‘Back to Business’ Recovery Concert to feature music, carnival

‘Back to Business’ Recovery Concert to feature music, carnival

speaking of pretty exciting this weekend head over to water burger field for the back to business recovery concert it’s all happening as a way of helping local businesses who are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey sunrise reporter Roland Rodriguez is there live this morning and joins us once again with information on concerts and carnivals and all kind of good stuff hey Roland hi good morning guys and good morning South Texas this big event was supposed to be taking place in the randa’s pass at the fairgrounds but since the grounds are way saturated they needed a new venue guess what water burger stepped up to the plate and we have a new venue and guess who’s joining us we have rosemary Vega from the Arantes Paz chambers commerce and we have Shelley Stewart from the Portland Chamber of Commerce ladies good morning we’re gonna start with you rosemary this event is so big because at first we’re a little nervous we didn’t we were gonna have a spot to you know put this on right we we actually had a meeting last Monday because the grounds were so saturated and it was unsafe for the stage and the carnival and just text a contact thatwe have here Maggie Hudson and you know it was a long shot for us but we were super surprised when they were absolutely excited about supporting their community event so hooks we owe it to the hooks big time they’re like our heroes for the month you gave up a pat on the back now this this event is huge because it is going back to the community get love for Moses many of us looking for the outside and we don’t see the struggle that some of these businesses are going through right and it’s a big deal for us because this is the last round that rebuilt Texas is going to give to our small businesses in terms of grants so it was up to us to speed up and do some printing makes them something happen so that we could match those funds to be able to leverage our dollars and get their matching funds alright thank you so much course little bit later in the show we’re gonna talk about who’s gonna be performing at the big event and talking about yes we’re gonna have a carnival and much much more and of course you want more information on this three-day event all you have to do is visit our website at kis tv.com

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