AT Device Feature | Serene Business Phone Amplifier

AT Device Feature | Serene Business Phone Amplifier

This is the Serene Business Phone Amplifier,
designed to increase the volume and clarity of conversations on almost any business phone. The amplifier will run on a 9-volt battery,
or by plugging into an electrical outlet. To set it up, first plug the power adapter into
the wall, and into the back of the device. Then plug in the cord from the bottom of the
phone handset to the bottom of the amplifier. Connect the included short cord from the back
of the amplifier to the base of the phone. Now connect the headset to the headset adapter. Plug the end into the bottom of the device. On the right side of the device, set the tone
to 2 and the compatibility to 1. Using the rotary volume control, set it to
halfway. On the bottom side of the device, set the
mic/polarity switch to 1. To use the phone, remove the handset from
the phone so that it is off hook while you’re using it. Press the headset switch to use the amplifier
with the headset. The light will turn on. You can now begin using your phone with the
amplifier! The Serene Business Phone Amplifier is one
of many items available for loan from Oklahoma ABLE Tech. To learn about ABLE Tech’s Device Loan Program,
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