Bachelor in Business Administration – Student Svea Freiberg

Bachelor in Business Administration – Student Svea Freiberg

While I was growing up,
I worked on a farm I´ve always been someone who
loves to organize and on a farm you need to do that You need to know the cycles What needs to get done when You´re doing the things today to have a certain output in the future So you combine this short and long-term view and you have to do that in business I began to understand that
life is constantly changing and that we need to innovate
and adapt to survive and advance So now, have you ever imagined
what the world would be like without global enterprise and business? We would lose innovation entrepreneurship There would just simply be no advancement Think about it… Entrepreneurs drive innovation Every day people combine their ideas and their experiences and
their skills in novel ways to come up with things that no one
had ever thought of Every day could be a turning
point to something new Something that nobody has ever imagined If you are in an environment that pools the best knowledge industry expertise and best practices at one of the best global
business schools that really helps you to take a leap in your personal and professional
development Rather than being fed what to think we learn how to think We learn how to apply
ideas to the market Because business is not just marketing it´s not just finance it´s not just human resources We need to combine these elements
in a sensible way so you will get that output
in the long term I look back and realize that only by
planting the right seeds now I can imagine achieving international success.

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