America. As it should be.

  2. Difference between Bloomberg and Bernie is Bloomberg is a Rich Socialist Globalist and Bernie is a broke Radical Communist liar.

  3. CNN is so corrupt and morally bankrupt, its almost laughable how low quality its editorial line is. We know who yall work for, but DONT call yourself news

  4. They are going to try to fuck Bernie Sanders one way or the other, this is just warm up time. I don't know why he didn't answer more directly either, but if he accepted Bloomberg's money it would totally alienate his base and destroy his brand. How he's going to pull that off and survive is anyone's guess. Also it doesn't make sense for Bloomberg to donate to someone who is going to tax the hell out of people like him. So if he does actually donate a lot that will be a big red flag, especially if Bernie accepts it.

  5. We might not know what's going to happen on "Super" Tuesday, but we all know damned good and well Donald Trump will be re-elected in November.

  6. My dear, when you look in the mirror and see the beautiful rolls of sweaty fat on your luscious corpulent smelly body, remember to celebrate your warrior feminist courage, strength and independence! Embrace your authentic self by speaking truth to power as you rage against toxic masculinity and the oppression of the patriarchy!
    Shout obscenities! Drink more alcohol as an expression of independence and empowerment, and to gain more gorgeous greasy fat! Keep your mind in perpetual turmoil, to fuel your infinite anger and ridiculous outrage! Raise your glistening and jiggling fat arms, covered with hairy moles, in defiance; proudly exposing your un-shaved sweaty pits, as proof of your commitment to the sisterhood, while spitting profanities! With wild-eyed rage: scream, curse and projectile-vomit tired and deranged cliches to raise awareness of women's sexual subjugation! You've all become hilariously sad parodies.
    Fight! Fight! Fight and battle!
    Rage! Rage and outrage! This is war! Fight to the bitter end! It's the fight of our lives! Win the battle! Crush the micro-aggressions! We're fighting for justice! It's a battle for equality! Struggle to make the world a better place! Fight against nano-aggressions! Battle stigma now! Rage and outrage! Fight for women's rights! We must win this battle at all costs! Destroy the opposition! Destroy the patriarchy! Kindness, Always!

  7. Hey Bernie supporters , still think fake news isn’t in their democrat masters pockets ? 😎
    Welcome to the republican reality 😝

  8. All you Bernie bros won't be mad if he sells out to the appointed DNC candidate? We all know it's going to happen, just like it did in 2016, when Bernie "Breadline "Sanders, sold out to Hillary. Bernie will take the money under the table , just like he did from Hillary Clinton. How do you all think he paid for is 3rd Mansion on a Senate salary? They don't make more then 150k a year🤔 hmmmmm. It's never been about you, its always about Bernie. That's what socialism is, a selfish need to feel entitled to other people's money, not that you matter. You are all sheep and willfully stupid, Stalin would be proud.

  9. Hey Bernie here's the problem, the only thing that you and the other candidates have in common is that all of you want to defeat Donald Trump. Beyond that you people have no actual plan in place how to make the country better than what he's made it, none of you

  10. Fuck you CNN. You guys are TRASH. I clicked on this because based on the title I knew it would be more of the typical CNN bullshit. Low and behold, lies. Congratulations the click bait worked, but in this case this is a reckless thing to do imo

  11. Wow. CNN is on Bloomberg's payroll now too? I'm a conservative, I despise this fake "news" outlet. I cringe when I hear Bernie Sanders and his socialist views. However, it has never been more obvious that Bloomberg is using using his billions to bribe every last outlet he can. The left will apparently do anything to keep Sanders out. It is out of spite that I now support Sanders. CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, and all the other discredited political advocates have a surprise coming. In the same way their constant bashing of Trump backfired and ended up making Trump stronger, this charade will make Sanders stronger. I guess they never learn… SMH

  12. first of all, great job on the headline. Geez, desperate much. Whether Bloomberg buys the elections Or Not, the most important thing to consider is what Bloombergs' head space is like especially when he was mayor. The actions he carried out because hey, the man had to believe in them if he executed them right? Do you agree with his policies back then? If you don't, forget the guy.

  13. Trump's not dangerous, you are Bernie. NO to Socialism, loser!! Someone buy Bernie another house so he'll slink off into the sunset again.

  14. Been a politician for many many years. He will go along to get along because this dog and pony show has been good to Bernie. The one thing that no one mentions that is the most important. THE DEFICIT. You can not run trillions upon trillions in deficits year after year and call yourself honest and for the people. If it's not all bullshit. How come I can't live that way? Why! Am I held to a higher standard? Answer:Keep your head down mouth shut and walk on those egg shells. US citizen= debt slave.

  15. Bernie only answered half his questions directly in this town hall. I was very upset on the very first question, this one, he never gave an answer….and when Anderson pressed him he WENT QUIET. Like what the hell is Bernie thinking. Just say yes or just say no….he can easily defend either option. But saying nothing is the only wrong answer here.

  16. God accept the fact that you're too old Bernie everytime I look at you the first thing that popped in my head is the grim reaper your socialist ass has no chance of winning the national election go back to Vermont enjoy what little time you have left you already had a heart attack proves it go find a tree and get some maple syrup and some Ben & Jerry ice cream and enjoy what little little time you got left old man oh yeah one more thing TRUMP 2020 can I get a hell yeah!!😂🇺🇸

  17. This idiot say Trump is dangerous, hahaha YEP, he dangerous to unemployment. I've went from 30k to 75k in employment wages in the last 3 years in Texas and I don't want to go back to that failed policy of regulating businesses out of business.

