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  1. Just went through the first 6 lessons. The fifth lesson can save you so much time. I wish I knew that trick a long time ago!!!!!

  2. Clarification when you have time(possible?), Mr. Girvin. From above vid & your spreadsheet. I created a 2 data table to show  Total revenue based on Q (column) B22 & R (Row) B8 . With the Total Revenue as Solver (B33). Q went from 1000 – 7000 units & R  from $16.50 to $20.50.  Using the 2000 units, the Revenue solver was $32,340 (upper left cell of the 2 data table) which is correct using R = $16.50 * Q of 2000 & a 2% defect rate. My 2 data table gave that intersection a $71,540 Total revenue, not the correct amount of $32,340. Obviously, I'm not thinking clearly and know it's a loop issue? not sure… thanks…

  3. Same prob solving for total profit with the 2 data table variables of Q (production) & Differing R amonts. I'm using your excel sheet, changing the solver cell, the row inputs (revenue amounts) & solving. The profit based on those 2 simple variables isn't giving the correct amount. I"m  going nuts. ha ha ha.

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