Basic Excel Business Analytics #03: Goal Seek For What-If Analysis

Basic Excel Business Analytics #03: Goal Seek For What-If Analysis

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  1. I'm looking forward to the Data Tables video. Those make no sense to me.
    I've seen those just once in my life and I could never find where the calculations or formulas were. I could only see that the results on the worksheet were wrong.

    Hopefully you'll shed some light on those things.

  2. Hey dude, why do keep all this awesome stuff for free. Put a bloody price tag on them. They are extremely helpful. THANKS FOR THE EFFORT YOU PUT TO MAKE THEM.

  3. Problem Fixed: Goal Seek not behaving correctly with small numbers. I had a problem in Excel 2016, it told me it found an answer and then wouldn't give it to me. I had to go into File, Options, Formula, Calculation Options, and set Maximum Change to .000001 for small numbers I was using. It worked as soon as I fixed that.

  4. Thanks for your great job. It truly helps a great deal!! You are the salt of the mother earth! Awesome

  5. Mike is the best teacher I have ever had, such a humble guy. Any topic from statistics. excel to finance Mike has the talent of explaining in such a wonderful way that we can easily master any topic. Thank you Mike

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