Are Japanese Girls SCARED of Foreigners?

Are Japanese Girls SCARED of Foreigners?

I think there is still a barrier towards foreigners. They stand out, and have a good figure. Because black people look like that, we Japanese…. think that it would be scary if they came up to us or attacked us. Hey guys it’s Cathy Cat. This time we will hit the streets of Tokyo and ask Japanese girls If they are scared of foreigners and why. So let’s go and ask Japanese girls. I went to the UK before. When I had to speak with foreigners I was nervous after all. I didn’t feel confident about my English, so I was scared to talk. In your case you weren’t scared of the other person, but of your lack of ability? – Yes. How did you overcome your fears? – By trying to talk as much as possible. Just gotta talk! – Exactly. Japanese people don’t think some things they do are racist but… From the eyes of a foreigner, some things we do might come across as racist There are many issues with racism with foreigners right? I think that’s an issue. There are politically incorrect words you are not allowed to use. But Japanese use them without knowing that. What do you get a lot? – We say a lot about people’s body attributes in Japan. In America you can’t do that. You can compliment people on their style but… Nobody is saying things about another person’s body shape and such. These things will stand out when you are in Japan. Things like saying “all people from XY country are like this or that”? – Yes. About foreigners. Well I came up to talk to you and you accepted my interview… When I suddenly came up to you, were you scared? I wasn’t scared but a little… taken aback. We were just wondering what type of shooting you were doing. We were surprised… But the questions you proposed to us were very interesting. Glad to hear that. We’re asking were you ever scared of foreigners? As child or now? Have you ever thought foreigners are scary? We have both studied abroad. We actually wanted to speak with foreigners and make friends. That’s why we decided to study English. We never thought foreigners were scary. Was there anything you were scared of before leaving Japan? I heard when traveling before that there are pickpockets and thieves abroad. I did think that that was quite scary. Maybe scared isn’t the right word. I serve with foreigners at my job sometimes. I can sometimes not tell by their expressions what they are thinking. It confuses me when they don’t show their emotions. Also rules and manners are so different. Some foreigners don’t stack their plates properly after eating. Abroad that might be normal but here in Japan it’s a bit shocking. But saying that, I might get a scary reply. So I can’t say anything. That’s a weird prejudice I have, so I often can’t say that to foreigners. What is the type of foreigner you are scared of like? To be honest, I used to be scared of black people when I was younger. But when I went on an exchange, I had the chance to speak with colored people. They were really kind and taught me a lot. It made me realize I can’t judge people by their appearances. Why did you think they looked scary? Japanese people are like that. If you walk around Harajuku and there is a black person, they will stand out. They are built very strongly too. Because black people look like that, we Japanese…. think that it would be scary if they came up to us or attacked us. I think that’s why I used to think like that. And after speaking with them? I met many kind and fun people of color during my exchange. They were different from my prejudices. Did you go together? – We did.
Where did you go? – Canada. I randomly came up to you, were you scared? Half of our students in my class are from abroad. I’m used to it. I also interact with many foreigners in my job. I have no oppositions against foreigners. Before you entered your school, were you intimidated by foreigners? I am from Aomori prefecture you see. Near our school was a US military base so there were many half Japanese kids and foreigners in my class. I wasn’t feeling any reluctance towards foreigners. I actually like English. I love foreigners. So from a young age you got used to foreigners.
– I love foreigners. I love Michael Jackson most of all. My mum was a fan, and so I listened to him from a young age… and once I realized it I was a fan. I have a large interest in foreign cultures. How about you? Were you scared? I can’t speak any English but I also have no prejudice towards foreigners. Have you never thought “That foreigner looks scary”? Not really. I wanna get along with everyone. Have you ever seen a scary looking foreigner? I am the type that goes like “oooh look at the cool foreigner.” I don’t think they look scary. Is it a stereotype that foreigners are seen as scary? Well but true. Normal Japanese people who don’t have any exposure to foreigners… for these people it might be hard. There is a still a wall for foreigners in Japan. I go every day to Shinjuku to my school. There are a lot of foreigners now, and chances to speak with them. And many are at my school. We also have lectures by foreign teachers, with a interpreter translating for us. That sounds very international. Some people are scared of foreigners, some are not, once you get to meet them. It is a thing because many people don’t have any exposure to foreigners It’s starting to mix up but some people will never meet a foreigner until they go to universtity. Even a person like me, people sometimes think that I am scary. I had a couple of cases when I dress like this, you’ve seen me dress like this and I had like kids looking like “Aww she so pretty” and mothers pulling their kids away. From the scary foreigner apparently, I don’t know why. I sat on the train and an old woman protected her handbag from me and i was like… I am so VISUAL, I am not gonna sneakily steal your handbag. I don’t know why she did that. And I get quite a lot of people when I come up to them and go “Hey can I interview you?” They go like “Uh! You shocked me! Oh so scary” and then they just walk back And I’m like “but…. but…..” I don’t know. There are people like that, but there are also a couple of people who are not like that. It really depends on who you meet. There is sometimes a little bit of a prejudice with foreigners here in Japan That’s either induced by either the LACK of meeting foreigner or by seeing foreigners being represented in the wrong kind of light in the Japanese media. Sometimes in some shows they are made fun of, they are kind of expressed as “wild” or “crazy” That kind of thing. If people never had the chance to compare it to real life foreigners they will get their first opinion shaped by that unfortunately. But as we have seen, quite a lot of people could change their opinions after they met foreigners. So the general tip I would give you guys… and that’s the way I try to live by is Be your best self here, when you come to Japan. Meaning… Listen to the rules, and mind your manners. Try to actually follow those rules and manners when you come here to Japan. So you are not the odd one standing out. If you make yourself look bad, for example you’re littering and similar things like that, people will see you and think all foreigners are like that. So try to be the best version of yourself. Leave a good impression, so people will have more positive opinions about foreigners coming here to Japan. I hope you agree with that. On that note we have done a couple of videos about rules here in Japan that you should maybe have a look at before you come. Also we’ve done a couple of videos about learning Japanese on the Ask Japanese channel as well in case you wanna strike up a conversation with the Japanese locals. So you don’t get ignored by the Japanese ladies. We wanna make friends right? I hope you enjoyed this video. If you found this helpful don’t forget to subscribe and leave a big like on the way out. I catch you soon for more stuff here from Tokyo with Ask Japanese, bye.

