As a Youtuber, what’s the best and worst memory of Cathy Cat

As a Youtuber, what’s the best  and worst memory of Cathy Cat

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  1. Thanks for always putting good vibes out Cathy! Your videos always make me so happy! Also director-san of course! Thanks for your hard work!

  2. The guy coming into the shot and your reaction! 😂 I love it when you guys keep the small bloopers in the video. Thanks for the video and have a great day and a Happy Halloween! 🎃

  3. すみませんが、題名のなかにちいさい間違があります。「As a Youtuber, what are Cathy Cat's best and worst memories」のほうがいいです。Cathy Cat のビデオはいつも大好きですよ。

  4. Oh and Cathy Cat. Yeah.. I sort of don't go to Japan. The only reason for travel back then was because I had a girlfriend over there. We broke up and now there is no reason to go there. Also I am needed here. These are really bad people over here with vows to kill no matter what. Also to come at us afterwards. There is no point in leaving my family when this is a war between the country and us. They are not going to stop and it is that personal on both ends. Then to live and continue after they killed us all. While us being in self defense and to make sure the threats are eliminated. So there is no Japan. Also a lot of stuff too like health and more. I got hit bad myself.

  5. My worst day in Japan, was my first day in Japan. I arrived at Narita Airport had no money on me because I thought it would be easy to drain money at an ATM at the airport and… Yeah it was not, my card got blocked, because apperantly I have to inform my Bank when I am traveling and want to use my creditcard… I panicked and was nearly crying but then a nice lady paid for my train ticket to Tokio that I could at least get to my hotel

  6. とにかく病気にならなかったことだけ相当、カティは強運の持ち主だよね

  7. my best memory was her program about how to learn Japanese as it paralled my efforts to learn German, my worst memory was when I posted laudatory comments to that ep, was deleted, reposted the same comment an was deleted again. I have unfollowed the series now.

  8. A video by Cathy is always a good way to start your day.
    BUT if I might Cathy or Director san, the title is a bit misleading. At first glance it looks like you are ASKING US what we thought were the best and worst of Cathy's videos as opposed to

    "As a youtuber What does Cathy think were her best and worst memories in Tokyo."

    Sorry do not mean to be a grammer jerk just thought I'd mention it.

  9. 日本では巻き舌はいい印象がないんですが、キャティーさんの巻き舌はチャーミングですね。声のせいかなぁ。応援しています☆

  10. It would be funny to meet you fortuitously when I'm in Tokyo 😅 Next Tuesday my trip to Tokyo finally starts 💪🏻

  11. Wow what's with some of these comments today? So weird.
    Great video thank you for sharing those experiences with us Cathy Cat!

  12. シェアハウスじゃ無く、自分の部屋にバス、トイレが有るマンションに引っ越したら~
    困った時は近くの警察(交番)へ行こう 過去は戻らないが、その時警察へ行けば調べて大家さんに連絡してくれたと思うよ 日本の警察は優しいからね 
    ま~良い友達が居て良かったな が、しかし、大家さんがスペアキーを作りなさいと言っても、トイレに行くのにキーを忘れたら一緒の状態に成るな
    カティーはマヌケか?あっスマン言い方が悪かった おっちょこちょいか?
    因みに、俺はカティーの給料を知らない 当たり前か^^
    俺も道ですれ違ったら、ハ~イ、カティーと挨拶する事にしよう でも、当分は東京に行く用事が無いのが残念だ
    処で、カティーは日本にずっと住む予定なのか?         おしまい。

  13. Hang in there Cathy Cat, you over came one of the biggest fears everyone has when facing the worst case scenario in a foreign land =3

  14. I don't have any memories in Japan just yet 🤔 but when I finally do! (best or worst), will be definitely sharing them. Ohhhh, yay! To the Puertorican girl representing 🇵🇷🥰

  15. 地震や台風、災害時の外国人旅行者に対する日本の対応はどう思いますか?19号の時、新宿で外を歩いてたのは外国人旅行者だけだった話を聞きました。情報の英語等でのアナウンスとか十分なのか気になります。

  16. My dorm room in university had the same kind of thing. A shared bathroom between two rooms, and the lock was on the outside of the door. Terrible when the suitemates vomit everywhere and don't clean it up 😠

  17. I think it'd be interesting to see a video or vlig type thing on how you guys shoot/plan/edit all the interviews on the channel

  18. My best memory of living here in Tokyo :
    9 years ago, I came to this wonderful city in a springtime, and all the cherry blossoms were in full blooms.
    One warm afternoon, I was sitting inside a classroom ( I took a language course 3 times a week ), feeling really bored and just staring outside the window at the sight of Tokyo Sky Tree Tower.
    As the lesson progressed the class got warmer, so Nishimura san ( the teacher ) opened the windows.

    Suddenly, a gust of strong wind was blowing and millions of pink and white cherry blossoms petals were blown inside the classroom. They were swirling in the air for a few seconds before collapsing on the floor.
    The simple beauty of it was just too memorable.

  19. Moonie Cathy Cat! so please you have settled down in Japan making it your homely, home I bet you have had many ups and down on your journey and as i have followed you on you tube journey! i have seen a lot a fun, happiness and a lot of warmth coming from you Moonie Cathy Cat ,I have to say one very tough bird ,very brave and one so adorable, very cute funny lovely a lot of warmth and wonderful young lady indeed you keep going girl you have a lovely and beautiful future ahead of you!XXX your friend Pegasus!

  20. いつもかわいいし、理性的で感覚的で、らしさが出ています。

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