Apprendre l’Anglais en Ligne: Business Idioms 1/50 “Be on the right track”

Apprendre l’Anglais en Ligne: Business Idioms 1/50 “Be on the right track”

Hello everyone and welcome to Ecom Business Idiom 50, where we’ll go over 50 common idioms
used in the business place. All of the explanations are in English,
but don’t worry, listen carefully and try to imagine what the idioms might mean. It may take a while, but hang in there and try hard. Is everyone ready? Let’s begin. Today’s idiom is: be on the right track. Be on the right track. Have you heard this idiom before? If you have or if you haven’t, let’s
try to imagine what it might mean. Okay, so, picture a track, alright,
and maybe you’re running on the track. And, if you’re on the right track,
you will reach the goal. Maybe you will win the race, okay? So, just imagine yourself on the race track and
you’re on the right track, keep running and you win! Okay, so let’s listen to some examples to help
you understand the meaning of this idiom. Here’s the first one: What did your boss think of your ideas for the new product? Well, he said he needed more details,
but that I’m on the right track. Oh, that’s good news! Yes, maybe I can finish the product and
have a detailed report for him next week. Alright, so he’s on the right track and it’s good news. So, let’s listen to the next example. Our company has had a hard time making
a profit in this terrible economy. Have you found any solutions? I think that if we let go of our part-time staff,
we will be on the right track toward higher profit margins. That may be so, but it’s unfortunate for those workers. Okay, so the company was having a difficult time
with money, but if they let go of some employees, they’ll be on the right track towards making profits. Alright, so maybe you guessed it. ‘Be on the right track’ means working towards your goal
and being on the path that will lead you to success. Alright, so if you are on the right track,
if you keep going, you will have success. Okay, and we can use it to ‘be on the right track’. You can say to ‘get on the right
track’, to ‘stay on the right track’. Okay, so you can use this in many different ways:
for yourself, for others, to encourage someone, alright? So, let’s try using it in your life and
I hope you’re on the right track and maybe by listening to these idioms,
you’ll stay on the right track. And good luck, keep studying and see you next time.

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  1. @ness sy et @mRs13001: Il y a des sous-titres Français, il faut cliquer sur le petit bouton des sous-titres en bas à droite et séléctionner : Français.

  2. Merci beaucoup. Ces classe ci sont tres important pour moi. Maintenant je comprendre chose que je ne comprenais pas. Thanks for help me to improve my English. It's possible to hear the sounds perfectly. You are the best. I'll travel to know Canada, these beautiful country.  

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