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  1. Didn't that whole thing stop some years ago?

    I vaguely remember a mass strike that called into question, an employer's eligibility to fire employees who protest.

    Maybe I'm wrong. Oh well, I'm sure you can correct my memory

  2. The first guy don't get it because he doesn't know what Barstool Sports is about. Please don't be a Blue fish & bit on every hook like that IDIOT Ace Of Clowns (aoc)..!

  3. I have a plumbing shop. I would fire mine on the spot too. My company is my property, I can do what I want with it

  4. So no one else seen his interview on fox where he said they are a comedy company and they aren't even in a union lmao and they all are in on the joke lmao 😂😂😂🤣🤣 this is going to blow up in the media face lmao they are so unorganized lol

  5. We must encourage Crazy Thighs, Tlapia & Omar to howl out their hatred against the rest of us, so as to better poison the dem party to the US public. In this way, Orange Man grins & wins, because who wants to be ruled by a coalition of Islamists + Stalinists, comrades?

  6. AOC is a Hillbilly and has never traveled anywhere. Complete Puerto Rican country HillBilly. AOC for Porn waiting for that.

  7. Unions are company extortion, the price of everything they get involved in goes way up. Union members see pay increases but almost 1/2 their hourly wages go back to the union coffers to be squandered and embezzled by the
    union bosses.

  8. AOC thinks a barstool is
    when a person at the bar, she worked at, didn't make it to the restroom
    for a #2 & left it on the bar.
    "Clean Up #2 At The Bar."

  9. Yeah, ocrasio try that with Walmart. They openly say to their employees the very same thing. Or that they'll just close down the store and go elsewhere. Do something about that ocrasio.
    What a snowflake.

  10. AOC refuses to debate anybody. She know's that she will be destroyed if she debates with anybody because she can't back up her stances. She has been challenged to debates by others and flat out refused. It will be interesting to see when she is old enough(35) if she runs for president if she would actually get on the stage and debate her completion or find some kind of excuse not to debate.

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  13. Yeah, the snowflake that's pure as New York snow. Poor ocrasio, I think you really asked for it this time, wait ALL THE TIME.

  14. So AOC is very keen on applying the law? Then perhaps she should go after to 20 million or so people in the country ILLEGALLY!

  15. I use to say even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. But since meeting AOC, even that nut job of a squirrel couldn't pay to get her nut on! Lol….ha, ha!

  16. You can make your views known as an employer, what is said was fire for organizing through the press, you debate is what makes his point. The Press is for reporting the news, workers roping in the press is a conspiracy ~ telling the press a lie and the press repeating it knowing it is a lie is conspiracy. I know this because by the time the "Mueller Report" debuckle drops its pants, some press folks my find himself in jail, remember under a Bill Barr AG, folks get hung for treason, and giving legal advice is illegal if your not anything but a bartender. By the time AO-C is done with her two years, her legal bills may be as much as 30 million but that will be in her campaign warchest because her handlers will be milking NY folks every day.

  17. We can't count on the idiots at Fox to continue following this story. Gary Smith v. Union thugs. Forbes has no idea.

  18. He used Ocrazio to earn more followers. I never heard of BarStool Sports before seeing a Fox News piece. I'm now a big fan of his!

  19. Can every man please stop asking AOC to throw in the towel. There are so many women in the discreet but real. These men just want to pretend to themselves that they are womanizers, hello.

  20. It's a comedy chain, and his tweets were meant to be satirically "funny", and since the Left has absolutely no sense of humor, O'Crazio reacted like the dummy she is.

  21. U dipshits it’s a comedy site and no one at barstools is mobilising, it was a comedy skit!!!!!
    Then and now with u old farts, oooh nooo looookout grapahas angry👻

  22. As much as I hate to admit it she’s right this time. Workers have the right to organize without fear of firing. I tend to believe he knows this as it’s been simple law for many years! He is getting a lot of free publicity from this stunt! Bare in mind, he hasn’t broken the law with his statement to fire, when he fires his first employee THEN he will have broken the law. What he didn’t realize is there are people in his employ that will be cunning enough to quietly try and organize the workforce while negotiating insubordination to get him to fire them and then run to the first labor lawyer and file a lawsuit, claiming it was the organization issue that was the real cause of their firing instead of some minor infraction of the rules!

  23. Unions ruin industry. The perfect talking point for ding-dong crackhead-puppet Cortez. Funny thing is, she's too stupid to even know what she's talking about.

  24. It's Barstool Sports and if you know anything about Barstool Sports, you'll know he was speaking in Jest,… clearly, None of you understands Barstool Sports, at all.

  25. He can fire any employee he wants and should if he feels they might have a negitive empact. Plus why is a democrat defending unions? They have been trying to bust unions for 50 years now.

  26. Seriously? The employees are likely underpaid and can't afford to get fired. If your boss said "if anyone wears a blue shirt to work I'll fire them on the spot" you would conclude that everybody at your workplace hated the color blue. How does this pathetically low level of reasoning ability get on air?

  27. What have the Unions ever done for us??? Unions run the largest career training program outside the military. It was union trained military vets who helped rebuild the WTC. When union membership rates are high, so is the share of income that goes to the middle class, when those rates fall, income inequality grows, the middle class shrinks and the 1% gets richer

  28. Keep upwind of the stinking whole AOC. The day she gets the backbone to debate a preschooler is the day she gets ruined.

  29. Isn’t that extortion to require people to do what you want. Because you hold their livelihood in your hand. How many businesses have closed because they wouldn’t pay to the union bosses graft and corruption. A free market means I can negotiate with the company for my benefit. And I’m not held responsible for those who want to do as little as possible and still get paid.

  30. woldent it be funny as all hell if they was already unionized in secret and this was all set up with their knowledge so they said nothing?😲😂😂😂

  31. AOC is just a poster girl voice and not the think tank. Bernie Sanders pulls her strings. She is his tenderfoot. She shies away from confrontational debates because they would have to put a wire attached to her cortex to get her to give a reply. Sanders has already placed a platform on this matter. Ocasio has no imput, she is just a parrot.

  32. If he disguises as a barstool AOC might be willing to have a debate as it seems its her expertize since she used to work in a bar!

  33. Unions unfettered are the first step to a Socialist State. In large companies, the Company itself needs, and supports having one representative body, a point of contact with its employees to enable the overall organisation to be efficient. However, small businesses do not need a "union representative" to represent their employees. Clearly, Unions do not wish to see that point, they just need power. THe 1920s idea of Bosses vis Workers is back on the table as AOC and her ilk are driving her new religion, the worn out idea of Socialism that has not been tried before. People should have a free choice to either be in a union or not, but once a Union is set up then the heavy weights are brought it to ensure "compliance"

  34. Geez this panel needs to get a clue! They are all idiots! Except Steve? He gets it! publicity and satire stunt. AOC swallowed the bait whole! LOL!!!

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