Are We Really 99% Chimp?

Are We Really 99% Chimp?

It’s often said that we humans share 50
percent of our DNA with bananas, 80 percent with dogs, and 99 percent with chimpanzees.
Taken literally, those numbers make it sound like we could pluck one cell from a chimp
and one from a human, pull out the tangled bundles of DNA known as chromosomes, unroll
each one like a scroll, and read off two nearly identical strings of letters.
But in reality, the human and chimp scrolls don’t sync up so easily. In the six to eight
million years since we split from our last common ancestor, chance mutations and natural
selection have changed each of our genomes in radical – and unique – ways. Two human
scrolls fused, leaving us with 23 pairs of chromosomes to chimps’ 24. Other large mutations
revised huge sections of text – duplicating a chunk of a human DNA here, erasing a chunk
of chimp DNA there – while, throughout the scrolls, tiny mutations swapped one letter
for another. When researchers sat down to compare the chimp
and human genomes, those single-letter differences were easy to tally. But the big mismatched
sections…weren’t. For example, if a genetic paragraph – thousands of letters long – appears
twice in a human scroll, but only once in its chimp counterpart, should the second copy
count as thousands of changes, or just one? And what about identical paragraphs that appear
in both genomes, but in different places, or in reverse order, or broken up into pieces?
Rather than monkey around with these difficult questions, the researchers simply excluded
all the large mismatched sections – a whopping 1.3 billion letters of DNA – and performed
a letter-by-letter comparison on the remaining 2.4 billion, which turned out to be 98.77%
identical. So, yes, we share 99% of our DNA with chimps – if we ignore 18 percent of their
genome and 25 percent of ours. And there’s another problem: just as a small
tweak to a sentence can alter its meaning entirely or not at all, a few mutations in
DNA sometimes produce big changes in a creature’s looks or behavior, whereas other times lots
of mutations make very little difference. So just counting up the number of genetic
changes doesn’t really tell us that much about how similar or different two creatures are.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything by comparing their genomes. DNA contains a
record of the evolutionary relationships between all organisms. It’s a garbled record – but
by reading closely, we’ve been able to glean enough information to refine the evolutionary
trees we started drawing long before genome sequencing was around. We may not actually
be 99 percent chimp, but we are 100 percent great ape…and at least a little bananas.
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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. I like how people like this like to phrase topics like this in a way that sounds unbelievable and triggers people who don't agree with science, you cant just tell someone they're 50% banana, not explain our eukaryotic multicellular common ancestral connection to them and expect people to believe you

  2. This video seems to be ignoring all research that DOES include those hard-to-compare sections. Eg:

    "The DNA sequence that can be directly compared between the two genomes is almost 99 percent identical. When DNA insertions and deletions are taken into account, humans and chimps still share 96 percent of their sequence"

    So that's saying that even when you take the sections into account that can't be compared directly, we still get to 96% in common.

  3. My feeling is that the 18 percent chimp and the 25 percent human DNA that are different,are what programs and interprets the rest of the "Raw" DNA pattern.
    In short,there are 4 proteins involved G,A,T and C,don't ask me their scientific name…
    Anyway there is a finite number of combinations for these proteins,even given the length of the string..
    And seeing as each combination would pertain to a biological unit,not every combination would be viable,less so when you consider species constraints and the like.
    So,the bulk of the identical data is Raw data,raw information,containing each combination possible within four proteins or as many combinations as space and string length permits.It would also presumably hold other important biological information.Efficiency being what DNA excels at.
    This Bulk identical information is important,but my feeling is it acts as reference points for the remaining DNA to program new cells from….
    It''s the 18 and 25 percent differing information which contains the interpretation of this Raw data.
    Thus,even though the chimps have an extra chromosome,and more potential complexity,should they evolve.(Although the melding genes are a marker for dual purpose efficiency)
    they have 18 percent "interpreting" genes,while humans have 25 percent "interpreting" genes.
    So we have more information regarding how we use the raw data…..Food for thought.
    It's a theory.

