(AV17637) The Business of Geek: Film, Comics and Gaming

(AV17637) The Business of Geek:  Film, Comics and Gaming

I’m so I’m to run this on the background
there’s a little bit of primer that you guys basically keep going as we go along
you sort of people a sense for the larger trend so as these goes this goes on your
consistent areas supposed to say si students are being done at the surface
preparation that’s three years old it’s already obsolete that it’s the young
people who well they’ll have harder time let’s say the visits for the transition
they’re one of the most time I so it’s not you know is in relationship business at the end
of the day earlier the younger you are now not to go to those relationships was
easier a lot of ways that it’s ever back and more importantly cultivate things
you do that I do more business on Facebook technology so your family your big break or an enemy see how it’s
really two parts approaching okay it’s a good movie and it has the season complex
dirty guys they’re seeing that movie was at a rock station we’re touching station
and it goes to Washington DC that country station I let’s go in turn six months 40 hours a week for
free lived on to baked potatoes and a new bare-knuckle cannibal for lunch and
ramen for six months as the best experience I have and basically metal
backing within four years of those of it now to say within my four years of movie
without thank you and so because you never know and the key really to any
opportunity is understanding when that opportunity walks upon your face and
that you know what might thank you ten years to go perseverance that will
ultimately depend on and so Rose there pretty quickly to BP to those cutbacks
those ready or these things are playing that if the shoot-’em-up and that’s what
I started writing comical to producer she said hey buck wanna bring over your
salary with the disaster I said although we went over there
very sort of unique but a good sort of crazy experience
frankly problems still be there except the crazy thing happened which is my
comics people and they didn’t know all that whether this is maybe pen start
looking at this from a different and what he did leads into the crux of this
which is that the market is going on the business and very big position by virtue
of having credibility in outer space in sort of the general each space and
industry itself to go and actually in Australia literally in pink jackets
office set yourself up so that I could come
home and within two months resign my position the terms I which in turn was their function that
people eat which has taken over my life three months of crazy post on social
networking and basically built out a sort of place work for myself a matter D
friends in the industry could go there people are dust and all of these things
were designed to feed off each other they’re all well koalas by their very
nature when any new timeline that we the biggest opportunity so well well you know and so what is that to do with that is what were to call
these this is there but it’s coming you’re going to
ultimately get it again all right you get digital future here
Google brought all these things when you’re absolutely comfortable you’re
basically to go did we get that worldwide
daily date with every format different pricing tiers okay so open box first of
all okay because but end of the day that’s
what shows that when every span for the fare is decreasing increasing
exponentially because that wouldn’t be snowing on the weekend than ever okay okay and so we start off 2/3 so that
happens to them so we tackle not so much these movies as
one of them to learn another clash of titans 200 billion dollar movie Paris’s
company major major issue which is body roll hydrated dating and more so 3d and
as we see the functional aspect 3d that ostensibly exists because we want to what do there’s a reason why all right
we can pretty much Jason two months later everything okay there’s
a reason that every 45 but the fact is right all these times how about 2000 so
already that paper because these things are cheap Lisa’s bats so you’re looking
down our path between demands computer consumer the changing face and windows
or distribution hi personal cell and a studio model that
is just by its very nature capable of original interior some kind of get and
ultimately that puts the challenge I’m again if you look at here the Disney
point as well Disney now as DVD sales fall at small comment squad Disney’s
people with known characters like marble out there’s a reason seize the over
basic pork-belly inform our there’s a reason okay yeah Oh okay which is Oh there was a huge week article about two
years ago for another play that said that said George this is the point as well not a movie
star not a movie star 2 billion hour the box-office struggles
into the hospital so well if you there was a pretty much out and give up
to the time did succeed because the the big issues hopefully they don’t know the
defects was was instead of a the Moldy that was you know letterbox or the y3
you got against can no throws dish and again just a sign of the times point
again Monster Squad so what you do is okay well here’s one believer that were
smarter or at the very least are trying to do to make us of this part of the
idea we’re just all and so this is all about
is going out there between you guys that it’s on you at a certain public
Thibodeau she got Bonneville a business to go take the fight to them take it
back it’s only two colorful ships to run interference on this time what you’re
going to learn this yeah for the point is though that’s fine but that’s okay you can do very well if the sizzles
again o’clock alright geeks at John Gerdes audience is worth 20 million 15 the movie good movie that works here there’s a positional yeah it’s what we
do I have a little bit but it’s fun it’s really true okay you’re seeing local language productions
are we making anything up there we are doing okay
this genius business the guy available there is using common order goes missing
at college okay experience so understand don’t pick somebody else up there that’s
too cool I think it’s it’s kind of regretted for large level TV guys are
stupid they’ve got a live event we’re really doing much better stuff now
certainly The Sopranos at the two large level actions for the shield personally
but there’s an underserved audience here I mean breaking backwards it’s really
good show every day today whereas therican existed you know that
said when’s the party he’s been doing because I look and they trying to do
he’ll try to address PhD other trade rights all the different titles so that was written by the DVD market you
can watch these shows washes forward back
the answer we market our exhibition now it’ll be a minute sure sure the part of what came across
some expensive shell I do actually maybe something more like the other the
British TV model where they do short us use it laughter who’s there 13 episodes
where they get any better than the last if they really know and it’s not not
going to officer orders it’s it’s contained more instances back door I’m also somewhat because of attrition a
unique natural experience will always existed to some it’s a cheap date it’s
stupid so Oh okay

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