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  1. My contry was in Sultans control over 500 hundred years and we are learning in school how Sultans are actually like this and they are really messed up, just one Sultan married in hole sultan history other has 50 lovers and they while they are in Europe f**ed other Cristian girls and it wans very messed up time…

  2. i saw the ads for game of sultans a while ago and i got really curious and it’s nothing like the fucking ads it’s like a shitty strategy war game sorta

  3. I feel bad for the artists for game of sultans, they’re super talented and the arts legitimately great, but it’s tainted by the weird ass adverts

  4. On this video I got an ad where a man seduces a sentient klondike bar away from another man and then eats it. It seemed kinda racist too, just to really make it an uncomfortable experience

  5. Game of Sultans is nothing like their ads. Making a video of yourself playing it probably wouldn't be very interesting, it's a pretty basic game…

  6. If you reach level two your a pumpkin, but I’m level 1,756…

    Guess I’m legally 878 pumpkins.

    Correct me if my math is wrong

  7. The swallow the Big Ben one is probably some game where you are a hole and get bigger with everything that falls into you

  8. I got a ad about the game chapters it was like
    A girl and a boy went on a date and the girl accidentally spill a drink on his shirt and the options were him my abs
    2.i forget about this option (you choose comment a 2.option)

  9. I play Game of Sultans and it's literally nothing like the ads. At all. Though it's still highly addictive 🙃

  10. danny at a job interview

    Interviewer: so what are your life accomplishments?

    Danny: well… I am legally a pumpkin….

  11. I’ve been playing game of sultans for 3 months now and it’s nothing like that but I did kind of laugh at this advertisement

  12. 4:25 I’m not trying to stand up for these trash ads, but that game is played by moving a hole to swallow objects by going under them, so that would make sense (other than the false advertising)

  13. I don’t understand why telling a fat person not to eat is bad??? If I had a child that’s fat/obese/overweight yes I would want him/she to lose weight. When I was a child my mom and people would call me skinny and tell me I had to eat. Being fat is not healthy and realistically not attractive either. Same in my case when I was a skeleton it is not attractive and it is not healthy.

  14. that anxiety ad is fucking dumb. i get anxiety. and whoever made that ad has never had anxiety. 0/10 fuckin awful ad.

  15. Game of Sultans actually has none of this content. Yes, you are a sultan in the Ottoman Empire and have multiple wives. And maid and concubine refer to the level of your consort, you can choose to promote them within the empire. There is no abandoning kids or fat shaming daughters or wife slapping. I question if these are actually official ads, because the game is actually challenging and while you can make the argument for it being sexist because of the time it portrays, these ads do not accurately represent what is in GOS.

  16. Me: *laying in a pumpkin patch*
    Guard: “Hey! Why are you here at 2am? We’re closed!”
    Me: ”But I reached level two!”
    Guard: “…What?”
    Me: “So I’m legally a pumpkin”
    Guard: “I-“
    Me: *rolls around*

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