Babin shreds Dems for blaming Mexico migrant ‘tent cities’ on Trump

Babin shreds Dems for blaming Mexico migrant ‘tent cities’ on Trump

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  1. Said GOD to the Hebrew nation: "For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land." Deut.15:11. Omar, Cortez, and other baby butchers are more concerned with illegal aliens than our American brethren.

  2. The Democratic Socialist Party are only interested in cultivating new voter base to keep them in power. They know if they rely on the nations legal citizens they are doomed. Their globalist order politics is losing its appeal the more it is being seen for what it represents.

  3. Bet all the legal pathway immigrants are sooooo happy with our Great President Trump. They wish to thank him by voting him in a second term and that’s exactly what I’ve been seeing & hearing. Good for them.

  4. Ilhan Omar said that as a reaction to the investigation on her crime in immigration.

    Let the dog bark, the show must go on.

    Work it, win it.


  5. Impose a million dollar fine for anyone housing or employing an illegal … they will deport themselves and not return …
    …. They will add to our economy as they go . and create 11 to 21 million jobs for America

  6. Who did Obama give citizenship to? Did he jump them ahead of others? No more immigrants until every American has a home.

  7. Illegals and Democrats are enslaving American Taxpayers and our children to illegals. They will bankrupt us so they can take away our votes.

  8. Green New DEAL . their will not be a tree left on the planet within three years if we abandon fossil fuels and use wood fire production !!

  9. Impose a million dollar fine for anyone housing or employing an illegal … they will deport themselves and not return …

    …. They will add to our economy as they go . and create 11 to 21 million jobs for America

  10. Dems want to let them in, in their millions, just so they all vote Dem. Its got nothing to do with helping these poor people, its about votes which means they keep their fat cat jobs. Disgusting.

  11. Mexico government and other countries should help their citizens to avoid all these mass immigration of their citizens into United states.

  12. You'd have to be completely deaf, blind and stupid to vote for ANY Democrats now. May their party be relegated to the trash heap for good in 2020.

  13. The co situation clearly states only people born to citizens under the jurisdiction of the united states shall become citizens.

  14. Well Omar they need to take those that come over here if they are anything like you they should load them on the train in cattle cars and ship them back where they come from,
    You take yourself Omar they should lock you inside a cattle car on a train and ship you as far south as they can get you and then load you on a paddle boat and and after that load you in a locked wagon and pull it with huge boar pigs and trek you all the way back to somilla.

  15. If Trump were give preferential fast track to citizenship for those illegal immigrants here who pledge their loyalty to the Republican party, the democratic party would build the wall themselves personally.

  16. I passed through matamoros and I blame the tent cities on the border on the American churches taking them clothes, tents, tarps etc. This enables the problem and causes more clean up for Mexico. Americans need to stop taking them things that make the situation worse for Mexico.

  17. It’s amazing what the right man in the White House can do. President Trump is probably the only man who could’ve done what he’s done with everyone working against him

  18. For Children born of non-citizens Make it the child is an auto citizen if conceived in the USA. If a legal immigrant mother is on the path legally to citizenship and the child is born more than 9 months after arrival then that child is a citizen. My brother is one born 3 years after we immigrated from Germany. I am a naturalized citizen coming over at 3 yrs

  19. I would rather more tent cities in Mexico than here. This coming from a woman whom does not mind pooping on the street as long as we're the ones that step in it. In her culture that is acceptable, in mine, it is not. Send her home!

  20. Fight hard, cause where they call america isn't a white people's country, they only keep colors out, those who're calling them selfs Americans r all eligal since their arrival n enjoying life over the blood from Indigenous people's, remember they've murdered innocent Indigenous with different wapens, with their hate, jealousy, rasism, don't be naïef, they didn't respected God, he's laws n creation, the time is near to reunite again, so protest n fight strong, cause its our continent

  21. Ilhan Nur Said Elmi is making a pathetic attempt in a last ditch effort to keep herself out of jail to give illegal aliens a free pass into the U.S. Her crimes have been well known for years and now they are finally doing something about her.
    It's about time. I just hope that because she entered the country using a fake name(allegedly)she will be removed and her citizenship revoked. Then she can hate America/Americans at a distance.

  22. Hundreds of Guatamalans have crossed the river into Mexico 1 day ago/didn't they see the Wall – but it's people like Cortez that encourages this- they must not even be allowed to get in line/completely shut down immigration from Mexico – period!!!!!

  23. I love love love our POTUS. Kamala Harris is an anchor baby. Neither one of her parents had the legal right to be in the USA when she was born. From where I sit, Kamala never learned to love this nation's founding. Certainly her parents could not teach her what it means to be American. From where I sit, that means she can never meet the "natural born" requirement for the presidency.

  24. Hollywood is trying to change our way of life through TV shows like 911 Lone Stars by guiltily us into helping illegals no matter the current laws..,,we the tax paying citizens need to draw the line in the sand and say no more programming! You either make a show that is entertaining without political notes or we well not watch you or honor your sponsers! Showing us as a nation who goes against our laws is why these people try to bum rush our borders!


  26. What kind of country have we become when we have a person who obviously hates the USA as a representative?

    Yeah keep letting in more immigrants and soon people like her are the only kind of reps we have.

    Sad. We are witnessing the destruction of our nation and no one is doing anything about it.

  27. Omar should be forced to live in tent City California till she gets hepatitis AIDS and send her back 2 her own country to die

  28. Omar and all the other 100k Somalies that obama flew over here need to go back to Somalia. Really. Omar does not want to integrate into America but take it over. Next we will have sharia legal. Obama is extremely wealthy now at the Americans expense. It ought to be illegal for politicians to become wealthy at out expense. Bidens too.

  29. When the population of one country is so large they can't survive and need to invade other countries mass extermination is in order. It's the human thing.

  30. The left needs to stop conflating Immigrants and illegal immigrants.

    Omar – "we must stop detaining immigrants and start giving them pathways to citizenship"

    Immigrants aren't being detained. Illegal immigrants are.

  31. No we need to get our own citizens to be trained to fill jobs. We have smart people here who are not being given access to education . Fix our country from within.

  32. YES! Thank you Mr President! Thank you Donald Trump! I can't WAIT until the truth bombs drop and ICE sends that illegal immigrant "congresswoman" back to where she came from…or to prison.

  33. Don't worry Omar , you will be deported soon for violating our immigration Laws. You have a vested interest to stay out of trouble, it won't work.

  34. Yeah the Democrats impeachments not going too good for them so they got to fall back on the immigration bill which is their problem

  35. Omar so we should just let everybody into our country and then what happens when our country becomes overcrowded and there's no more jobs because all the jobs are taken? And what do we do then

  36. Congressional Democrats need to come see the Skid Row tent city their fellow Democrats created in downtown Los Angeles.

  37. Breaking news.

    Businessman Browder said in his Twitter account that two Kremlin agents were detained in Davos who pretended to be plumbers, they were preparing an assassination attempt on President Trump.

    Here is such an interference in the elections.

  38. DemoRat promised our American Citizens rights and gave those Rights Away to lllegals First! Payed for on our dime. Have a good day working today America! Remember every minute you work .28 to .37 cents goes to the Government! Helping these unconstitutional illegal payments to our government! Spending that money with no limits and collecting it for their own pockets.

  39. AOC…. there are pathways to citizenship, and millions have used it. Don't blame Trump because so many want to bypass those pathways and do it illegally. The immigration laws were written LONG BEFORE Trump became president. He only doing the job he was elected to do, and enforcing the law.

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