Belfie Queens Get Down To Business

Belfie Queens Get Down To Business

COMM: Twins Dana and Nadia Bruna have made a successful business out of their bottoms. COMM: The 30 year old sisters from Argentina take belfies, or bum selfies, which they sell
on a pay-to-view smartphone app. COMM: Their combined Instagram following of 1.1 million has led to lucrative sponsorship deals and it all adds up to fund their lavish Miami
lifestyle. COMM: Dana and Nadia have invested a lot of time and effort in their looks. OMAR GRACIA: They like to train hard, you know. So, that’s why they look like that. They are Instagram sensation right now, so they have to kill it by that. COMM: And their behinds aren’t the only assets they have enhanced. COMM: Rather than fearing objectification from men, the girls embrace it. MAN: You know they are like stallions, the ass, the ass is crazy. I like the ass. MAN 2: They are awesome. They have beautiful body, beautiful face, beautiful everything.
Okay, I love it. COMM: But not all of the attention
they receive is positive. COMM: Now the twins are looking to capitalise on their success.

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  1. Sad to think really. They can earn more than 10,000 a week when most of us slave away and work way to hard…

    Ik I'm going to get hate, but it is true!!! We work hard to hope for a good future and they just take photos or videos and get tones of money. There may be more they do but why can't we earn this money. We deserve it too.

  2. Just stop.this is so stupid one,I think they are ugly anyways,and two,your basically saying that other people who spend years trying to look half of the way they look don't look pretty.

  3. I thought their faces were prettier before. Way more natural-looking. It's a shame because now they look like they were created in a lab…

  4. Its their life! Let them do what they want. Most people only hate because their jealous. Still doesn't give them a right??

  5. Them men don't really want them girls all they want is their a** so I don't want those girls to fall under those men tricks

  6. It's funny how people judge these women who are making an honest living, but with their bodies; however, no one says anything about wealthy businessmen who launder dirty money to the tune of millions. They also don't get mad at people like Betsey DeVos, who profits off of student loan debt to the tune of MILLIONS. All while taking away protections for borrowers who were victims of for-profit colleges and other fraud. These women are okay. They are not hurting anyone. It's not my cup of tea to have that many enhancements, but these gals are not hurting anyone. It's no different than other models going down the catwalk.

  7. They'd look good without the fake tan, smaller legs, and less abs. Call me crazy but I find abs on females very unattractive. It looks masculine

  8. You guys are dum because you are maybe taking away family from other people only because you guys are cute and maybe dads left their family for these kind of people oh and you guys are not cute ??

  9. I don't understand why Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin began trying to attack random white girls and women as Jewish billionaires trying to force jewish wigs on them to try to enslave others

  10. If it takes all that to look good… wouldn’t one feel bad about themselves? Amazing a goal is to look good in pictures rather than face to face. Face to face connection has turned into face to screen to face connection.

  11. Lol who told them they look 25? They look 45. I'm glad they're making money but I doubt they're making 10k from the app alone

  12. Yes,, soak it up while you can. I love how they're down to earth and honest about it all, they are definitely not living in the clouds like most of these over plastic people

  13. I thought these parts are meant to be covered. Why most of Latinas and American act so vulgar. No decency.these vulgarity promote sex trafficking, molestation, sexual assault towards other women. Men watch these and abuse other women. Men giving compliments are seeing them as objects. All these makes aging a sin. Gosh!!.. Bad influences. Sorry gals!… Promote natural beauty and don't change to find rich guy

  14. they looked the best at 1:58 – before they had all the work done. Its such a shame that they put themselves and their bodies through all of that unnecessary trauma 🙁

  15. "Inappropriate for some users"? Ever seen a pride parade in daylight? This is tamer than any bikini barista stand.

  16. I don’t think they look good and I’m not saying it to be mean it’s just my personal opinion.

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