Australia Scholarships Tips | Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

Australia Scholarships Tips | Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

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  1. Hi, I do have a few queries:

    1. Does this program pay the tuition fees before arriving to Australia?. I read that I'm required to have a Confirmation of Enrolment before applying for a study visa and, as you know, this is granted by the university once you have paid the semester fees. The same goes for health insurance, visa applications require it.

    2. When does this program provide the allowance payment (travel and establishment)?

    3. Do they deposit the monthly stipend on time?

    4. Do they provide a new bank account where the deposits are made or do I have to provide my personal bank account?

    The next one is personal:

    5. Do you work? If so, how was the process? Did you have difficulties finding a new job?

    Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.

  2. Hi, quick question. My semester starts in May 2019 and the applications start in December 2019, but the last date for the Endeavour leadership scholarship is Nov 15 , 2019. Does this mean that I can't apply ?

  3. Hello, I am studying in Australia, but I want to try the scholarship for next year. Can I send the application with my Letter of Offer or I need to pay the first tuition to receive the Enrolment Letter? And in your video you say we can send it first so they can look before we submit, who do I do that?

  4. Hi,

    I'm looking to apply for a masters course at the University of Sydney. It claims there is an application fee that applies to international students, is this something you came across? Because there's a chance I won't get accepted onto the course and furthermore accepted onto the endeavour scholarship.

    Also they have explained that someone from the university has to be willing to report back to them, did you build these bridges after getting accepted onto the course via a standard application, include the details in your application or did you get a place by contacting the university directly?

    Thank you for your help!

  5. Thank you for the video, it help a lot new applycantions like me. Where i can find someone ou something to correct my statements. Because in the video, seems like your application has been correct by someone.

  6. Hello,
    I think i understood the papers the scholarship needs. However, how can i apply for this scholarship??

    Its full funded one right??

  7. Excuse me, I can choose only one university, right?
    Plus, am I eligible for scholarship if that degree require me to study for 2 years and a half? Should I consider on choosing another University? Appreciate your response!!

  8. Plz can u explain what is the difference between leadership and fellowship and internship
    These confusing me a lot and I am Not sure if I am qualified??

  9. Thanks a lot for the explanation.
    if you do not mind, could you help me in this:
    I got offers from Bond university , the university of wollongonge ans university of NSW as following:
    1- Bond University > Master of Construction Practice/Master of Project Management
    2- University of Wollongonge > Master of Engineering (Civil Engineering)
    3- NSW>Engineering Science>>Academic Plan: Structural Engineering>>Program Type: Masters Degree (Coursework
    The thing is:
    * In the section of leadership activity details what the field of study can I choose so it can be related to the program that I will choose from one of the above.
    * Should we mention the home organization in that section, if yes, what should we write?
    * Is the acceptance from the endeavour leadership program depends, in a way or another, on the university that I am applying to, its tuition fees and the the program?.

    One more thing, could you please further explain how to make a good response to the questions in "Assessment Criteria"

  10. This year's application is now closed
    and I will start my master degree next year(2019).

    Can I apply for this for 2020 even I will be studying at that time??

  11. Sir i got a offer letter from University of Western Australia now I am eligible for applying this scholarship

  12. Hi guys, I think there will be no further rounds of the Endeavour Leadership Program (ELP). see:

  13. Hi, nice video.

    I am looking in Endeavour's website the round applications for 2020, but I could not find.

    Can you please provide the link?

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