Beauty Business News September 2019 – KyliexBalmain – Shane Dawson Series – Benefit Cosmetics Trip

Beauty Business News September 2019 – KyliexBalmain – Shane Dawson Series – Benefit Cosmetics Trip

hello I’m Stephanie Itzel welcome back to
my channel in this video you will find out the late news of September 2019 so
let’s dive right in so this is the late September beauty news of 2019 so for the
first story I’m actually gonna cover on how Kylie actually collaborated with
Balmain Balmain I hope I’m saying that right anyways she was actually supposed
to be there on Friday this past Friday she was actually gonna
serve as artistic director for the fashion Shand she couldn’t make it
because she was actually hospitalized for something going on some sort of
sickness that she had so she actually wrote to her fans this past week and she
said the following hi guys so as you know I was getting ready to go to the
Paris for the Ballman show at Paris Fashion Week for the launch of my makeup
collab with Oliver unfortunately I’m really sick and unable to travel I’m
heartbroken to be missing this show but I know that my amazing team my friends
who are in town for the event will help me be there in spirit creating this
collection with Oliver husband a dream of course this collection isn’t just for
the runway I created this so that you could have a piece of this
once-in-a-lifetime event I’m so proud of this collection and of Oliver and our
friendship vision and creativity really comes across in the products we created
for you guys make sure you guys watch the show with me on Friday it’s going to
be an epic event and I can’t wait I love you all of our congratulations and I’m
sending you all my love the collaboration includes the Ballman
eye palette the Paris lip kit and model behavior lip gloss for more information
on Kylie cosmetics please go to Kylie cosmetics comm so Shane Dawson is
actually releasing a docu-series earlier he released a preview on the docu-series
named the beautiful world of Jeffrey star which documents a side of the
beauty industry through Jeffrey stars life and some of
the YouTube Beauty drama that occurred earlier this year and over the summer
the beautiful world of jeffree star premieres on October 1st on Shane
Dawson’s channel on YouTube so if you want more information about this
docu-series please go to Shane Dawson you tube so
earlier this week Benefit Cosmetics had a influencer trip to Tokyo Japan it
looked amazing some of the influencers that were there included desi Perkins
Chloe Morello Patrick Starr Sophie shab and others the trip included
their new AI product launch which was the new benefit brow styler and eyebrow
pencil and power duo if you want more information about this new product
launch please go to Benefit Cosmetics com back in July
American Eagle announced that they were actually going to launch a beauty
business before the holiday season they currently sell cosmetic bags concealers
eyeshadow palettes from other brands on their website but earlier in July
they’re actually announced they were going to start selling CBD lotions
muscle balms and aromatherapy products products will be available in October
the company did not say whether or not they were the business will be
internally developed or if it’s considering acquiring from another brand
so they’re not sure if they’re gonna collab with someone or just make the
branch from scratch but they are gonna have some sort of beauty line in their
stores so for more information about this you can go to American Eagle calm
lush open its first naked shop packaging store in Hong Kong China the store is
located on Hong Kong’s cause way Bay the store offers packaging free alternatives
to all sorts of cosmetic skincare products shampoo and soaps you can now
shop at lush naked shops all over the world and Milan Italy Berlin Germany and
Manchester England and of course Hong Kong China so the
u.s. is considering maybe banning and animal testing for cosmetics Oh u.s.
cotton crest is considering a total ban on animal for cosmetics according to a
report published by chemical watch the safe cosmetics and personal products Act
of 2019 purports to ban the practice across the country as well as assure
stricter labeling requirements for cosmetics and personal care products for
more information on this topic please go to global cosmetics

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