  4. So what is the difference between two individuals of the same species? Is this difference different from the difference between human and chimpanzee? Sorry if the sentence is not clear enough, even in Portuguese it feels weird in my head.

  5. Ever since researchers sequenced the chimp genome in 2005, they have known that humans share about 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees, making them our closest living relatives.

  6. we share the same bullshit knowledge 99% and spread our legs so that shit evaluates to junk transgender lies. The summerians and ET gods that provably exist made us. bc they are an X amount of times more advanced and also hybrids like the grays are created. This disclosure is coming. The lies will eventually die….the truth will be forever. NOW is the time, and all time is in the NOW. Accept this or make more lies, bye

  7. We don't look and behave like apes for no reason. We share very similar teeth structure, hands with her similar crease ps in palms , we maneuver our hands in similar ways, the same joint placements in fingers, similar looking fingernails, eyes, etc. That's not a coincidence. And it makes a lot more fucking sense than adam and eve

  8. Can you explain how mutations caused the drasitc changes between chimps and humans and give an example of a beneficial mutation?

  9. "The researchers SIMPLY excludes all the large mismatched section 1.3 Billion letter of DNA" … and this is how you get 99% Kids!!

  10. We are created. If you wanna believe the evil rulers of this realm that’s up to you. NASA lies. 🐟

  11. ITS CALLED BULLSHIT!!!! We also DID NOT come from bananas!!!! It's CREATION PEOPLE!!!!!
    Why do people still believe in evolution when CHARLES DARWIN called it PURE FOOLISHNESS!!!! Then of course like other big brains who claimed there must have been a creator. THEY CALLED HIM CRAZY!!!!

    The Holy BIBLE tells us EVERYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW!!!!! So why keep picking around in GARBAGE OF MANS OPINION??? Especially since it keeps changing all the time!!!!

    PS. Yes I am highly intelligent. Enough that I don't play games. But I do know better than evolution!!!! It sure takes a whole lot MORE FAITH to believe in the RELIGION OF EVOLUTION or should I say, THE EVOLUTION MYTH!!!!! It's been PROVEN FALSE SOOOOOOO MANY TIMES!!! 😆😢😆😅

    King Negan

  12. many researches have already said that human's ancestor was also a human and chimp's ancestor was also a chimp. this evolution theory was proved false in the anthropological museum where human take chimp's skull and displayed it and said that this is our ancestor

  13. 100% both man and chimps eat bananas, two thumbs up. Can anyone show me how human emotions evolved assuming that evolution is true and not a THEORY? Was there really an evolution or just mutation? Can anyone show me a proof that a kind of species evolved/change to a different kind? hmmmm

  14. I think both SNP, and whole gene replication/deletion should both count as a single mutation.

    Though a whole gene has thousands of nucleotides, it's replication/deletion is a single mutation. It's not like all those nuceotides replicated/deleted at different times. They all happened at the same time, together. Thus it's a single mutation, just like a SNP.

  15. If we are bananas why do we eat dumb it’s like you don’t want to be a brother but you eat a banana but it’s related

  16. The fossil record is damning to macroevolution. The evidence is so damning they were forced to come up with "punctuated equilibrium" to try and explain it. it goes something like this. Evolution is moving along at it's required agonizingly slow pace and suddenly the famous Italian formula one race car driver Mario Canolli takes over the wheel. He puts the pedal to the metal and pops out a few thousand new species before tragically hitting the wall… at which point macroevolution immediately slows to its former agonizingly slow pace… so slow stasis sets in. Some millions of years pass and another driver takes charge. This time its the young phenom Reginald Von Schmidt.the 3rd. He's got a really heavy foot and takes great risks. Reggie manages to pop out tens of thousands of new species at tremendous speed before disintegrating on the catch fence in turn two…. back to stasis again. Talk about desperation. Macroevolution is the biggest hoax in the history of the world. Yet every day it is still being fed to young precious minds. A huge stain on the scientific community. DNA copying errors created the profoundly complex body plans for every creature that ever lived?. Welcome to Alice in Wonderland. The powers ascribed to natural selection by evolutionists are absolutely fantastical… . and I understand it takes out the garbage too.

