Bernie Sanders Is Looking Indestructible: Financial Times | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Bernie Sanders Is Looking Indestructible: Financial Times | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. How nice of Luce to emphasize that Sanders is 78 and has two stents after a heart attack. Why not mention that he is running the reporters following him ragged?


  3. I really love Bernie and I truly hope people are smart enough to vote for him, especially those in the electoral college.

  4. This is your time Bernie, use this smear campaign drummed up by CNN to show everyone in the country just how honest and genuine you are. We all know you couldn't be farther from sexist and CNN has given you the opportunity to prove it to the world. Bernie 2020!

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  6. This isn't the first time Warren has taken this tack when a challenger becomes a real threat to her nomination. I find that it feels way too much like the behavior of the current WH occupant and it triggers a reaction of repulsion in me.

  7. Lost respect for Warren, suddenly claiming Bernie said this back in 2018. Why suddenly bring it up? It's obviously her last desperate attempt to try to gain progressive supporters. It will backfire enormously. Bernie's been a champion for women's rights for decades, on the actual picket lines. Warren has not. Can't believe she went there. So disappointed.

  8. a field organizer for the bernie campaign this morning was caught on tape revealing opponents should be shot and sent to gulags

  9. Republicans Democrats a bunch of sell out of big corporations dont be fooled by what they try to say about Bernie give him a chance trump proved to be a big liar biden sell out to china

  10. Wasn't it Thomas Jefferson who also said…

    "A government big enough to give you everything

    you want is big enough to take away everything you have."?

  11. Arguing with a Socialist Democrat is Akin to Arguing with a "Flat Earth'er" So I break it down in terms he/she might hear. "Give a person a Fish you only feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and how to make a pole, that person will feed there family for life." Socialism is akin to giving a handout, a Fish. Capitalism instills dignity in a persons gate and is akin to the Pole and it's usage

  12. As this poll showed up, the NYT published several negative opinion pieces and some obviously biased reporting — MSM is noticing Bernie and they’re scared

  13. Arguing with a Socialist Democrat is Akin to Arguing with a "Flat Earth'er" So I break it down in terms he/she might hear. "Give a person a Fish you only feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and how to make a pole, that person will feed there family for life." Socialism is akin to giving a handout, a Fish. Capitalism instills dignity in a persons gate and is akin to the Pole and it's usage

  14. 👌Bernie is Self destructible by his leftist embracing of socialism that he wants to forcefully impose on this country. 👌.

  15. Vote.

    Do not pay attention to any of this if we don’t show up it means nothing.

    Vote ffs drag everyone you know that is eligible with you.

  16. Bernie vs Trump on the debate stage will be like a prime Mike Tyson fighting Pee Wee Herman. Can't wait to watch him pummel the 💩 out of him

  17. Although it's true Bernie had a heart attack, it doesn't mean that his heart is weak. As they put stints in, we have to conclude that it was an attack brought on by decreased blood flow to the heart and not caused as a result of a weakened heart or an accumulation of fatty tissue around the heart. I know this because I had exactly the same thing 5 years ago. I felt great the minute the blockage was cleared and, except for the entry point on my thigh, I could have got up and walked around immediately. ( They insert the stint through the vein running down your leg and, if not given time to heal, it could break open and a person could bleed to death pretty quickly.) So you go Bernie, I'm hoping for you make the run and lead us back to sanity.

  18. If you donated to Bernie you just helped pay his staffer, who wants to see Americans in gulags, and shot, and is also calling for riots if bernie does not win.

  19. Go Senator Bernie Sanders. Make Universal Healthcare a Reality for all Americans. Every other industrialized country in the world has some form of Universal Healthcare. Even RUSSIA HAS Universal Healthcare!

  20. Shame on you billionaires! Your work ethic means nothing in OUR world…Shame on innovation, drive and American creativity

  21. So "anonymous sources" are being used again to smear anyone the establishment and their mainstream media propagandists don't like? Just like 2016. This really isn't about party or ideology; it's about stopping grassroots movements, nationalism, the will of the people, and the mainstream media's loss of credibility and control over the narrative.

  22. about time you started paying attention, I love you guys but the more I watch the more I get the feeling y'all are scripted and afraid of Bernie .I'll bet you'll cover the troll who is trying to divide Sanders/Warren 2020 more than you'll ask them on the show together and talk about us working class Americans ( ps loved the wedding pics and the man who blessed the ceremony. Now get on board … we need a President like Bernie and Warren standing side by side as his VP

  23. So shouldn't the Main Stream Media say that Trump administration is using Collusion with America First Americans ??? Is Trump doing Quid Pro Quo with America 
    First Americans by giving us 13 Million JOBS in less then 3 Years so we VOTE for Trump in 2020 ??? How much Money does the Millionaire Bernie Sanders want out
    of my check ? Why can't Millionaire Bernie Sanders donate 2 of his 3 Homes to the Homeless ??? Just putting the Question's here for others to answer with an Open
    Mind. Why now is Australia Burning … Is that also Trump Collusion with the Fire ?

