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You pathetic loser. Look at yourself. Complete failure. Nothing. Nothing. Worthless. [sobs] Shut up! Shut up! I can’t stand listening
to this whining anymore. Who cares if no one paid the ransom? The rumors of the attack
brought the market down for three minutes and the stocks we shorted
made $500,000,000. [man distorted] Today, I need you to
triple the output of the seismic activity. Triple? You… you can’t be serious. [Judy] We’ll get it done. I’m happy to hear that. See? It’s a fake. No hollow echo. No nothing. A pure extract of our little virus. Straight from the magnetite.
Like fresh squeezed orange juice. Your dad’s famous tech conference
is two weeks away. I mean, where else do you find
10 billionaires under one roof? -Hello?
-[man distorted] Hello, Enzo. Who the hell is this? I’m the guy who just wired $50,000
into your account. [Jason] Thanks for this. -Anytime.
-[Jason] So, you let your father’s pathetic little speech poison your brain? Maybe you’re the one who poisons my brain. [mocking] “Maybe you’re the one
who’s poisoning my brain.” [scoffs] Typical. When it’s time to step up
and be a big boy, you cave. I’m not a murderer. Oh, we both know who you are. [whistling] Nice doing business with you. [door closes] Freedom.

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