AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Firmware 3.0.16 New Features!

so AtGames has blessed us with yet another
amazing firmware update we’ve got two exciting features to talk about in this
latest firmware update three point 0.16 and we’re going to get into it right
after this so we’re getting a brand new firmware
update on Wednesday morning and I’m gonna go over two of the most important
updates that we’re getting on this firmware update and show you a little
about what we’re getting so number one excuse the voice I sound a little extra
very white more than normal because I’m getting over a cold so I’m a little bit
nasally but regardless we got some amazing new features as part of the new
firmware so the firmware update we’ve got us three point 0.16 this is what
we’ll be releasing to the public on Wednesday morning and with it the two
biggest features that caught my eye with it is number one we now have button
mapping control for our uploaded games or our games that we’re adding via USB
so I’ve got my USB add-on with all my games on it plug it in there wait for
our games to load up and then you will see just how easy it is to go ahead and
remap and reconfigure your buttons on the games you’ve added via USB now that
we’ve got our add-on popped up let’s go find a game that uses multiple buttons
let’s see here oh let’s go with do SNK vs. Capcom doesn’t use all six buttons
but it uses four so you’ll get the gist of it when I show you just how simple
this is but I’m very excited about this because a lot of these games they’re
great to play in everything but maybe the button layout just isn’t fitting
your particular playing style maybe you want the buttons punch the buttons to be
more in line I’m going to show you just how simple that is
we’re gonna hit start we’re two players just so I don’t have to worry about
fighting and trying to instruct somebody at the same time so I’ll get through
here real quick so I will pick ryu and i’ll player to
Chumlee oops okay well I picked Chumlee and what
pay attention I’m Chun Li player two is Ryu anyways punch a button B is a kick C
is a punch X is a kick so say I wanted a and B together and I wanted both my
punches you know next next to each other as opposed to B and spread out with a
and C I could do this two different ways I can hit hold start hold a and hit
right on my joystick and it brings up this menu and I can reconfigure my
buttons so player one it’s just telling me a b and c XYZ what do i want to
assign so I’m gonna a 4a I’m okay with that punch button B it’s a kick I don’t
want it to be a kick I want it to be that C button punch so I’m gonna hit C
and then for the C button I’m gonna invert that so I’m gonna hit B and then
XYZ I’m gonna leave the same it’s gonna go over to player to do I want to change
that yes or no same kind of thing if I wanted that but for the sake of this
video I’m just gonna blaze through it maybe C X Y C so now you’ll see
Chumley’s punching a punching be kicking c kicking X so I’ve got my punches in
line I’ve got my kicks in line so to speak you don’t want to do it that way
there’s actually an easy way to do it you can hit menu we can go down to
button mapping so previously all this used to ever do is just show this
beautiful picture of the control panel it didn’t actually let you really
configure anything we can actually configure the buttons this way so we can
go in this way once I hit a to key config its gonna do the same thing so if
I want to reset everything I just did a b c XYZ turn it over to player 2 ABC XYZ
and then we’re good so that is how you configure buttons on your add-on games
very simple and the next feature we got is some spinner sensitivity adjustments
so we can go over to our settings menu and you’ll see we now have a new little
box here spinner sensitivity settings so go down and we’ll select it
and now you can see we have low default and high spinner settings so games like
tempest say you’re playing it you don’t like the default setting you think it’s
spinning too slow or too fast you go one way or the other so we’ll show you what
it looks like on all three settings just so you kind of get a feel of what it
really does for the game so we’re gonna leave it a default backup and go to
tempest really quick and we’ll see what the basic spinner speed that looks like
on the default setting so this is the default setting I’m just going to spin
it give it a whirl and that’s what it looks like or back out I’m gonna go
change the settings so go over settings menu try not to pass it and let’s say
we’ll slow it down we want to go to the low setting go back to our games go back into Tempest and we’ll see how
that effects it let’s give it a whirl so it is a little
bit slower I’m not gonna say drastic by any means but they’ll definitely notice
it being less touchy and we’ll back out and we’ll go to the high speed setting
and see what that looks like see if this gets exponentially faster or if it’s
just more sensitive overall okay I’m just gonna say honestly I think it’s
marginal difference between all three settings I don’t think it’s a too crazy
of a deal one way or the other but I mean you definitely if you’re familiar
with these games you’ll notice subtle tweaks but they’re not as shocking as I
was kind of anticipating I thought one was gonna be super slow one was gonna be
super fast but they’re they’re very minor which is probably for the best for
these type of games so enjoy those last but not least the last thing we got was
some corrections to the leaderboards on BurgerTime so there was some funky
things going on with the BurgerTime leaderboards they’ve kind of fixed that
in the background so no no worries there it’s now corrected and fixed and that’s
all we got that is the three point 0.16 firmware update and a nutshell hope you
guys enjoy it hope you guys enjoyed the video if you do please consider
subscribing make sure you hit that notification Bell should be the first
know every time I upload more great content like this and as always thanks
for watching guys it really means a lot

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