Behind the Bottle of Agricola Calafata

Behind the Bottle of Agricola Calafata

Agricola Calafata is a humble farm in northern Tuscany that is commited to redeeming both land and lives. We are two of Calafata managers We started this project in 2011 It’s a social and agricultural project. We decided to call our farm Calafata because in the past the boat was built with wood the Calafata man would repair the hull of this boat to regive the possibility to take again the sea. It’s a little bit the same work It’s hard work It’s dirty work but you can give a new life. For people, for land and in the past for the boats. Calafata uses biodynamic farming practices to repair land that was left broken from decades of monocultures and chemicals. As the Italian landscape is reclaimed and renewed so too are the lives of whom they employ. A primary goal of the farm is to rehabilitate those who have fallen on hard times. Because we are such a family we work with disadvantaged people with mental problems, drugs problems. Calafata is oppurtunity for people. It’s another way. That people can be, work with us, and rebuild they life. From partnering with local schools to educate students on sustainable farming practices, to local prisons helping with the reformation process Calafata has become a postive force for the people in the Tuscan region. They believe the best way to heal and to grow is by being in harmony with nature. Their wine embodies this truism. We work in the natural way, no? Yes, the natural agriculture without chemicals. Respect the soil, respect the plant, the grape also the wine. Drink the natural wine, you feel the terroir. You feel this ground and this grape. We are so happy to to work with Dry Farm Wines Because I think that the That Dry Farm can give to American people the right message The right natural message that we want to give you. Calafata has understood the need for community at both the local and national level. There is a humility to how things are run by everyone at the farm An energy that respects the ground they occupy and raises it to it’s fullest potential. They’re in a place to use their voice for the community and for the Earth they have promised to protect and redeem.

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring story. I am proud to encourage Dry Farm Wines by purchasing these wines, made by people who share the same core values than I share even though I don’t grow grapes and makes wine. We make « maple syrup » here in our region but we have the same respect for our land and Forest where our beautiful Maple trees are growing and from where we collect their Sap to produce a product that people love because it’s coming from a family that respect Nature in the first place. I feel connected with you… Blessing … Namaste.

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