Bambara Kannaley Movie | Srikanth Helps Aarthi | Aarthi Gives Money to Srikanth

Bambara Kannaley Movie | Srikanth Helps Aarthi | Aarthi Gives Money to Srikanth

– Quick Arumugam! – I’ve come already
How long we have to wait? Will you train us or not? – Do not be annoyed.
– I will slap you! Why do you look that way? What?You pedal a cycle that is parked! I am just pedaling!
Why do you get so tense? Okay! Come and train
me to ride a cycle. You know how to drive
a two wheeler! Why do you want to
ride this cycle then? Some know how to drive a car,
but they do not know… …to ride a bike. The same way,
I know how to ride a two wheeler… …and I do not know to ride a bicycle! Is it that way?
– It is that way.- It is that way. Leave me, God!
– Why do you look at me? Look straight.
Don’t try to lean on me. I told you to look straight! What is the problem?
Haven’t you come to learn cycling? – Yes.
– Watch here, then! When you press this,
the cycle will stop! – Will it stop?
– Will slap you! Okay, forget that.
What is this? Where is the cycle bell? What is this?
Just to make it stylish… – I have fixed the auto horn on this
– This! How long can we ring the bell?
Will it not be boring? Hell with you!
All these come on my head! – What for is this?
– Don’t you know? I don’t know
If any one walks across, press this! When you press this. It’ll sound horn
they would move away hearing the horn Have you understood?
Yes It does not sound!
How will it sound if you press like this? You should do like this!
Ruffian! see how he presses! Take off your hand!
I know this before! All of you have not come
to learn cycling! See what I do to all of you! If any of you come here to learn
You had it What happened? What happened to you?
Why have you not come to hostel? I have some work
Is it teaching cycling to those girls? – It is ok, come let us go
– No, I have to go to printing press I am coming from there only. It is a
public holiday today! The press is closed – Start
– No, you may please go I have some other work
what great work you have? Didn’t you come and help me at Ooty?
What has gone wrong now? Come! – No
– Come Arumugam Why are you avoiding me? I know what it is You will ask me to come,
I will also come I will help you
Finally you will pay me a big amount Why should you spend unnecessarily So I was avoiding you! Why do you talk about
all those old things? I forgot giving you money long back! You will forget anything
But I can’t forget anything I have not forgotten everything I have brought those
jumbled papers with me But until now I could not
arrange it sequentially I know you will not be able to do it Ok you tell me, what is written there I just wrote it!
It may not have any connotation – Just tear it away
– Nothing doing! Some day I will succeed in arranging it Then you will understand me What is there to
understand beyond this? Where are we going now?
Shopping, training centre… – Then…
– Look there! How come he is here? Why are you watching the fun!
Lift him! Lift! Don’t you drive carefully? Lift and go fast – How is he, doctor?
– No problem, don’t be scared! Nothing to worry!
A small fracture in right leg He would be alright
after a week’s rest Since it is an accident
We have informed the police So please wait until they come Ok doctor We never wanted to meet Gautam
But this has happened Don’t know what he will
tell police about us? He might even say we’ve
hit him deliberately – Have you got a license?
– I have sir! If you have license,
will you drive like this? – No sir, it was unexpected!
– What madam! don’t give reasons It is not their fault!
I didn’t notice the car coming Not minding the damage
to their car… …they have admitted me in hospital Please you may go sir! Come, let us go! You could have as
well left me in lurch Thank you so much for
admitting me in hospital God has punished me for
all the wrongs done by me But I have been punished
after me mending my ways Living as a good guy
has some real happiness! Not knowing that I have
lost many things in my life Forgive me
Why do you talk about the past! Doctor said you will be
alright in a week’s time – Any way the accident has
occurred because of me! – No it is my fate – You have to sign some papers
will you come please? – I will come! I know you only played…. ……havoc in my marriage! You have only 6 faces (Arumugam)
But I have many faces You have played your innings
should I not play my innings? I came here only for that
and have fallen at her car And I have admitted to
police that it is my mistake Are you going to inform Pooja?
That is not possible Because you stopped
her marriage to get her! If you have real guts
don’t tell her anything And face me again
Let us see who wins this innings Snakes die only when
they are hit on head I did a mistake
by crushing its tail Moustache is the identity for a Tamil! I am ashamed to fight again
with an effeminate guy But you are inviting me
Ask about me at the housing board! I am an expert in castration!
I will do it! I think the exams will be tough Any way I have prepared
to some extent! – Where are they going?
– Don’t know! Where are you taking the children?
Is there any function in your ashram today? Nothing! There was a
guy called Gautam… …supporting these orphans
He met with an accident yesterday We are all going to pray
for him to get well soon! Which Gautam?
Biggest millionaire in Ooty His marriage was stopped
some time ago From then on these
orphans are his only… …interest in life
These children also does not… …eat or sleep or if he is not here
They are so attached to him An accident has happened
to such a nice man! – A call for you from hospital
– For me?

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