Benefits of Building Business Credit!

Benefits of Building Business Credit!

Hey Guys,
Diego Rodriguez here and we finished-up this rehab and I guys I keep telling you,
Business Credit. There’s so many things you can do once you have money right. A lot of times the thing that’s holding us back is lack of money right. So especially if you’re
an entrepreneur and you’ve got your own business or even if you don’t have a
business yet, but you got a lot of ideas that you want to accomplish… I’m telling
you if you don’t come from money Credit is your golden goose right! So business
credit is what’s gonna give you enough leverage to accomplish anything you want. So in my situation what I do is Real Estate right. So I use my Business
Credit to handle all those expenses whether it be to purchase you know
closing cost, rehab cost, materials, dealing with contractors. All that, right!
So at the end of the day you know they say a lot of Gurus trying to tell ya you
could buy real estate with other people’s money. Yes, that’s true you can,
but you always got those little expenses or cost in order to purchase and rehab
real estate. So what I do is I use other people’s money, or business credit, right.
You know whatever kind of business you have it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is
that you want to do or accomplish guys it does not matter, right! All you need is
a plan, and if you don’t have money then I’m telling you guys take advantage of
our BCB 30 Day Challenge where I’m walking through step by step, from the beginning
of establishing your business, all the way through to applying and getting you
over to $100,000 dollars in Business Credit! Guys, sky’s the limit!
Anything you want to accomplish is possible once you know you’ve got that,
that “War Chest” is what I like to call it, right! Once you know you’ve got that
nothing can stop you, right! It’s always, it’s a mental thing right. Once you know
the steps you have to take then all it is is just implementing the steps. And
day by day, you accomplish little steps and you move forward. Alright, so that
being said guys, this is Diego Rodriguez this is another one in the books. Take a look.
I keep taking shots of the kitchen because at the end of the day guys, once
we sell a property, it’s always gonna be most likely to a family right. And who’s
the one that makes the decisions in the home right? It’s the wife! So always want
to make sure, Industry Tip: Make that kitchen look good right! So guys this
Diego Rodriguez signing off and at the end of the day…
Trust your Gut, Follow your Heart, Bet on Yourself and Double Down!! Peace and we’ll see you on the next one. Guys take advantage of the BCB 30-Day Challenge… It’s on sale
right now!!

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