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  1. From some videos,
    I think Japanese really like foreigner, such as girls from Russia, America.. Etc.
    Japanese like people with tall body, blue eyes, and sharp nose..
    So, in my opinion Japanese not really afraid with foreigner ??
    ( just my opinion guyssss ) ^^V

  2. When an interviewee says they speak English, have you ever switched over to English to see how well they speak it?

  3. When I was in Japan vacationing, I think I passed unnoticed, they threat me like a Japanese, until they heard me speaking in Spanish or English with a weird accent. They expect from a foreigner a black or blond guy, you know, the common stereotype

  4. I think why foreigners get misunderstood could be because of the whole incident with Logan Paul as well as how Japanese media sees foreigners. I'm also worried that the foreigners who visit Japan during the Olympics next year will leave a bad impression on the Japanese. It's very important that you learn the culture as well as how to follow the rules and mind your manners while visiting another country.

  5. I hope the perception of black people continues to change in japan I know most Japanese people are not racist it’s just that most have never seen a black person face to face like the lady said once she met a few her mindset changed

  6. If your behavior is similar to that of the Japanese, they are less likely to fear you. It's only a question of person, you and me, to accept that in the end we are humnas with different cultures. We're all scary for someone, and very cute for others.

    And it also depends a lot on the Japanese city where you are from and the country where the foreigner came from. In some there are a huge number of Brazilians living, which means that the city has to put signs in Portuguese specifically for Brazilians. This makes the Japanese there not to be afraid of Brazilians, but to know more of a new culture and understand that foreigners are not a threat. Cities where there are no foreign residents and only a few outsiders, Japanese will tend to be afraid.

