Bank of America Business Advantage 360

Bank of America Business Advantage 360

Small business is the life blood of America. Helping our economy and our communities thrive. It’s why at Bank of America, we’re building
on our best-in-class digital banking experience and offering business owners a brand new tool. Business Advantage 360 flexes for ease and
accessibility. Cash flow at your fingertips. See how you’re doing and what’s coming up. Make adjustments on the fly and get support
from our experts. With Business Advantage 360, you can step
away from your desk and get back to what you’re really passionate about. Simple. Holistic. Integrated. It’s how we operate, because we know you don’t
have time to slow down. The Business Advantage 360 dashboard makes
managing your finances easier than ever, giving you a deeper perspective on your business. See your cash flow at a glance. Track historical and projected daily balances. Input upcoming transactions to project future
cash flow. Set cash flow thresholds and alerts to make
proactive adjustments. See categorized credits and debits, major
expenses and key transactions, all in one convenient place. We’ll continue to invest in more features
this year and beyond to manage payments, invoices, and payroll, for an expanded view of your
finances. With seamless access to manage third-party
services. Plus, there’s no enrollment or cost. Business Advantage 360, yet another powerful
tool from Bank of America to help small businesses move forward.

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