  18. I love how the ask him a stupid controversial question and then keeps on to put it in their title to discredit him more. Like children who are butthurt about Someone and start spreading rumors about him.

  19. Trump will have those corrupt Dems FOR lunch when debating against those bunches of corrupt Dems losers. Those corrupt Dems looked lost even on the Dems debate stage. They have NO chances against Trump – the best President of mankind. Thanks God for Trump rescued us Americans from the worst and corrupt administration obama

  20. I used to be very sympathetic to your Network when tRump started attacking with the fake news. After years of your corporate establishment crap, I do believe you are fake news. Not on the account of trump's attacks, but by your own behavior.

  21. You've reached a new low CNN. You'll do anything to discredit Sanders. He said he doesn't think they're going to need Bloomberg's help. That they're going to continue to get small dollar donations. Out of everything Bernie said in this interview…THIS is how you title your video? F*** off.

  22. All I see are double standards from viewers,they lap up and believe everything CNN says and interprets about TRUMP but gets agitated when they interpret about Bernie….

  23. Democrats founded the KKK, opposed freeing slaves, and didn’t want women or minorities to vote. The Democratic Party is inherently racist. The Republican Party was founded as the anti slavery party, they freed the slaves, elected the first black congressman, and gave minorities the right to vote. The Whig party is still going strong. Don’t vote for the crooked DNC, Bernie will be outed just like 2016 for a racist deep state controlled candidate.

  24. Why remove Trump. He has done more for America than the last 5 presidents put together. These fools who are clapping only show their ignorance in not understanding what an evil socialism is. Wake up Dummies.

  25. Crime rate didn’t go down. People just stopped getting caught that’s why “crime rate went down.” because no one got caught anymore you dumb ass!!!



  28. He should've just straight up said no to the question about accepting Bloomberg's blood money but at the same time he knows Trump needs to be removed no matter what and doesn't want to say he won't compromise to defeat him.

  29. the biggest problem with Bernie is that he is not exactly witty.
    a billionaire want to chip in for universal health care? for poor and sick people? hell yes. its over due, pay up Bloomberg!

  30. Democrats only have two worthy candidates. Mr Sanders and Mr Bloomberg. They have a chance to bring back the WORKING lower middle class .However they may have to accept Deplorables. Unlike Hillary.

  31. Did you know in this country it considered illegal to sell or manufacture a product that is misleading or a flat out lie

    If any of you folks are interested, CNN is owned by warner media which can be contacted anytime, also have buildings in los angeles, i dare or encourage somebody to sue warner

    To Quote Zappa: Alright, lemme tell ya somethin, I'll prove to you that I'm bad enough to go to Hell. Because I have been through it! I have seen it! Remember, I WAS SIGNED WITH WARNER BROTHERS FOR EIGHT FUCKIN' YEARS!!!

  32. I will never click on another CNN video again – this headline is just more of the same from them. Completely misleading. SHAME CNN.

  33. Block CNN's garbage.

    n Google Chrome:

    Go to Preferences > (Settings)
    Click on Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page
    Go to Privacy > Content Settings
    Go to Plugins > Manage Exceptions
    Create a New Exception: [*.]
    Make the behavior = “Block”
    Click “Done” twice to close the windows, then close the tab and relaunch Chrome.

    You will now have to Control-Click videos to play them on CNN, but you also will not get blasted with advertising when you least expect it.

    In Firefox:

    Go to Menu > Addons > Plugins > Shockwave Flash
    Set it to Ask to Activate.  This disables Flash player by default and you must click to activate when you want video to play.

    You can also install NoScript in Firefox to take control of your privacy and security

    In Safari:

    Go to Preferences > Advanced
    Click  Stop plug-ins to save power
    In the Security tab, make sure Allow Plug-ins is checked
    Click Website Settings
    In the left column, find the media type you want to stop from auto-playing
    (Most non-Flash videos will be QuickTime)
    For both Adobe Flash and QuickTime set “When visiting other websites” to Ask (to click to start) or Block to permanently disable video from that source.
    Click Done

  34. None of these candidates would turn down money in exchange for their principles. Bernie and Warren have both gotten wealthy while holding public office.

  35. Bernie did not say he would not rule it out. He said he may not need it. i think he is right to leave his options open for the end of his fight against trump… if bloomberg wants to help at the end why not let his money do something useful …for once.

  36. Bernie will take anyone’s money – look at the scam deal his wife has bilking money out of his campaigns for years to benefit them both

  37. Simple take his money dont give him shit in return it is a donation not supposed to have strings attached or else it wouldnt be a donation also money shouldnt matter in president elections but hey welcome to corporate America

  38. insulting to suggest Americans can be bought. raise your game Bernie. do not get dragged down by these historical questions. Why would you bother to talk about stop and frisk. RAISE YOUR GAME as potential President.

  39. Bloomberg is a clever guy. he is a philanthropist. he has earnt his wealth. no apology. lets just beat small hands T with all possible resources.

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