Argent the Consortium in about 3 minutes

Argent the Consortium in about 3 minutes

hello and welcome to argent the
consortium in about three minutes it is a game for 2 to 5 players there is no solo mode playing time is around 2 to 3 hours it’s a pretty complex game the Chancellor of argent University of magic is stepping down and a secret cabal of powerful wizards is deciding who will be their replacement you’re one of the senior members of the faculty and you have only a few days to amass supporters power and influence in order to demonstrate to the consortium that you
are the logical choice to lead the university the winner of this game is the player with the most votes at the end of the game most of the voters identities
are hidden at the start of the game and you will discover what they want as the
game progresses the game ends after five or six rounds competitive: There can only be one chancellor at argent worker placement: placing mages in room spaces gains your resources and power engine building: supporters, spells and treasures can be combined to make powerful combinations of effects at the start of the game select a character take their starter spell, two wizards
matching their color and three others of your choice place one mark on a voter.
That allows you to privately look at them Every time you place a mark you
choose a new voter to examine the main resources in this game are money, mana, merit badges, marks, mages, intelligence and wisdom your turn consists of an optional fast action and one main action fast actions have this symbol and they
must be done before you take your main action placing a mage is an action but
you will normally not gain the benefits of that placement until the end of the round spaces with this symbol require you to have a merit badge to use them and these slots here are for shadowing mages which you can do with spells and effects each different type of mage also has a special ability for example planar mages can be placed as a fast action You can also cast a spell as an action paying the mana cost and tapping it you can use supporters or treasures used supporters and consumable treasures go to your personal discard and count at the end of
the game for scoring finally you can claim a bell tower card as an action and when the last card is picked the round is over you then activate each room
starting at the top left working across and down the player with the mage at
each spot gains to benefits listed for example six gold or three mana mages in regular slots resolved before ones in shadow slots merit badge slots require you to use that merit badge for this round spells can be learned using research by placing intelligence on that spell spells can also be powered up using wisdom and research supporters, basic resources, influence, marks and treasures are all gained from rooms if this is the last turn turn over each votre one at a time and calculate who has the most of
the resource the voter is after the person with the most total votes wins why would you like this game? Argent is a fascinating game with a myriad of possible strategies and paths to victory it’s very much a game for people who
like options and emergent strategies and while it looks complex, the core gameplay is similar enough to most worker placement games that it’s easy to teach the basics the complexity in the game comes from all the interactions and possible decisions to be made Few games have more customization
options than argent you can choose from a multitude of rooms to build the University and choose A and B sides of these rooms as well as a dozen different characters even the Wizards themselves are double-sided the best thing about this game is the sheer level of interaction and crazy effects no other worker placement game I’ve played allows you to rearrange other people’s workers
or blow-up entire rooms however there is a lot going on and this game could be easily overwhelming. Both for new players who could find the game too much to take in and for experienced players who may struggle to decide on an action with so many options available it’s also a game where players mess with each other and if you don’t like the idea of having your mages being sent to hospital by a fireball this game won’t be for you for another worker placement game with high levels of interaction check out architects of the West Kingdom and if you like the out and style of this game check out millennium blades Argent the Consortium
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  1. It's very rare that a new game gets immediately placed on my top shelf after one play. Argent is one of those games. Which games were instant hits for you on the first play?

  2. Oh man, I love your channel. It is all about the economy of your videos. Just as long as it should be. You have what we call here in Greece, οικονομία.

  3. Ah, ha! So that's what this game is about. Got it. I've seen other overviews of this game, but maybe those narrators got too caught up in the complexity of it all, so I wasn't clear on if I wanted to dive into it. I think I do, now! Thanks!

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