  24. Man is 78 and just had a heart attack and you trust him to be President…of the United States….of America. Smh well I hope he chooses a good running mate.

  25. What MSNBC hyping up Bernie Sanders? No wonder Elizabeth Warren is going there with dirty politics. That's something you wouldn't forget after having dinner with Bernie, so why's she now acting like Trump and drumming up dirt on her rival? It's not like she hasn't used race or gender to her advantage before, she's no dummy when it comes to that. smh

  26. Im Bernie till I die. Organize farmers, immigrants, trans folks, black folks, women, link them all and what do you got?


  27. what? I thought I was watching an independent news channel — MSNBC giving positive press to Bernie Sanders is shocking! finally decided to be fair and honest? or did they book the wrong guest

  28. Bernie is indestructible.
    Bernie is unstoppable.
    Bernie is unavoidable.
    Bernie is indissoluble.
    Bernie is a juggernought.
    Bernie is nonperishable.
    Bernie is a cyborg.
    Bernie is unsinkable.
    Bernie is a paladin.
    Bernie strikes horror on mammon's fiends.
    Bernie has been chosen by God.
    Bernie protec…
    Bernie attac…
    but most importantly…
    Bernie has your bac…


  30. U guys should check out the Bernie exposed vid if u like him so much he’s organizer praised gulags and to brainwash the conservatives youth

  31. I don't understand the obsession about stents. bernie is in good health. the end. we don't expect him to be riding a horse into battle. as long as his mind is sharp, that's really all I care about.

  32. LOL, I love how many times he mentioned Bernie's stints as a way of subtly implying Bernie isn't as "indestructible" as he claims Sanders to be.

    I'd put Sanders' health over Biden or Trumps any day. He has been keeping up a much more rigorous campaign schedule then Biden and still manages to be clear and concise in his messaging. And I wont even go into Trump's obvious poor health.

    Mainstream media truly is pathetic LOL

  33. The one who is saying, that; — "Bernie Sanders is looking indestructible", needs new pair of glasses! He must be judging Bernie by his agitated loud speeches, but not by his looks. To me, the almost 80 years old Sanders, looks very much like 80 years old, and after his recent heart attack, almost ready for a wheelchair. Bernie looks to me, the least suitable man to take the reins of the Superpower, and start dealing with our many extremely serious political problems our military conflicts, our unending wars in the Middle East, unstoppable rise of China and Russia, not to mention multiple domestic problem of crumbling infrastructure, extremely high and continually growing national debt, which we will NEVER be able to pay off, etc, etc….

  34. Can you imagine the whining by the Trump supporters if Bernie actually wins? I won't hold my breath, but man, I am rooting for you Bernie!

  35. I really don't know who to vote for. Once Bernie Sanders tells us how many days a year he is planning to play golf once he gets elected than only than l will vote for him.

  36. Elizabeth Warren Blames Bernie For Factionalism After Previously Saying Hillary And DNC Rigged The Democratic Primary In 2016

  37. They always have to mention his heart attack at the beginning and end of the video. Psychology 101, most people only remember those portions of a given message.

  38. I wish Cenk Ugur ran for my district. Progressive on the move Bernie 2020. Debate christy did not show up at, an insult to district 25 voters. Secular talk The Humanist Report Progressive Voice ( great progressive analysis ) Rolling Stone The Hill CBSN KHTSI wish Cenk Ugur ran for my district.

  39. Pelosi timed the Impeachment proceedings in the Senate to draw Bernie and Liz away from the Iowa Caucus. Biden is their puppet and the Illuminati can maintain control over him. Bernie is a loose canon like Trump.

  40. Project Veritas released a video of a Sanders campaign employee saying sexist things and threatening violence in the streets. Bernie is expected to suspend civil rights and send people to re-education camps just like every other communist dictatorship. Bernie's anti-civil rights positions are on his campaign website. He is just another white insider politician that hate human rights and The Bill of Rights. I wonder what he will do with all the automobiles he confiscates under the Green New Deal.

  41. We are going to make history, we being the family that is Bernie Sanders and those of us who support him.
    You needn't look at Bernie to realize this. You need only to look at his opponents. Biden is nearly as bad a candidate as Hillary was. Warren is terminally unelectable against Trump, and her current act of desperation against Bernie (claiming that Bernie is sexist) is as sad as it is angering. Bernie is going to be the dem nominee, and when he gets on stage to debate Trump, we will witness the most one-sided dismantling of a presidential candidate by another presidential candidate in American political history.
    Let's do this. Let's destroy Trump and his supporters, and send the republican party into the dustbin of history.

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