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  1. Why does this sound so unbelievable when there are less savory individuals fighting for our children's attention with the promise of riches, only to have them ensnared in something more sinister? If they can vie for our childrens' attention or our loved ones' attention, why can't a man of God do the same? Because it doesn't match what tradition teaches us? Look in Mark 7 to see what God thinks of tradition and how it undermines His message! Jesus won't return for His church until every single person has had an opportunity to hear about His gift of eternal life…once they hear it, it's between them and God whether or not they choose life. But BAF is meeting a need…and if all they get out of their investment is the 500 new souls he mentioned, then their efforts were successful, because God would have still done it all for ONE MAN…because of His great love.

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