Marriage expert John Gottman can sit with newly engaged couples for 15 minutes or less and predict with 94% success the likelihood of whether that couple will be happily married or miserable and divorced. What is his secret? How does he do it? He says the key to relationship success does not lie in candlelight dinners. It is not found in trips to Paris or horse and carriage rides under moonlit skies. It is not found in getting your partner a different gift every other week. And it is not found during long walks on the beach. Gottman says the most important factor for a happy marriage is: attention. Small moments of positive attention. When I heard this I thought about my mom. See when I was 6 she told me that it was the little things that make the big difference. And as I look back on my parents failed marriage, I see that it was those little things that eventually became non-existent. And if you’re watching this now then I know it sounds reminiscent cause it is all too common today on this planet that we take each other for granted. We don’t know what we have until it’s gone. We lose touch with those who mean so much by neglecting the things that are so small. Now look if you want a book a limousine with a mariachi band inside to take your sweetheart on a helicopter ride, that’s fine but I have to mention none of that compares to giving your consistent undivided time and attention. Because lasting love, as Gottman said, is all about the small stuff. It’s about looking to your partner and telling them, “I love the way your hair looks in the morning.” It’s about sending a random “I miss you” text to tell them that they’re in your heart and on your mind. It’s about when they call you during the day, does your voice light up like a dream come true? Or does your tone sound like you’ve got better more important things to do? It’s about choosing praise over blame. It’s about holding the hand when you know they are afraid and you might be too but you say, “I’m here It’s gonna be okay.” It’s about pressing pause on your favorite show so they can tell you about their day. It’s about making up funny nicknames. It’s about complementing a new hairstyle. It’s about notice in the funny way their lips curl up when they smile. It’s about the simple things like remembering that no matter how hard it gets or how much you argue you’re on the same team. It’s about the simple bliss of watching a movie cuddled up in the bed. It’s the gentle kiss right on the forehead. It’s about the eye contact at the breakfast table. Where due to the light hitting them at a certain angle, you notice a different shade or texture of their eyes. It’s about those tight hugs from behind. It’s about choosing to be kind instead of right all the time. It’s the small gestures to show them, they are truly treasured. It’s not about the fancy dress up dance clubs because slow dancing in the kitchen wearing sweatpants is way better. It’s about being weirdos together. It ain’t always about making the heart melt. It’s about getting them a glass of water when you get one for yourself. And yes I realize that with so many extravagant celebrity weddings for some people this may sound like trash but if your partner doesn’t feel seen, appreciated or listened to without fear of judgement, then what kind of partnership do you have? It is said that three billion people in the world will go to bed hungry tonight and there are 4 billion who will go to bed hungry for a single word of love and appreciation. If you have a malnourished partner, loved one or friend then please listen. I want you to feed them small acts of love and attention and now is a good time to start. Because it truly is the small moments of our lives that take up the biggest part of our hearts.

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  1. I'm literally crying watching this video. And I don't know why. We are engaged already and getting married next year. We just love each other so much and can't wait to live together ❤️

  2. I’m engaged to the love of my life.. having a winter wedding in a couple months. I never saw myself getting married. I never saw myself having kids. Since I’ve met him it’s all changed. I’ve never been with a man who truly respects me and cares for me as much as he does. I was physically and mentally abused in my last 2 relationships… It doesn’t seem real sometimes, but I finally found a man who treats me the way I deserved to be treated all along. I won’t ever let him go and I’m truly thankful. I hope everyone finds that someone who treats them amazing as well.

  3. I think its very difficult to find a partner in your twenties. You need to have lived a little and have some life experience.

  4. We slow dance on the dock in the dark of night to music that reminded us of each other, give each other kisses on forehead just because, text each other ‘I miss you’ when we are only steps away from each other.

    Being in a long distance relationship is hard but every moment I’ve spent with my fiancé is every moment that I cherish and watching this video made me realize that in so many more ways! Absolutely love this video💞

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  6. Tamara's comment is a cry for attention- super annoying and probably the reason she doesn't have a boyfriend

    edit: I bet she posted that comment and actually does have a boyfriend

    … sorority sorrow so annoying

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  10. I love how he started to list all the things it's about and how my boyfriend and i, we got all those things between us. Warmes my heart 💓

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  12. I have a would you rather for you guys: would you rather be poor but kind and happy or rich but rude and unhappy? Now heres another one: would you rather be happy and be hated for being real or be broken on the inside and be loved for something your not?

    Answer in the comments

  13. It's about penetration, it's about anal, it's about orgy, it's about bolwjob, it's about sucking, it's about humping, it's about groping, it's about pressing 😌

  14. Tell me why my teacher explained love connection to us and he wrote on the board "ATTENTION AND CONNECTION(POSITIVE)" he said that this is the number one thing that you should give to someone in a relationship. Because our brains are wired to want things like this. It makes us feel loved.

  15. Thank you for the reminder of how real marriage works. “No matter how much we argue we’re always on the same team”.

  16. Do not get married.
    This all is reel life.
    Real one sucks ending up in altercations, extramarital affairs, cheating and divorce thereby losing your money.

    Go mgtow

  17. Marriage benefits women. That's why women are so happy when a man proposes. She has him. At any moment after that, she can take his kids, house, emotional health and livelihood.
    Men. Don't be a fuck up. Don't get married.

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  20. I thought this was gonna be a warning and a quick talk about financial planning/expectations being sorted beforehand. But this is all about the fantasy and I pretend to respect that.

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