Bambara kannaley Movie | Aarthi’s Marriage Fixed | Srikanth Helps Aarthi Agarval

Bambara kannaley Movie | Aarthi’s Marriage Fixed | Srikanth Helps Aarthi Agarval

Boy! Actually, it is the
marriage of my friend’s friend. I asked for help
as a friend in a friendly manner. You have come with your friends
to help us in a friendly way. But we are friends alright. Sir,we will see to that
your friendship is intact. Where is Arumugam? He is writing the address
on the invitation cards out side. Mr.Pranesh, Wallace Garden, Coonoor. You ask me to write invitation cards!
I love you Pooja! Pen! Nothing.
You go ahead. Dr.Deepak and family, Wellington. Prof.Rama chandran,Coonoor! Lord! no use in staying
in adjacent house! – Did you say anything?
– Yes. No. No…no – Chant Kandan!Chant Murugan!
– What are you saying? This marriage should not take place… You always say this. But it has
come to the stage of giving invitations I can stop the marriage
even at the auspicious time. What do you say?
Is it all true? Good thing, we came to know
this at the right time! Find out more information if any! What Gautam?
Why did you do this? What aunty? I called you to select
the wedding sari! Since you didn’t turn up
Pooja selected it Here after Pooja’s taste is my taste. – How is the wedding saree?
– Looks nice, like you! Is this No.32?
Who is Vijaya Lakshmi here? It is me!
What is it? A parcel has come to deliver
to you exactly at 10’o clock today! From where?
From address is Muruga,Muruga! Muruga, Muruga,Thirunelveli. I do not know any one
by the name Murrugan – Why then you receive this parcel?
– Why are you getting tense? Why do you take this risk? There is no risk!
Give it to me. It is sent to my name
with the correct address! Let us see what it is? It is halwa(Sweet)!
Halwa is sent through courier! You have become
tense just for this? Gautam! Go and see
a good doctor! Your B.P. has shot up
seeing just halwa! – Look brother!
– Who are you? I told you I am going
to stop your marriage. Do not be indifferent
that I have sent just halwa. I wanted to begin my
game sweet! Hence halwa! – Shall I hang up?
– Hello,Murugan! What a fool are you, Gautam? Can you become good
If you burn all the photographs? I do not need your past.
Your future is important to me. I can easily prove to your aunty
that you are bad! Who are you to me?
Is that important now? My job is to stop evil happenings
Shall I make a move “Will my love and your love join hands?” “Will poems written by
me be honey to your ears?” “Solitude was agony for me
Be my companion!” “Expressed my love in paper
Give your consent!” Is your poem
only 6 lines in this big paper? Spread it,man. How happy they are!
Marriage is important in one’s life! Isn’t it Arumugam?
Certainly! It is really big thing
to live with your loved one! What are you thinking? You’ll also
get a life that will make you happy! Don’t you want to
be happy like this? Why do you feel so?
Happiness is always with me! Where?
Is in that cover? You are really brilliant!
Give me that! Give me that!
Let me see! give me – No Listen to me!No. When you are interested
in my happiness… …should I not know what
makes you happy? I want to see that.
Give me! No, please!No! Are these jumbled letters
your real happiness? You have to bring them
together to find my happiness. Not that.You could
have written it in a single paper. I wrote in a single paper.
It had only 6 lines! My happiness is much bigger That is why this… See how many
Ka, Ma and U’ s are there? For instance,if there
is a word ‘Uyir'(soul) in it! If you use ‘Ka’ in place of ‘U’
it would become ‘Kayir’ (rope) Instead if you use ‘Ta’
it would become ‘Tayir’ (curd) If I use Ma as first syllable in Ta’s place
…- Never do that. Change of a single syllable in
a word gives different meanings If you want to know
what makes me happy… …you can surely arrange
it meaningfully! We shall teach the cuckoo
to sing coo,coo,coo!- Yes! We shall teach the peacock
to dance tha,thai,tha!- Yes! You say coo,ba and all!
You say cuckoo,Thatha! What is all this? All this is because
I tried to read your jumbled papers! Have you read all that?
– Come, I will tell you! Lord!Where are you taking me? Tell me
All are looking us Why have you brought me here? This will not be right! This makes it ‘Kadu’ (forest) If you
do this way it can be ‘Madu’ also(cow) I don’t get it.- Ka!No! Take this 1000Rs!I have lost the bet
I could not unscramble it! What is all this? – I tried in vain
to unscramble your papers So I had a wager that
whoever does it will get Rs 1000 Did you place a bet?
They are not mere papers! – It is my happiness!
– Your happiness is really great! I get this much money
when I try to unravel it It is to much
to bring your daddy in this game. You are very helpful to me! All I want is to know
what is in your mind. How will you know
if too many people work on it? I can tell you what is
in that paper if you ask me! What? – What happened dad?
– I could not do it dear!

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