Bach trios BWV 583 and 1080 | Team Recorder LIVE!

Bach trios BWV 583 and 1080 | Team Recorder LIVE!

Hello everybody, I’m Sarah I’m a recorder player. I’m back again with my series where you get to watch a live Performance from one of my concerts and then after the music I’m gonna tell you a little bit about the pieces this one is my trio aXalot playing something very special It’s two pieces by Bach.The one and only bach and here we play His trio in D minor, which was originally for organ. And then we go into his fugue the Contrapunctus 16 which was from the art of fugue. I hope you enjoy them So that was Trio aXolot performing a lovely bit of Bach.First piece we played the trio in D Minor is actually originally for organ, so you have to imagine me on the bass I am doing what the organist feet would be doing and José and Dodó are each One of the hands, and I find this so incredible I mean in that piece. I’m really I think to be an organist you must have to be some kind of genius Gymnast, so we arranged that basically by getting the organ music and it fit pretty nicely on recorders to be Honest sometimes we had to put some things up or down the octave It really worked the second piece -the contrapunctus- we actually have an arrangement for three recorders. I think it’s also just open source This piece is a bit more of an interesting one It’s from the art of fugue, and I found a lot of kind of random and almost conflicting information That this art of fugue was a set of fugues for unspecified Instruments, but it was actually unfinished, and I found this one with different names Some sources say it’s three voices and some four to be honest I got in a bit of a knot with this piece in terms of researching its history So if you can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated But aside from all that a fugue is a piece with multiple voices And it’s kind of got a main theme one of the voices introduces And the second voice comes in with the same And the third voice later comes in with the same And they all keep developing it and weaving it around each other so Yeah, that’s a fugue. I wonder if you could hear the voices that kept coming back I love playing Bach ove because at some point in the piece he always Reaches some kind of crazy Harmony and comes up with these chords that you would never expect and it’s just like Again, we’re playing this piece on our Peter van der Poel renaissance consort. I know that that’s not really authentic we were playing Baroque music on Renaissance instruments, but again We made the artistic choice. We like the kind of Unity that this sound gives to have these instruments all made from the same tree Literally have you played either of these pieces? I would love to hear from you There’s some really nice and some really random recordings on YouTube saxophone quartets all Kinds of instruments as always you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on my face down here in the corner up Here is a link to team record a patreon where you can choose to support the channel over Here is a link to my top 5 rock pieces because I’m feeling in the Baroque mood Thanks for watching and have a great day

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  1. we just recorded the entire The Art of Fugue, with its 14 (or 16) counterpoints and the 5 canons. We left some CDs at Amsterdam Conservatoire, after ORDA, ask Maria about that.

  2. Hi Sarah, I recently came across your 'Team Recorder' channel and am so impressed. Your wonderful natural personality and infectious enthusiasm shine out in all your videos and this makes them such a pleasure to watch. You are such a natural communicator.

    In fact, I was so impressed that I recently took the plunge and have taken up the recorder myself!!! 

    Having watched quite a number of your videos, I have found your advice absolutely invaluable. Even though I am a total beginner, it allowed me to take the plunge with confidence and purchase: a Mollenhauer Denner Alto (Grenadilla); a Mollenhauer Dream Soprano (Sparkly Blue Plastic/Wood); the Altblockflotenreise Book 1 by Daniel and Jeannette Hellbach; and the Enjoy the Recorder Alto Tutor Book 1 by Brian Bonsor. I couldn’t be happier with all of these items. 

    Yesterday was the first day I was able to play from the Altblockflotenreise book …
    And what a complete joy it was to play along to the CD to those first two mighty numbers “Los Geht’s” and “Summer Rain”. As you say, the quality of the backing tracks is superb and even though it was just Day 1, and only 3 notes were actually involved, I immediately felt like I was making music. Today found me romping through "Postcard from the East" and "Weekend" !!
    Pure pleasure. 

    Thank you so much for your wonderful channel, It really is a great achievement and I find it inspiring that you are building such a lovely recorder community. I hope everything goes beautifully for you in future.

    Kind Regards

  3. Bach + recorders + amazing musicians = mystical experience!
    Incredible how a recorder polyphony resembles an organ.
    Italian subtitles incoming next weekend. 🙂

  4. Nice video!
    But that bach is not the one and only 😉
    Nice arrangements. I think you might be able to find a bit more explicit phrasing to help the less experienced ear to recognize the structure of the music. This is problematic with organ music and organs in general, they are not very dynamic within the same register. The music tends to just be a waterfall of notes bleeding into eachother because of the resonance of church buildings. With the recorder trio you might be able to solve that even more than you already do, which would make it even better in my opinion. But im no expert…
    The recorders themselves sound great. A lot of depth.
    Must be so much fun to find pieces adaptable to play with the trio.

  5. Hi Sarah, yes I've played – contrapunctus XVI, BWV 1080 (from the Art of Fugue) in little informal groups. There is a great free score for it out there on the internet. The art of fugue does something special for me.Recorder Arrangements of all the Fugues (by Eric Haas) are being published by Recorder Music mail here in Britain but I am trying to track down the other mirror fugue and the cannons and help gratefully received. Thank for a great performance and for explaining the choice of recorders (it was the first question which came to my mind as I watched the performance).

  6. Hi, Sarah. Your videos are fun and very informative: a treasure trove of information for recorder players and students. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your talent with us. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  7. Dear Ms. Jeffrey, I like the way you say 'Bach'..utter reverence! Sure the one and only & playing from memory? Have you transcribed the Trio Sonatas BWV 525 to 530. I would love to hear those 3-part gems on recorders! Wonderful performance! Harry

  8. you're so awesome 🙂 who inspired me to pick up recorder and try out every different kind of recorder thank you so much!

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