Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships / Bourses postdoctorales Banting

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships / Bourses postdoctorales Banting

The Banting Fellowship has really expanded my view of how I can apply my broad background in evolutionary ecology to a wide range of environmental problems that we’re experiencing now, and that, as biologists, we can help understand
the interaction between human goals and the goals of preserving biodiversity and understanding
all the ecological and genetic factors that are involved in making management decisions
for our planet in the future. I think that the Banting Fellowship has been very important in launching my career as a staff person. The research that I did during my Banting post-doctoral fellowship helped lay the necessary ground work. So my fellowship
looked at in vitro breast cancer cell lines and in this manner, I was able to look at
the different efficacies of different PARP inhibitors. PARP inhibitors are orally available therapeutic
drugs that helps target DNA damage repair. The problem is that, at the current moment,
patients with triple negative breast cancer only have three or four types of chemotherapies
that they can receive, so they get a lot of toxicity and it may not necessarily have
all the possible benefits that they could potentially achieve. So PARP inhibitors are targeted therapies
with decreased toxicity and they could potentially help these patients. The Banting Fellowships are internationally recognized and I think that they bring a lot of attention to the work I’ve been doing. And because I work on a fairly non-canonical 19th century writer, George Gissing, it really allowed me to disseminate
my work but it also allowed other people to hear about him. The Banting fellowship is a win/win
situation. I believe that the nature in which people are selected are based on an exceptional candidate
in an exceptional institution. So once those two criteria are met, it will foster an environment
where the candidate is going to grow, not only from a research perspective, but from
an academic perspective. I would highly encourage students to apply
for the Banting project. It’s the opportunity of writing about the work that we have done and
also the work that we hope to do in the future. I would say if you have a project that you’re
really excited about and it opens up a new area of research for you, that you should
go for it because you never know what’s going to happen. I was excited about my research
proposal but I had no idea whether I had a real shot at getting one of these fellowships
and here I am, I got one and it’s taught me the lesson as well. You have to put yourself
out there and you have to apply and you have to go for it. And it can happen.

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