Automated Data Management: An Introduction to iRODS

Automated Data Management: An Introduction to iRODS

iRODS is a open-source data management
platform that runs in a distributed fashion and allows users to abstract
both the infrastructure that underlies the scientific process as well as the
users and the data from change a lot of the organizations that come and find
iRODS usually are in a situation they’ve already got a problem either they’ve
they’ve grown and they’re big or they’ve got some storage technology they bought
something else and now they have their stuff in two places or five places or
eight places so we have a common API that sits on top of all of the
infrastructure from storage all the way out to compute and discovery and that is
what we assume is going to grow and shift and change into the future and
you’re going to buy new computers you’re going to have to retire storage and that
data is the thing that you have to preserve so we take a hundred two
hundred year view on data management if the technology under you changes or is
being changed by your technology vendor then you have to buy something new and
so with an open source solution it’s more flexible and gives gives you a
choice tomorrow to decide – to pick the best thing that can do the job
iRODS is middleware if we’re doing our job right no one even knows it’s there –
the actual end users iRODS should be a folder on the desktop or it should be a
rich web experience and then what happens under the covers should not
matter at all there could just be this vast machine with all the gears turning
underneath and they have no idea and that means we’ve done our job well

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