  17. If you take two different books in the first 81038 characters, and in the second 71973 characters, you remove the rest of the characters and change and change the words. Does this mean that the two books have the same meanings

  18. Well i guess i am still the only one that sees desing in this. This is not some kind of chase base thing.

  19. Interpreting DNA this way is like saying every written document is the same because it uses the same alphabet. DNA is a language and simplifying it to this degree renders it meaningless. You are right to find it hard to believe we share 1% of our DNA with chimpanzees because it is a highly misleading and observably false. I share 49% of my SNP/alleles with my biological brother. How can Europeans have up to 4% Neanderthal and Asians have up 6% Denisovan DNA? It takes amazingly misleading math to come up with a 1% difference between us & Chimpanzees.

  20. Don’t @ me but, one, we didn’t evolve, two we were created alike NOT the same, we are NOT part animal we are ONLY human, and even IF we were part animal wouldn’t all of those animals have evolved into humans by now?

  21. We are the creation of Adam and hawa, we were create the most perfect way, they most beautiful way, scientists only says that we were first a monkey bec they want to make Quran be wrong, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE

  22. Glad to see this video. I was tired of hearing that humans and chimps share "96% to 99%" DNA with no proof offered.

  23. It's very misleading to say we're 98% similar to chimps. Our DNA is 98% that of chimpanzee. However, it's also about 70% that of a blade of grass. Look at the Periodic Chart. All the elements you see… We're all made of that stuff. So, in essence, we're all made of 100% the same stuff. So, I could say we're all 100% similar to each other. It's misleading, though. Because it's the distinct combinations that makes a blade of grass, or a human, or a chimp.
    Imagine two books. They all contain the same types of letters and characters. However, it's the distinct arrangement of the letters that makes one book entirely different from another book, even though they contain 100% the same letters.
    DNA can be in nearly infinite arrangements.

  24. All life forms on Earth came from the first living organism so yeah that's why we share DNA with bananas and we also share 60% DNA with a Fly and that's funny

  25. The fact that the HIV virus was transferred from a monkey to humans shows some proof of our similarities. It has been proven that other species such as cats and dogs cannot be infected with HIV.

  26. The brainwashed religious especially Christians nuts sitting here going uhhhh huhhhh got ya!!

    Still kinda hard though to believe in
    1-Talking Snakes
    2-Talking Bushes on Fire
    3- A seven headed sea creature wearing crowns.
    4-Man swallowed by a whale and survives in there for 3 says
    5- Woman being turned into pure salt
    6- woman who is a “virgin” gives birth to a God.
    7- God with ability to see the future told a human to not eat a fruit and the guy ate the fruit.
    8-Christians say god gave you “free will”
    But how’s free will possible if he already knows all outcome and can intervene.
    9-Per Bible Because Gandhi is not a believer he is burning for all eternity and so will the Dalai Lama plus billions of others who were born in non Christian countries which is not their fault.
    10-If you kill hundreds of people and throw babies out the window for fun and rape as many women as you want all will be forgiving per the Bible if you just ask god for forgiveness even on your death bed and heaven is yours-Confession Boxes Fixes it all.
    11- Bible written thousands of years back translated hundreds of times -Wonder what could go wrong with that.

    There more of course but gotta feed the dog and go to confession.

  27. If whe shared our DNA with dogs and bananas
    Whe would have to evolve like something weird
    Bananas evolving into sapient creatures is impossible

  28. Statistics do not tell you much about nature of things. You got to read close and not be manipulated by numbers not to be manipulated.

  29. Extraterrestrial beings have altered our genetics many times throughout our history. We are still putting together the puzzle pieces they left behind.

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