Bambara Kannaley Movie | Vadivelu Comedy | Vadivelu Latest Comedy | Singamuthu | Thambi Ramaiagh

Bambara Kannaley Movie | Vadivelu Comedy | Vadivelu Latest Comedy | Singamuthu | Thambi Ramaiagh

Instead of seeing girls
empty handed… …it is better to see them
with henna dyed hands! But it is little difficult
It is worse, if they are alone! What I am trying to say is… If phone rings, how can you
lift the receiver? henna will be smudged! If your back itches
you can never scratch your back Forget with your henna dyed hand. You will call for some body. If nobody comes,
you will look for a safe,or cupboard. You could try even against the wall If a sudden breeze
pulls down your half sari… …it will be very difficult! I didn’t do anything
I swear! I just said it just like that! Put my half saree right.
– Should I do it? – Do it – Put it back, Arumugam! Do you want me to do it?
Before some body could see, do it fast! What do you say?
I can’t do that. I am a girl and I am
telling you, do it! I feel shy!
If you do it…. Don’t be hesitant, do it!
Please do it! I feel pity when you plead like this. Whether he stops the marriage or not
It is ok if he lure her! Put the half saree back.
Close your eyes. Open your eyes now! Maina will be out in today’s game This long one is called ‘Thaandal’ This small, sharp one is called ‘Ghilli’ …(Censored) Don’t we’ve ball for this game? Is this cricket for playing with ball?
This is Ghilli This small ghilli
should be kept over the pit That big Thaandal
should be inserted into the pit Then ghilli should be lifted
and hit by the Thaandal – Then the pit?
It’ll be safe there – Why? Because, this game is like that I liked this game very much – Is it? – Then,
let’s play right now! Are you ready? Hit Whose that hitting ghilli on the face? – When did you come?
– Just now – Are you hurt?
– No You’ve changed since
you returned from Ooty Neither I change myself
nor go back on my words Why do you ignore me? You…I’ll hit you Oh gosh! let me check if my dad
is in. Wait for me! Don’t come even if your
father is not there, be there! All males are like this
They love but won’t trust Really, I have never ogled
at any guy other than you! Will whack you! – I swear, believe me – Can’t bear
the trouble – I won’t deceive you I was wondering why
the wind is blowing this side Since your dad is away
have you both sisters come together? You wait here My God! – If your chest is perspiring
this much, then…- I’ll hit you I came to tell how
your back is sweating! You shouldn’t go scot- free! Run Run, if you come again What dear?
Did you call for me? What is this?
Full of blood stains! What happened to you? Wait!
Were you scared seeing the blood? A brave man’s wife should not weep You hear what happened sequentially! Tell me, what happened? I alighted in our bus stop! Some dirty fellow dashed me
snatched a lady’s chain and ran Will I leave him?
I just somersaulted and caught him And gave him big thrash with my face! He just ducked away!
There was a post behind! – And the hit has opened it
– Oh God! – Will I retreat? – You know I get annoyed
if I see blood! – You should I just gave a thrust to my
toes and gave him a kick… …on his back, he was
hiding a sickle at his back My soles slit apart like a jack fruit! Even then I didn’t leave him Only my soles were injured
But I have toes to use! – Yes, you have toes!
– Again I somersaulted and landed – He moved a yard away
– Oh God! – It was an open drainage It had full of twisted
iron rods in all positions! Two pierced my ears
two into the neck And two hit the chin
I removed it all and looked I saw him running!
Seems he was born to a sprinter! Then risking my life, I flew! But I went past him by
a feet and fell nose down! Auto man thought it was a
speed breaker and ran on me See the impressions of the tyre!
Yes impressions! Then I turned and looked at him! I could sense his fear
for death in his eyes! He thought since I was
trailing him with blood oozing out …that I am a blood sucking lion and got into the auto
that ran over me and fled! I just sang the song
‘Bloody cattle cake, you may go’ And now I am in front of you! What are you looking? Are you wondering why I have
come here bleeding… …without going to hospital?
Blood is like sweat to me! I have come here to
prove that to you! This is not due to fear!
All this is because I pounced Because you bleed that
doesn’t mean you are brave You bleed even if a dog bites you! For me the guy who escaped
from all your pounces is great He is the real macho man
and brave guy! Your hubby has come bleeding! And you call the guy who
could not face me brave I will… Should I start again from beginning? Though you are dark,
you are handsome! Why do you worry?
People feel happy for a tiny black mole Some people for not having a mole! For you the entire body is a mole
Don’t feel bad! This housing board is
dependent on you! Make them feel happy! Sitting on the vehicle
with whom are you talking! I am talking to myself!
Just giving a pep talk for self! Looking at what?
Looking at my image in mirror! Are you referring to your face? Why? – No one should look
at the mirror used by you, here after Why this haughtiness?
All with a reason only I sat in this seat
What will you do to this? I will clear that also! – How is it?
– Very fine! I was holding the handle bar
what will you do to it? I will clear it now
I will be back now, dear! How is it?
This is also fine I rested my feet on this pedal
What will you do to it? I will clear that! How is it?
Very fine! Why do you damage it in piecemeal? Just damage it once for all! – What do you mean?
– Wait for a while! If you break one by one
when will you finish? How is it? – Why are you laughing?
– Then what else to do? Look at the vehicle he owns! Do you own or is it some one else’s? – Some one has it
– What do you say? Do you know the
army man who was here?- Yes One day I asked
him to give me a hitch! But he spat on my face!
So what? I wanted to avenge him
I started with a small design! But you gave it a finishing touch! But you are short
tempered than me! Me? Who has set ablaze my bike? He did it? – Is it you?
Not me! he only started it! Why do you tell lies?
You will get whacks! What did he do to you?
He has sacrificed for the nation He has saved so many lives Can’t you tolerate him having a bike? For questioning him
