Bannon: Bloomberg has a personal vendetta against Trump

Bannon: Bloomberg has a personal vendetta against Trump

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  1. Love Bannon. Love Maria. DUMBOcrats never make sense and full of lies and deception. Time to put them one by one away and expose them all, even the evil fake media.

  2. If Chinese Mike wants to die sometime between Election night and the swearing in, he should absolutely pick Hillary as his VP.

  3. If Americans wants this country to be like the worst Latin American countries, full of corruption, with an elite that have all the control and where nobody in the government cares about the people.. Vote Democrat….. I am latin… and the democratic party is exactly like those crappy south American politicians, controlled by oligarchs, they only care about them and their mafia parties

  4. Hillary is coming back to the fray bcos Bannon keeps putting it out there and all the TV talking heads continue to speculate about it. Eventually, Hillary thinks, "hey..maybe i should get back in the race..seems people want me in the race again"
    Bannon ain't no predictor. He's a creator.

  5. This man is a genius, the Democrats are crooked, Trump is great president and will win again in 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. I can not believe Bloomberg want to limit his time in this world… will be stupid to run with Hillary as a Vice President

  7. Democrats: "We hate billionaires, they all hate the poor."
    Also Democrats: "Lets nominate a billionaire that is on record dozens of times making extremely disparaging statements about poor people."

  8. My opinion on Hillary should not run for vice president, she gets away too much trouble in the past and lied to Congress and bastion her phones and computers. We don't need this type of person as vice president. As for me I'm still in a 🚐 down by the Fresno River 👍 ✊😎

  9. MSM cannot report the truth.
    How convenient that the coronavirus shows up just as Trump "puts the squeeze" on China then gives up $100 million of US taxpayer money to help fight it.

  10. What a disaster the two toilet ticks coming together to make more. Talking about destroying the country any two dems together will take this country below what Venezuela experienced.

  11. I would vote for Trump over him! At least I know Trump is a racist and he don’t hide it , I can respect that. 👍🏿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Good grief people, I realise that if you're reading this, I'm probably preaching to the converted, but for anyone else, please, please wake up! Here in the UK, we can see what these lying, sicko's are doing – please stop accepting their garbage talk for 5 mins. Just do a little independent research (it's all out there if you take the time & effort to look). God bless Trump, family & USA patriots, we see, we know & we stand with you! WWG1WGA

  13. "Barr’s actions in doing the President’s personal bidding unfortunately speak louder than his words," the group of ex-officials wrote in a letter shared on Sunday by Protect Democracy, a nonprofit watchdog group. "Those actions, and the damage they have done to the Department of Justice’s reputation for integrity and the rule of law, require Mr. Barr to resign."

    The public statement arrived as Barr and the Justice Department face increased scrutiny over their actions in the Stone case.

  14. See Bloomberg is only park of the "broken re-run", the TRULY corrupt keep reveal themselfs more & more!! Amen to how he "Trump's them $pades", AMEN!!!

  15. The Democrat party will go with any person no matter how it effects are country to take out the best President we ever had in history Donald J. Trump!

  16. Why would Bloomberg add his name to the Clinton Body Count is beyond me. Hillary is baffled too. She be thinking wow that was easy…She’s already measuring the curtains.

  17. OMG..😂 Hillary still trying to slither into the White House. Can it get any more entertaining than this??? Watch out Bernie, your gonna feel the burn…again 😂😂😂

  18. This is Bloomberg’s way of moving to Florida “to save the country” instead of admitting that he’s moving to Florida to save on income and estate taxes. Even if he loses, he wins and he doesn’t have to worry about being criticized for it.

  19. This duo is exactly what the DNC wants and will choose. The other dem campaigners might as well stop and
    save their energy because they are going to be overthrown. This will cause destruction in the party. Trump will easily win.

  20. Bernie is taking us for fools, constantly begging for financial support against the billionaires. In 2016, he rolled over for Hillary, endorsing her and campaigning for her. In 2020, he will roll belly up again, endorsing and campaigning for a billionaire and Hillary BUT he will take the working poor for as much money as possible first!, This time, I'm not sending him my money unless he actually gets, and accepts, the nomination.

  21. What if Bloomberg wins the election and picks Hillary as his VP, and what if he resigns while in office? Now that's a scary thought.

  22. If Bloomberg hate Trump then that means that he hates us as well, Trump put his personal wealth aside so the rest of us could recover from Democrat persecution and have a chance at a new start we the people have a shot at success, Bloomberg won’t do that he will pad himself,, is why we love trump a selfless act,,, he is not selfish,, he really wants people to be all they can be, and he helps us all he can he leads and has enough sense to stay out of the way. Bloomberg will take your guns then your money, and have crooked Hillary to help him

  23. Well said. The white hipster's in Brooklyn and pretty much most of Hollywood thought that they can basically distract the average American or inner-city dweller with an air of fashionistra living that pretty much doesn't do anything for any minority, especially if they aren't the college-educated and making over 40k a year person. I personally think it all started around the time the Barkley Center was built and that's when the hipster takeover started which minorities, especially black people hate and despise because it's a slap to their faces because where was all this activity when they needed jobs and better living conditions.

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