  7. I think the guys who get hired to get people to 'visit the nearby establishment' in the streets are pretty bad. As in, they are reinforcing that stereotype of big pushy foreigners bothering normal people as they walk about. Some people behave badly and leave a bitter aftertaste for all the rest of them.
    I dread the Olympics a bit… sports fans are always the worst. Many Japanese people who like foreigners in theory will come to see them as a nuisance again. It's a double edged sword of cultural exchange…

  8. the other subject for a video could be dating a foreigner just because of his blood type xD in my case ( O negative) :v

  9. Have you ever thought about getting into the japanese media. I mean you can speak japanese fluently so maybe to represent foreigners and show them the good sides 😉 Greetings from Germany

  10. Question: Why do the people of the far East (Japan included) wear so many American T-Shirts? P.S. I love your channel:)

  11. The girls at the start, about fear of speaking English, i totally get that, id be the same when i travel to Japan, id be anxious about poor pronunciation or getting across what i mean. i travelled to Belgium > Netherlands > Denmark to see friends… was like right ill learn a little of each, like Hello/Goodbye/Please/Thanks… was too scared =( but i love teaching people English, worked for years at a warehouse where most of my team was Central/Eastern Europe and they asked me to teach them more English to help them get by… Felt soooo good 😀

  12. How do they feel about all these foreigners coming to their country for the Olympics in 2020? Are they excited or scared or indifferent.?

  13. Most Japanese don’t feel afraid of foreigners though, what they are concerned about is their English skills.

  14. What is totally sad is when Japanese people come to the US and think that all Americans are scary. Takes some Japanese a while to get out and do things like go to the market. I learned a few Japanese expressions and if I see a Japanese person I use them. One lady looked pretty apprehensive in a store and I said ""Sumimasen". She smiled and appeared to be more relaxed. It is amazing how a little thing can dispel a lifetime of apprehension. Great video, BIG FAT LIKE.

  15. Maybe the lady has pulled her bag because she wanted to make more space, so you couldsit next to her? Maybe the mothers have pulled their kids, because they didn't want their kids to be a nuisance to you? You seem to be prejudiced toward Japanese ??

  16. I had a lot of people stare when I went since I looked slightly different and bigger than a normal Japanese person but that were still polite and kind.

  17. I dislike that interviewers like you and pretty much everyone in Japan, when they're talking about "foreigners", you're basically talking about foreigners from western countries.
    Asian/SEA is the region that got prejudiced the most across the words, but nobody cares.

  18. You can never judge a person's whole race over one person. Being that if they see one man to represent their whole race. It's like taking a Yakuza member and saying that all Japanese are outcast gang members. It never works that way. There is personalities in every race that is identical to another of another race. For example Cathy Cat. You are German and into the Lolita fashion. There are more from different countries that have the same interests as you. ? I myself can understand if they are closed in and stuff. But even they have seen another race before their eyes as more than likely passed by one in the streets in where ever they live. Foreigners are not that uncommon now and days in Japan. Also Japan isn't as big of a place. Probably as big as a state here in the U.S. So people do tend to bump into each other eventually. ?

  19. I always try to rememeber we're all unofficial ambassadors when traveling away of our home. Good advice at the end!

  20. People tend to be afraid of black people because it is difficult to read facial expressions. Walk with a smile as much as possible.

  21. Did you approach them in English or Japanese for an interview?

    What if you were to dress more "normal" and less cosplayee?

  22. The sky at the end is beautiful, but that woman on the train was right to hide her handbag. Cathy Cat's an international jewel thief. The character "Catwoman" was based on HER!!

  23. With the Japanese population getting Older…and this Young Ladies don t want get marry and have a child…Japan will be at certain point a Country of Foreigners….

