Article 15 – Trailer | Ayushmann Khurrana | Anubhav Sinha | Releasing on 28June2019

Article 15 – Trailer | Ayushmann Khurrana | Anubhav Sinha | Releasing on 28June2019

We’re invisible to them. Sometimes we’re called Untouchables.
Or Scheduled caste. But we’re never counted
as ordinary citizens. No more begging for justice. The girls were cousins. Too intimate,
so their fathers hung them. – Where’s the third girl?
– No sign of her, sir. Were they lower caste? – You need a hero, Aditi.
– No, Ayan. We need people who don’t wait
for a hero. – No report filed?
– Sir, the case didn’t seem serious. – When is it serious?
– They always file phoney cases. An honour killing. Our daughters were murdered.
And they’re framing us. Anshu Naharia hit Pooja. They wanted a 3-rupee raise. – How much?
– 3 rupees. – Case closed, sir.
– Who is Anshu Naharia? We must keep them in their place.
Or work stops. – Their place?
– The place we allow them. We won’t find her.
It’s been 3 days. Will we ever find her? – Who did this?
– Mahantji’s boys. – Who is Mahantji?
– Mahantji is Mahantji. – Is he upper caste?
– A Brahmin. – Jatav, are you lower caste?
– Yes, sir. – Same as the boys?
– No. I’m a Chamar. They’re Pasis. – And you?
– A Kayasth, sir. – And me?
– A Brahmin, sir. So Mahantji and I are
the same caste? He’s a Kanyakubj Brahmin,
higher Brahmin. You’re a Saryuparin Brahmin. What the f*** is going on here? – Was it a rape?
– Gang rape. They ignore the Constitution
but swear by it. We must fight, Nishad. They must obey the Constitution.
Then we’ll progress. The girls asked for a 3-rupee raise. That buys a few sips
of your mineral water. A mistake got them raped. They were killed and hung from a tree
so their caste remembers their place.

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  1. One of the best film I ever watched…..
    Per mai bhi ye sb bachpan se dekhta aa rha hu… Because iam a villager….
    Mere hisab se mujhe solution bhi pta hai….Wo hai.. RELATION….
    Between..Uper cast. And backward cast…
    Like… MARRIAGE..And many other ways we have…
    ..But koi ni krta kisi me himmat bhi ni..Hai..
    Because of our mentality…And.. Society….
    That's all..
    ..And I request INDIAN CINEMA …To make film..s..On..Our.. Society..

  2. Watched this one, loved the last scene when one whining of horn destroyed the caste system, which is literally awesome. (Anurag Kashyap) when i saw him in the direction and writers list, i know some thing he will leave about his mark, that was, defending kanhaya Kumar, dalit leaders those are whining in the name of ajadi. I know what was your msg. Yes dalit people are suffering,but kanhaya Kumar will not decide for their fate made by some communism agenda,that is what you have fried very well Mr. Kashyap.

  3. Why indians are still divided on the basis of caste ???
    After death all are equal
    Caste system is a bleady bullshit created by some foolish ancestors…
    ?Now it's the time to throw them away
    Jaihind ???????

  4. This film is now available on Netflix….its a must watch film…those who haven't watched it yet plz go and stream it on Netflix…!

  5. Badi jati KO toh college mai admission krne ke liye bhi toh 90ya 70 percent Lana pdta hai aur jarori nhi ki har badi jati praise wali hu engineering me badi jati KO 1lakh bhar na pdta hai aur choti jati KO 500 ya 1000 thats not right

  6. Very nice movie..Ayushman needs another National award for this movie…BGM is amazing……I wish all cops are like Additional Commissioner Ranjan…

  7. Pehle I didn't use to discriminate between SC/ST/OBC/GEN. pr jab se reservation system pata chala hai,,,, in chootiyon par main aur mere saare BECHAARE general waale dost thookte bhi nahi.

  8. Mere Huzoor Paak Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H ne zaat-paat or rang-o-nasal ka farq 1400 saal pehle khtm krdiya tha !!
    Un par laakhon salam ❤️

  9. i just watched this movie on netflix
    i am from Pakistan
    why we always talk about war between Pak And India
    we love Pakistan And u love India thats it
    lets have a war against injustice against poverty against discriminatin

  10. idk why they think they look cool with moustache. I don't even like this style. come on man its 2019 not 1980's. No body keep moustache anymore. they are like you need to keep moustache cause you are a policeman or army. you don't even look like a lion or tiger. you are just a human being. I feel weird

  11. I'll happily give up my reservation when people stop asking me about my caste, stop biasing others because of their caste and when my people get the respect that was promised when the constitution was made!

  12. This movie is an eye opener. There isn't much suppression or exploitation in urban cities but go to rural areas you will realise the problem. People say reservations should be banned but ask them who suffers when they aren't allowed to sit in the class, visit temple etc. Reservation na hota to mitaa diye jate but yes now it should be on the basis of poverty only. Of a sc, St or obc community person is an educated one and can survive there should be no reservation. I never took it and proud of my caste. Phaad ke rakh dun Jo kare exploitation apne sath. ?

  13. Makers had a very good subject to cover but the film is too slow and gets so boring at times…I had a huge expectations from this film but ends being completely bakwas.

  14. i sulit To the Director to Showing the real Face Of india On this Film….
    this is the Sotry of Every indian Village and Citys….
    I hope Indian Learn Some Thing From This Movie And Out of The Rapiest Countrys In first position…..

  15. I wish the Indian right wing public stops the deadly and dangerous raping of anything and everything that comes in their way abusing any and every religion. I just want to request such people to kindly spare the innocent babies, women, men and animals around them and to keep their lust in control. Every time a being with a heart gets raped, humanity reduces itself to the level lower than that of animals. More so the Indians.

  16. What a superb masterpiece leaving so much to think and ponder . Truely presented the rural society behaviour and their thinking in relation to cast system.

  17. Best dialogues were "hero nai chahye, woh log chahye jo hero ka wait na karin", "yeh us kitaab ki nai chalne daite jis ki yeh shapat laite hain" what a great message and movie, love from Pakistan

  18. Article 15 film really touching… anyone who is separate by caste …brothers and sisters please come to kerala and do jobs will get good salary compared to your state…no one will beat you… every indians are same…why are these castism…

  19. Kashmir ma jo ho raha hai wo bhi tu yahi chal raha hai us par koi awaz nhi uthaye ga jab musalman ka khon behta hai

  20. Just watched the film, oh what a movie, plz do movies like this, as Indians we want to see like these movies… thanx for this film

  21. यह फिल्म बन्द कर देनी चाहिए, इसे चलने ना दिया जाए।
    यह जाति विशेष को भड़काने वाली फिल्म है, कृपया अतिशीघ्र बन्द करें

  22. We need more movies like these which is based on shocking true reality in our society rather than other bullshit movies which make just for entertain to people.

  23. इस गाँडू ने इस फ़िल्म मे समानता के अधिकार को बताया है लेकिन इसने ये नी बताया कि किसी एक्ज़ाम मे सवर्ण का लडका 100 नम्बर लाके भी फ़ेल हो जाता ह ओर केटेगरी वाला 25 नम्बर लाके भी पास हो जाता है… जय भीम…

  24. Abe bhoshdi ke tere baba saheb ne arakshan bhi temporary banaya tha tum to permanant manne lage
    Sale jyada baba shaheb ke pujari ho to chodo arakshan

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