‘Back to Business’ Recovery Concert to feature music, carnival

‘Back to Business’ Recovery Concert to feature music, carnival

back to business every concert is happening this weekend over at Whataburger field with all of the proceeds going towards local businesses still recovering from Hurricane Harvey sunrise reporter Roland Rodriguez joins us live from water Berger field so Roland tell us more about this weekend’s event I could morning Priscilla and good morning South Texas this big concert event was supposed to be taking place in Iran just past but since the fairgrounds were too saturated and unsafe they moved it to water Burger Phil who stepped up to the plate and now we have the venue now joining us early this morning we have to my right rosemary Vega with the Aranda spaz Chamber of Commerce and we have to my left we have Shelly Stewart with the Portland Chamber of Commerce good morning Shelly this is being put together by the Coastal Bend United what exactly is the Coastal Bend United Coastal Bend United is six areas chambers that came together immediately following the hurricane to raise funds to give to bit small businesses and includes Port Aransas Rockport Fulton Aransas Pass English side Portland and the United Corpus Christi Chamber yeah besides the concert we’re going to have we are also bringing a carnival to the area for the kids and pretty much everybody who wants to enjoy or have a great time exactly we want to make this a little bit more of a family event so we added a carnival the carnival will go from Friday Saturday and Sunday as well sounds like fun now let’s talk to Rosemary with the Arend Espace Chamber of Commerce rosemary we know from looking from the outside looking in everything looks like we’re recovering but you really dig deep there are a lot of businesses that are still struggling right it is a slow recovery we’re a year and a half out and we still have lots of businesses that are either still completely down or still having minor setbacks and need a little bit of an infusion of extra dollars and this concert is going to be just that helping them get back on their feet sort of sort of you know in a way that we didn’t think about right and it’s our last opportunity to do those funds those grants those Texas rebill grants are done this is our last funding round they will no longer start working with the businesses now they’re moving on to the residents so this is our last opportunity to leverage some of that money and get some grants to our businesses real quick tell tell us some of the groups are going to be here los Valentino’s lamothe extremel the last bandoleros Rotel in the hot tomatoes haven’t been here in a while and Derrick Spence the George Strait tribute band thank you so much ladies really appreciate you guys hanging out with us this morning again the concert is Friday and Saturday but the event is Friday Saturday and Sunday if you’d like more information on the performers are when the gates open are how about ticket prices all you have to do is visit our website at Kri s tv.com again this is all for a great cause as giving back to these communities after hurricane Harvey

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