What is up everyone. Welcome back to my channel, the best place
for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. In today’s video, I really want to go over
some of the worst Instagram advice that I’ve ever come across, whether it was on Instagram
itself, YouTube or the internet in general. I thought that this video would be really
interesting to make, considering the fact that there are so many different information
pieces online and you don’t really know who to follow and who not to follow. Now obviously at the end of the day it’s your
decision on what methods you choose to grow your account and I think that any method can
work for a lot of people, but it really depends on the individual and it depends on the goals
that you want to achieve within your business or even within not having a business and just
growing on Instagram. That’s why I figured that this video would
be perfect for those of you who want to know what I think of some of the strategies that
have been thrown around by other people online. But of course before we dive into that video,
I really want to shout out one of my viewers and subscribers. Thank you so much for leaving a comment, but
on top of this, thank you so much also for resharing and posting on your Instagram story
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you and I can show you out in the next video. Now with that are the way, let’s just dive
right into what I think is considered really bad Instagram advice. So let’s get started. Now to kick off this video, I’m going to start
with an obvious piece of bad advice and that is buying artificial vanity metrics such as
fake followers, fake likes, fake views and fake comments. Now obviously if you aren’t new to my channel,
this shouldn’t come to a surprise to you because I talk a lot about why this is not a good
idea for your Instagram account and can actually damage your account in the long term. However, I do want to take an opportunity
to play devil’s advocate and explain to you why buying vanity metrics does make sense
for some people and why they choose to do it. Now, the first reason of why people can justify
buying fake vanity metrics is because they want to have that initial injection of followers
in order to build authority in their respective space. And we see this happening a lot within eCommerce
brands. A lot of eCommerce brands, when they’re starting
out, they buy fake followers in order to beef up their accounts and show that other people
are actually following them. Now with e-commerce, this can make sense considering
the fact that their consumers are likely not following their accounts and are buying based
on the product alone that’s on their website or maybe within their Facebook ads. But for smart e-commerce brands, as they slowly
grow organically, what they do is they end up scrubbing a lot of their initial fake followers
so that at the end of the day, all their followers become 100% organic. Now that method of buying an initial injection
of fake followers and then slowly scrubbing them over time can work for some brands, but
it’s still risky practice number one, that you have no idea how Instagram will choose
to punish accounts over time. You will never know whether or not Instagram
will suddenly delete your account because back in the day you used automation, you can
never tell what can happen to your account and imagine losing Instagram account that
you’ve spent a lot of time and money to build, only to have it disappear overnight because
Instagram decided to punish you. That really sucks. Not only this, nowadays there are tons and
tons of programs that enable consumers and companies to actually do their due diligence
to understand who they’re buying from and whether or not it’s inauthentic or authentic,
such as social played and hype auditor. That’s why I personally do not recommend ever
regardless if you are a service based business or an eCommerce business to buy your followers
because it will just bite you in the bum in the long term. Now speaking of service based businesses,
I do not recommend buying your bounty metrics at all. Now for eCommerce business, I can understand
why it might make sense even though I don’t recommend it. But for service based businesses, this is
a terrible mistake for your brand and not only in the short term but also in the longterm. And the reason why is because when you sell
a service, likely you are also selling yourself as a personal brand. Imagine if your prospect looks you up on social
blade or on hype auditor and sees that you’ve bought a lot of your engagement and you’re
basically living a lie. That says a lot about your business, even
though you have an amazing service, just the fact alone that you’ve decided to go the route
to buy your followers, buyer Vanni metrics erodes a lot of trust that your prospect may
have had in you. Even for me, when I see another coach or a
service provider claim that they have a genuine community and claim that they have all these
amazing quality followers. Yet when I look on social blade or hype auditor,
they bought a lot of their engagement or that they’ve automated a lot of the follow unfollow
on their account. I immediately lose trust and not just them,
but also in their service as well. That’s why if you are a service based business,
choosing to go this route of buying your vanity metrics can not only be a terrible idea, but
can also be a risky idea. That’s why if you do want to grow your sales
and grow your business in the long term, focus more on building a quality tribe, even if
it’s only a thousand followers because I guarantee that’s going to convert more sales for you
versus having 100,000 fake followers in your account. Now the second piece of bad advice that I
see about Instagram is hosting giveaways. Now, hosting giveaways might sound like a
good idea. It might sound like a very strategic way to
grow your Instagram following and it can be, but the problem is is that I see a lot of
people hosting giveaways in the wrong way that ends up hurting their account in the
long term. Let me explain. Hosting giveaways can damage your account
in the longterm if you don’t know how to set the right parameters for your giveaway. Now obviously, if you make your giveaway really
easy to enter, meaning that the barrier of entry is really low, that can damage your
account in the long term. Now, obviously in the short term you might
get a lot of followers, especially if you have a really, really good incentive of why
someone should join your giveaway and if you have a really great grand prize, but the problem,
time and time again that we see is that over time after the giveaway is over, you end up
losing a lot of followers or you end up having followers that only followed you for the giveaway
and not necessarily for your content. So at the end of the day, if you don’t really
understand who you’re trying to attract and set the right parameters to get the right
people in your giveaway, then you can really damage your account in the long term and it
can be a waste of time and money. Speaking of attracting the right people to
your giveaway in order to grow your account. A mistake that I see a lot of people doing
is that they create giveaways way too early in their account. What I mean by this is that I see some people
who don’t even have good content, who don’t even know who they want to attract yet and
already they’re hosting giveaways because they want to boost that vanity metric, but
if your account doesn’t already have a strong foundation for content that will attract and
retain a new followers, that giveaway can really be a waste of time. That’s why choosing to do giveaways as your
number one way to grow your account is not a good idea. On top of this, the reason why I also chose
