Be Better in Business – News & Information

Be Better in Business – News & Information

– When was the last time
you read a newspaper? Seriously, when was the
last time you read a printed newspaper at your
kitchen table, your desk, or maybe mastered a folding
technique so that you could read it easily on a train, bus, or plane? I can almost hear the comments. I get my news from CNN,
Fox, Twitter, Morning Brew, or Facebook. I can hear some of you wondering
out loud why is he even asking about newspapers? They lost their place in
the world due to technology. In your opinion newspapers are dead. But they’re not dead. In fact they’re still being
produced by great companies like the Wall Street
Journal, New York Times, Economist, Financial Times. Some provide outstanding
versions for your iPads or your computer. If you’re gonna be successful in business it’s critical that you widen
your scope of knowledge in order to broaden your outlook. Current events, science, sports, business, the economy, world affairs. Even politics. It’s critical that you
constantly learn about local, regional, national, and
the international community. The more you intentionally
improve your general knowledge the easier it will be for
you to relate to other people’s views and understand
their perspectives. And when you understand
other people’s perspectives even if it differs from yours
you can and will connect with them in a more meaningful way. Reading newspapers helps you
form and develop opinions. It’s known to sharpen
your thinking skills. Best of all reading
enhances your vocabulary and improves your language skills. In short reading a
newspaper is good for you. But don’t believe just me. Bill Gates reads at least
three newspapers every morning cover to cover including the
Economist, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Warren Buffet reads at least six national and local newspapers each
morning including the Journal, Financial Times, USA Today,
and Omaha World Herald. Howard Schultz enjoys a good
cup of coffee at five a.m. while he reads the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the Seattle Times. Richard Branson also gets up
at five a.m. to get a head start on his reading. I find that period of quiet
before most of the world logs on to be a great time
to catch up on the news. Kevin O’Leary is an early riser
who spends at least an hour reading the most recent business news and once said knowledge is power. It’s important to have a 360
view of the financial climate all over the world. Even Scott Adams, the guy
who created the Dilbert comic gets up at five a.m., eats a protein bar, and reads Business Insider
and other political news for inspiration and to prime
his brain for creativity. No matter if the news is
exciting, tragic, interesting, trivial, even troubling,
it’s likely to be the topic of conversation between
your friends, your family, your colleagues, and even
clients during the coming days. So read a newspaper. I suggest carving out a 20
minute time slot each morning to read up on what’s happening around you. Don’t just jump into emails. Arm yourself with information,
ideas, and perspectives. It’ll help you be better in business. If you’re enjoying these
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