He is beating me sir! You should safeguard my vehicle! Are you setting it to fire?
I will shoot you! Is it a pistol?
Have you started firing with a pistol? – Quick Arumugam! – I’ve come already
How long we have to wait? Will you train us or not? – Do not be annoyed.
– I will slap you! Why do you look that way? What?You pedal a cycle that is parked! I am just pedaling!
Why do you get so tense? Okay! Come and train
me to ride a cycle. You know how to drive
a two wheeler! Why do you want to
ride this cycle then? Some know how to drive a car,
but they do not know… …to ride a bike. The same way,
I know how to ride a two wheeler… …and I do not know to ride a bicycle! Is it that way?
– It is that way.- It is that way. Leave me, God!
– Why do you look at me? Look straight.
Don’t try to lean on me. I told you to look straight! What is the problem?
Haven’t you come to learn cycling? – Yes.
– Watch here, then! When you press this,
the cycle will stop! – Will it stop?
– Will slap you! Okay, forget that.
What is this? Where is the cycle bell? What is this?
Just to make it stylish… – I have fixed the auto horn on this
– This! How long can we ring the bell?
Will it not be boring? Hell with you!
All these come on my head! – What for is this?
– Don’t you know? I don’t know
If any one walks across, press this! When you press this. It’ll sound horn
they would move away hearing the horn Have you understood?
Yes It does not sound!
How will it sound if you press like this? You should do like this!
Ruffian! see how he presses! Take off your hand!
I know this before! All of you have not come
to learn cycling! See what I do to all of you! We have discharged Gautam
in the morning it self! – Is it so? – He felt that he
should be discharged before the… …inauspicious time starts.
So we have discharged him. Did he tell you where he is going?
– I don’t know that.- Okay. Can I make a call? Gautam!
You are really brilliant! You managed to escape
before I could come That is okay!
Do you know why I am calling you up? I want to bring you back
to the same hospital… …before the same
inauspicious time lapses! Won’t you wish me buddy?
What are you saying? Don’t ponder too much! The red colour pill you ate
this morning, when you woke up… …was not given by
the hospital nurse. I only planted it there. If you get giddiness in 5 minutes… …means, the pill is working! You will die, in the 15th minute… …because it is not a
mere pill. It is poison! Don’t try to vomit while you drive!
You will meet with an accident and die! That it will be the end of you! – I had poison – Be cool!
What happened? Get up man!
I had poison, instead of the pill, doctor! – What happened?
– Treat me – Don’t be afraid. He only gave me poison! Doctor, don’t mind him.
He is prattling! Nurse! Admit him! Are you scared? What I gave you
is not poison! It is a tranquilizer. Had your juice? Give it. It is urgent This question paper is very hard! I don’t know anything. I bank on you!
– Do not worry. There are 10 more days to go. I will correct it before that!
– Do not desert me!- Okay! If it goes well, it will be
the greatest of joy I ever had! I do not get sleep!
I feel very tense! I am worried about
the examination always. You seem to be casual
and not bothered! – There is enough time!
– The exam will begin in two days’ time! Are you not afraid? Touch me and leave the soil! I tell you again that I bank on you!
You believe me and I’ll not ditch you. Who are you two?
I have been watching… You are flirting for about 2 hours! No uncle!I was asking
him some questions! You should ask that in your school! – Why do you ask him in a public place?
– Sir, she had a doubt! Don’t flirt before my eyes! He says there are 10 days more!
You tell him you bank on him! Is this called question and answer? I was asking him
a question I know what you would
have asked him! You would have planned to elope
and would finally ruin your future! TV will flash a crime report… …and you would sob with your family
watching that! Whom are you cheating? I was asking him
only about questions! I have nothing to do with you! I will inform the police
and call your parents! Don’t call the police.
My studies will be spoilt! You may call my daddy!
– What is his number? – What is your name?
– Vimala. Who is it? Are you
Vimala’s daddy, you buffalo! What kind of a daughter you have? What are you doing there,
letting her talk with an young guy… It is not like what you imagine,uncle!
We were just talking! Come immediately to
Kotturpuram Police station. And take your girl with you! Don’t talk! until your dad comes
both of you will be in my custody! Go in.- Leave uncle.
We will not go anywhere! – Let them be in for some time!
– No uncle!Leave us,please. Please send us out!
– If I let you out, you will run away! Who do you think I am? What?- You have locked a pair inside!. I am not an ordinary guy
I manage the entire housing board! Be here and watch the fun! Two persons are caught by him.
I wonder what is going to happen! Kadalai Muthu is very strict If I am not strict,
How can I work in your midst? Let him come! He is the one with pistol,
and what brings him here? It is you who set my bike on fire! Forget it.Why do you still talk about it? What brings you here? Some guy phoned that
my daughter has gone astray! …Who is that guy?
– Is Vimala your daughter? Yes!- God has
given me a chance to mend …the damages I had done to you then! have saved the family
restige of a patriot like you I saw your girl talking to some one! I have caught her red
anded and locked her in If she has gone astray
I would shoot her down here You are shooting for every thing! Take her home, and advise her! Just a minute!
You are a furious man! Come here you dad has come
Ask for his pardon! Why is he running like that? What happened dear? I was asking for
question paper to him He mistook it and
said will call the police! I told him to call you dad! He then locked us inside
and asked us to be in his custody! When it was dark, he pounced on me. And has outraged me Outraged you!! He is the root cause for all. She was asking for
question papers outside! You locked her up
and made her life a question mark? – No, brother!
– You are my target. What will you today?
Pistol again! There are few people
all the time doing this! Do whatever you want to…

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