to include this as a bad advice that I want to shout out is because a lot of people tell
you to do giveaways, but they don’t actually teach you how to run a proper giveaway because
what you need to realize is that hosting giveaways can be a huge pain in the butt if you do not
know how to facilitate them properly. For example, if you decide that you are indeed
ready to host giveaways because you want to thank your existing following base and you
want to potentially have your existing followers shout your giveaway out and attract quality
leads into your business and grow your account, which is the right way to run a giveaway,
then you need to consider the following. Number one, have you read the community guidelines
of Instagram? A lot of people do not read the community
guidelines and don’t realize that you actually have to put a disclaimer stating that Instagram
has no part in your giveaway in order to protect yourself legally and from liability with Instagram,
and not only this, how are you even going to protect yourself legally? Do you have a disclaimer? Do you have a terms and conditions when people
are opting into your giveaway? Really think about these things. Not only this, who is eligible for your giveaway? Is it international? Is it local? What are the different time zones? You really want to think of these things before
you announced your giveaway to avoid a lot of headache. Not only this, when it comes to shipping,
are you going to be paying the shipping fees or is the winner going to be paying the shipping
fees? These are things again that you want to consider
and put into your terms and conditions. That’s why a lot of people tell you to host
giveaways, but they don’t necessarily coach you on how to do it the right way so that
you are protecting you and your account. Moving onto the third piece of terrible advice
that I see on the internet when it comes to growing on Instagram is when people tell you
not to have a business account. I think that this is silly advice, especially
if you’re someone that has a business. I love having a business account because I
can not only tap into my analytics and make better decisions when it comes to Instagram,
but I’m also able to use third party apps and schedule out my content so that I can
save a lot of time as a content creator. Now just to fill some of you guys in on why
people advise other people not to have a business account is because there is a myth going around
that when you have a business account it decreases your reach and I have a feeling that this
myth came because Facebook business pages, they have less reach because Facebook wants
you to buy ads in order to get visibility and since Facebook owns Instagram, the assumption
is is that if you have a business account you automatically get lower reach. But in my experience of switching back and
forth from personal to business to test out this myth, I have seen zero negative effects
of having a business account and if anything, I have pretty healthy engagement levels on
my account and a lot of that is thanks to my ability to actually read the analytics
and be able to access that analytics in the first place. Not only this, having a business account also
helps me generate more leads, especially with the swipe up feature. If you have a personal account and you have
over 10 K followers, you’re not going to be able to access that swipe up feature, which
is so important for a lot of businesses. That’s why I call BS on anyone who tells you
that a business account is not worth it on Instagram because I personally think that
it’s definitely worth it. All right guys. Now moving onto the next piece of terrible
advice and that is people telling you that you need to post on Instagram every single
day. Now, I agree that having a good post frequency
when you’re starting out and you have zero posts on your account can be important to
build up your feed and build up that content library. But over time I really do not see the point
of needing to post every single day on the platform, especially now that we have Instagram
stories, which makes having activity on Instagram a lot easier. Now you might be wondering, Vanessa, why don’t
you think that posting everyday on Instagram, is that necessary? Well, for me it’s through experience. I don’t post every single day on Instagram,
let alone every single week and I still see a lot of growth on my account. Not only this, what I found is that when you
are posting content every single day on your feed, the two outcomes generally happened. First I would outcome is is that you are going
to get burnt out. You’re eventually going to run out of ideas,
you’re going to run out of content and you’re going to end up putting bad content or not
post any content at all, which makes you very, very inconsistent. Not only this. The second outcome that can happen is you
are bombarding your audience and you’re training your audience to expect content from you every
single day versus when you space it out and you actually let time for your audience to
breathe. When you do post a piece of content, you might
find yourself having much more engagement on that post. For example, if I was posting on my Instagram
account every single day, yes, I might get the likes, I might get the comments, but over
time people are going to say, Oh, there’s Vanessa again, posting something else again,
Oh, what does she have today for us versus when I post every other week or post every
other day or maybe only three times a week, that content piece becomes a little bit more
special. Now keep in mind, for my Instagram strategy,
I’m always on Instagram stories. Instagram stories is what I’m on daily to
ensure that Instagram can see that I have a lot of activity going on, but when it actually
comes to more of the richer form content such as feed posting, I do not do that every day
because I don’t want to burn out and I also want to make sure that my audience looks forward
to my content when I do post it. Now, at the end of the day, I am not trying
to dictate what your post schedule should look like because that is entirely up to you. But what I am saying is that you should never
sacrifice the quality of your content just to meet a quantity threshold. If you feel like you need to pump out X amount
of content, but that’s going to compromise the quality of your content on Instagram,
then I don’t think that that is necessary, especially if you already are daily engaging
with your followers as much as you can. Showing Instagram that you are an active account,
building those relationships with people daily on Instagram stories are on DM. I have a feeling that you can get away with
not posting on your feed every other day or at least that’s how it’s worked for my account. That’s why if someone is putting a gun to
your head and telling you that in order to succeed on Instagram, you need to post every
day, then I definitely call that bad advice. Now, so far in this video, we talked a lot
about the bad advice. I see a lot around the internet regarding
Instagram. If you actually want to tap into good advice
or advice that I preach, make sure you join my free Facebook group. Turn your followers into clients where I dive
deeper into strategies on how you can actually convert your followers into clients for your
business. Not only this, make sure you also hit the
notification bell in order to not miss any future videos for me as well. In the meantime, while you wait for my next
video for next Sunday, make sure you also check out these two videos that I have right
here. I talk a lot about marketing, social media
and coaching, so again, make sure you check out these videos as well. As always, guys, I appreciate you. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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