  24. The pretzels ??? are back ???. good interview and topic, when outside the USA I just figure they are nervous. People are the same everywhere

  25. What's this plate stacking thing one of the girls mentioned? I've watched a lot of a videos about how not to be rude in Japan but I've never heard anything about plate stacking

  26. The world has to stop racism and hate we must all come together and become as one everyone has to be friends together whether your tall, short, fat, skinny, gay, straight etc the world has to make peace and be friends!!! The world has no place for hate

  27. I can't see anyone being scared of Cathy, she's just so adorable . Maybe they were more scared of the video equipment or something . It's funny how little children often don't have any fear and only gain it as they get older because they don't spend time around those that are different than themselves .

    I always felt the best way to avoid prejudice is by truly getting to know lots of people from other cultures, we fear what we don't understand sadly.

  28. I lived in Hawaii for 12 years and there is no such thing as "Wow never saw that kind of person before". They are all over Hawaii. From Russia to China to Japan, to Australia, Germany too. In fact I took German in high school and one day on the bus there was a German sailor who was terribly lost and headed in the wrong direction from Pearl Harbor and my high school German saved the day and told him to come with me, got my mom and we drove him to Pearl Harbor in time to make his ship and since we were a military family we got to go on base almost to his ship, and then wave at him from the docks and got half the German crew he told we had saved him from missing his ship to wave back.

    So bring brought up around the world you never get shocked at anyone walking up to you and our parents taught us to learn what to do and what not to do in every country we were stationed in and to ALWAYS be polite.

  29. I would love to see a video on how Japanese people react to heavily tattooed/pierced/alternative foreigners! Japan is my ideal holiday destination and being a tattoo artist myself I would love to know what they would think of somebody like me, as it's super common to be heavily tattooed where I live, but I know it's not common in Japan! 🙂

  30. "There's a little bit of prejudice against foreigners here" Hmm, there's a lot, and even when people are being polite there's still many huge assumptions being made.

  31. People in western Japan weren't as standoffish as those in Tokyo, in my experience. I even had a few random people in public talk to me in cities like Kyoto and Osaka. Restaurants had cooks that would make small talk with you (practicing my broken Japanese with them).

    Apparently this is a common theme with Kansai vs Kanto cultures.

  32. I'm a black woman going to Japan this October ? The girl said that when they see a black guy some people think they are scary looking but I wonder if they think the same about a black woman??

  33. I have never been to Japan but I studied abroad a few years. Most of my classes had Japanese girls in them. They were very polite, but they would never hang out with you or be friendly. They would talk among themselves as if not wanting to socialize with foreigners. I realized they liked white people better than other races so maybe that's why( I'm Latino btw).
    An older Japanese lady told me that Japanese don't get to know many foreigners in Japan, so when they get to meet one they kind of freak out.

  34. I can't speak about other countries and about everyone in my own (USA). But, I know a lot of people here are very inconsiderate of others.

    Also, we glorify violent and disrespectful behavior in our media and entertainment, then wonder why we have a problem with violent and disrespectful behavior.

    So I wouldn't be surprised if people (especially from Japan) would be a little frightened of us.

    There's plenty of people from all over that aren't friendly and inconsiderate of others. But it seems America seems to have a lot of loose cannons from small, to large scales. From picking up after ourselves, leaving trash on the streets and grocery carts wherever people want, to shooting and fighting each other over small arguments or even just looking a certain way.

  35. The woman are freaked out even you speak Japanese they reply only in broken english and look really uncomfortable. The guys are no problem its totally different and they are totally relaxed. Not every Japanese woman but a lot.

  36. I'm a British guy with a big bushy beard and when I visited I never once had the impression that any Japanese person was scared of me or nervous around me at all. I did get a few compliments on my beard, though. Japanese people were very friendly to me and I got plenty of little gifts from people as thanks for visiting their country. I'm not sure where this idea of Japanese people being scared of foreigners comes from, but I definitely didn't experience that.

  37. Black Guy : Built and very Strong= Kowaii
    White Guy: Built and Very Strong= Kakkoi

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