ASMR SPICY SAUSAGE STEW & STRETCHY CHEESE 레시피|우동사리 추가해 만든 부대찌개와 갓김치, 백김치 먹방 MUKBANG

ASMR SPICY SAUSAGE STEW & STRETCHY CHEESE 레시피|우동사리 추가해 만든 부대찌개와 갓김치, 백김치 먹방 MUKBANG

I started by frying the meats to get them charred I add them back in at the end now i’m adding the kimchi that came in the pack It’s an older kimchi that means it’s very sour a bit too sour actually but perfect for stews it adds great flavour whether fried or not I personally prefer my kimchi fried when adding it to a stew I just filled up the kimchi bag with some water we will add this in shortly now we’re adding in the onions and hot green pepper I’m actually cooking the food in a specific order to enhance the flavours leaving the zucchini and green onions for last to keep their colour and texture as for the onions and hot pepper i’ve decided to cook them first the heat helps bring out the natural sugars and more flavour I was surprised with how tasty this pork bone broth is I need to make my own it’s just unfortunate my Toronto apartment has such a small fridge I’m actually very limited with the type of cooking I can do the next apartment I get will be smaller with a better kitchen actually not so oddly enough the kitchen is the only furnished room in my apartment I have this weird tendency to only furnish this room I think it’s because it’s always been my favourite and I don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on an apartment I don’t own hopefully soon I will own my own apartment so I can furnish it nicely this is cream with potato in it I had extra from a video I haven’t posted yet it’s called Aligot (cheesy potatoes) a french recipe actually you guys helped me figure out the correct terminology before I thought it was just a cool kitchen hack to make your cheese extra stretchy I actually never used a recipe to make Aligot I just used the knowledge I acquired in culinary school to make it the only thing I knew in advance were the ingredients, of course ok the food is just about done

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  1. OMG😍😍😍 I love it!! The foood, the cooking, the gorgeous chef😍😍 keep it up veronica you’re doing amazing sweetie!! 💗💗

  2. Omg that stew(부대찌개) is one of my favourite! I always put ham, sausage, tofu and a lot of kimchi in there. I am glad to see that food on your channel!

  3. I love your short and clean nails,, very hygiene (preparing food),, other mukbangers hv those long acrylic nails looks discusting actually,, 😂

  4. What I like about Veronica's mukbangs is that she cooks, and prepares her meals, and it feels like an actual TV show.

  5. Oh my word, I’ve always wanted to try one of those meals kits also. I did a drink lot once but that’s it. The meal looked super spicy and delish. Cheese pulls on point!

  6. Did she say those are dumplings??? Wtf kind and how did our gorgeous Veronica cook those delicious things. Please do tell! 🙏❤️😘

  7. Veronica Wang I think I’m just slow but how do I mail you items. I saw the address and was HELLA confused. (American confusion). Thank you for the awesome videos and staying tuff.

  8. Hi Veronica , I enjoy your videos , but I have a question for you
    Do you do IF eating one meal a day ???
    And how do you stay slim eating all that food ?
    Thank you and god bless you

  9. Girl, I love how you have a perfectly working stove behind you but you use the portable gas burner. So Asian and I love it! 🤣

  10. Girl! All this looks amazing. I have the day off tomorrow and I was so happy to see this video tonight! I'm chillen at home, just took some melatonin and CBD and I'm gonna fall asleep to this video! Keep up the awesome content!

  11. wow!! i have an idea! it already makes the cheese spicy but! what it you added a type or paste or something to make it infused?

  12. Wtheck! Your H Mart is way better ! We don't have those kits or the strawberry milk . Well that brand of milk anyways !

  13. You always have great hair, but I do really love your hair in this video! Still loving your channel, and still loving your zest for trying new things! You are always amazing 😊❤️

  14. veronica, hunnay, you need to quit it with the stringy bleached out highlights around your gorgeous face. it makes you look aged 20 years. stick with one color.

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